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Withings WiFi Body Scale Updates Twitter Every Time You Step On


By Chris Scott Barr

When you’re trying to lose weight, sometimes it’s hard to find the proper motivation. Sure, having a goal in mind, or even a pair of old jeans that you’re hoping to fit into can help. But sometimes you need something a little stronger than your own will to keep you going. I’m talking about peer pressure. No, you don’t need a bunch of people standing around telling you that you’re overweight. However, if all of your peers know your exact weight at all times, you might feel pressured into doing something about it. If that sounds like the kind of prodding you need, then you might want to check out the Withings Wifi Body Scale.

I’m still no fan of Twitter, but this has to be one of the more interesting uses of it that I’ve seen. The scale uses Wi-Fi to send a Twitter update every time you step on it. Now you can send all of your friends instant updates so that they can support you in your effort to reach your goal. You have to wonder how many people will keep an extra scale in their bathroom, just so they can check their weight before broadcasting it to the world. The Withings WiFi Body Scale will set you back a whopping $159.

[ Withings ] VIA [ Dvice ]

TwitterPeek Now Official

TwitterPeek (Image courtesy Peek)
By Andrew Liszewski

It first surfaced last week, but today Peek officially announced the availability of the TwitterPeek, a version of their handheld device designed exclusively for accessing and publishing content on Twitter. Now Twitter power users might find the device a bit limiting since the lack of a web browser prevents you from following links, and the lack of a camera prevents you from uploading your own photos, but you can pretty much do everything else including viewing twitpic images, following other Twitterers and posting replies or direct messages.

At the moment the TwitterPeek is available in a $99.99 version that includes 6 months of service followed by a $7.95 per month fee, or the previously rumored $199.99 version that includes a lifetime of service.

[ TwitterPeek ]

Peek To Release Dedicated Twitter Device


By Chris Scott Barr

Are you an important person? I mean someone that people hang on your every word, simply because even the most mundane actions in your life are news-worthy? Well I’ve got some awesome news for you. Peek, the makers of the Pronto email device have a new gadget up their sleeve. It looks very similar to the Pronto, but this one is dedicated to Twitter.

That’s right, if you don’t have a smartphone with a data plan, you can still tell everyone about the tiniest details of your life when you’re away from home. I honestly think that this is simply the worst idea ever. This is only encouraging people to post even more boring facts about their everyday life that no one cares about. Unless your life is filled with the same level of excitement of James Bond, you don’t need to be updating everyone hourly on it. There’s currently no word on pricing or availability.

[ Peek ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]

Have Your Palm Pre Automatically Twitter Your Current Location

By Chris Scott Barr

I think I must be in a programming mood or something, since this is my second post involving minor amounts of code. Anywho, if you’re one of those people who thinks their friends actually care where you are at any given time, then here’s a little something that you might be interested.

You’ll need SSH access and dynamic DNS on your Palm Pre (yes, this hack is for Pre owners only) for this to work. Then you’ll add a few lines of code into a new php file (along with a few other steps) and you’ll be automatically tweeting your location every hour (or whatever interval you choose).

Bear in mind, the simple act of using this hack will probably result in a loss of followers (and real-life friends if you have any). Why? Because not only are you constantly updating people with the pointless crap you do throughout the day (see example 1) now you’re sending out your exact location throughout the day. Trust me, if you actually want people to know where you are that bad, you’re not important enough for them to care.

[ PalmPreHacks ] VIA [ UberGizmo ]

Twitter + World Of Warcraft = TweetCraft


By Chris Scott Barr

My name is Chris, and I used to be a WoW addict. I lost countless hours to that game, but have been clean for over six months now. There are still millions of people hooked on the game, and now it looks as though they’ll have one less reason to log out.

Twitter is crazy-popular these days, so it really isn’t surprising to see it invade World of Warcraft. TweetCraft is a cool AddOn that will let you send and receive tweets in-game. You can also tweet screenshots and set up auto-tweets for events like logging in, entering instances and earning achievements. Of course the coolest part is being able to follow us from Azeroth.

[ TweetCraft ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

BakerTweet Twitters What’s Fresh From The Oven

BakerTweet (Image courtesy POKE)
By Andrew Liszewski

A bakery in Shoreditch, London called Albion Cafe is now able to let their loyal customers know what’s fresh out of the oven thanks to the ever-growing social oddity known as Twitter. (@AlbionsOven) The BakerTweet is an Arduino-based box equipped with wifi that allows someone at the cafe to turn the dial to what’s cooking, and then simply hit a button to send a tweet to those following. The BakerTweet was actually developed by Poke, a “digital creative agency” who just happens to be located across the street from the Albion Cafe. Coincidence? Obviously not, but getting fresh baked goods first is as good a use for Twitter as I can think of.

[ BakerTweet ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

CES Around The Corner – Grab Our Twitter Feed

By David Ponce

Something’s got to be said about Twitter’s traction these days. Despite y’alls having RSS feeds, there’s really no point if you aren’t really reading them. So… for constant updates of our whereabouts at CES, and to get an opportunity to guide us live in our hunt for the perfect gadget, follow us on our Twitter feed. We’ll be updating with behind the scenes stuff that wouldn’t make an interesting or complete article.

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