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Cat Stroll UV-safe Umbrella Keeps You 13 Degrees Cooler Under It

Cat Stroll UV-safe umbrella

Very high temperatures and humidity during summers can make walking around in the concrete city of Tokyo very uncomfortable and dangerous. In light of the issue, Izavell has created the Cat Stroll UV Parasol – a trendy ultra-violet rays protecting umbrella. The smart umbrella is imprinted with cat and kitten paws which change color from white to pink with a change in the intensity of the sun’s rays.

Measuring 39.4-inches wide, the Cat Stroll UV Parasol is made of a specially coated fabric which not only indicates about the harsh rays, but also makes the umbrella durable enough to be used in rain. Capable of blocking 100 percent of ultra violet rays, the foldable umbrella is also tested to keep you 13 degrees cooler under it than the temperature outside of it.

Readily available for purchase from Izavell website for 3,780 yen (approx. $38), the Cat Stroll UV Umbrella comes with a carrying pouch.

Cat Stroll UV-safe umbrella cover

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Flexibler is an Umbrella That Stands

Standing Umbrella

There are many reasons why most people prefer folding, automatic umbrellas. For one, they’re more compact and expand with a simple push of a button. They’re less of a pain to carry around and you don’t have to deal with one problem that people with regular umbrellas have: trying to make it stand when it’s prompted against a wall or table.

Solving this first-world problem are Liang-Hock Poh and Ming-Hung Lin, who came up with the Flexibler. It’s basically an umbrella with a flexible, adjustable handle that you can bend and twist this way and that to stabilize it when you want to make it stand.

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Nubrella is a Funny-Looking Hands-Free Umbrella


Normally simple or easy tasks become complicated when it’s raining outside. From crossing the road to get to your favorite diner or walking a few blocks to where you parked, there’s the extra hassle of having to carry an umbrella while lugging around your usual stuff. Often people have to make two trips or more because they simply can’t carry everything at once. It’s times like these when an extra hand (and we mean that literally) would be helpful.

That’s probably what Alan Kaufman had in mind when he came up with the Nubrella, which he dubs as “the world’s first hands-free umbrella.” I wouldn’t say it’s the first (remember the Umbrella Hat?), but it is the first that looks well-thought out and well-designed.

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