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Future Intel-Powered Ultrabooks To Include Behind The Scenes Access To Devicescape WiFi

By David Ponce

So it’s possible that future Ultrabooks (and perhaps other Intel-powered computing machines) will come pre-loaded with software from Devicescape, which would make it possible for the machines to seamlessly access over 8 million WiFi Hotspots worldwide. Devicescape has a “Curated Virtual Network” (CVN) of hotspots and the idea is that whenever you’d be in range of one, even if your laptop is in your bag with the lid closed, it would still be able to connect and update some software. It’d be all done silently, with no user interaction. That way you’d be online and up to date (think stock quotes, Twitter, email, etc.) as soon as you actually turn the machine on. There’s no word of course on whether this will affect the price of the machines, or even if it’ll diminish battery life. Windows 8 does have Connected Standby, so if that works correctly when the time comes, this whole setup might happen at a minimal impact on battery. Whenever it is and for whatever price, any option that makes it easier to get connected is welcome by us.

VIA [ TheVerge ]

ThinkPad X1 Carbon Could Be Next Ultrabook King

By David Ponce

If you’re going to buy the best Ultrabook, the common wisdom is to get a Macbook Air. That’s what this article is being written on and it’s definitely a solid machine. But there are other companies out there constantly trying to kick it from the top of the hill and it’s getting so that it’s kind of due for a refresh soon anyway. So the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon could very well be the one to take its place. See, we like the aluminum unibody, but carbon fiber? Well then, if you put it that way… Aside from the unique chassis material, the X1 Carbon is a 14 inch laptop weighing-in less than 3 pounds and measuring 0.71 inches think. It has a 1600×900 screen, a spill resistant a backlit keyboard, a 720p front facing webcam, embedded 3G, and RapidCharge (charging the battery to 80% in as short as 30 minutes). What sort of hardware is in it? There isn’t much info on that, other than the fair bet that Intel’s newest generation “Ivy Bridge” processors will be churning out the computations. It’ll be available in summer 2012 for an undisclosed sum.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GearHungry ]