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Top 6 Qualities To Look For In A New TV

Selecting a brand new TV to purchase is no easy task. Not only are there are many different models available on the market for you to consider, the TV is often the focal point of a living or family room and therefore needs to meet the expectations that you set for it.

However, knowing how to buy a TV often comes down to knowing which specific features and qualities you need to look for. We’ll go over six of those qualities here:

1. The Screen Size

Probably the one factor you’re thinking about the most with a TV is the screen size. After all, this is the first thing anyone notices when they first see a TV in a room. While the size of TV you want is completely up to you, if it’s going to be in the living or family room, a size of at least fifty five inches will be preferable.

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4K TVs For Less Than $1k? Yes, It’s Possible


4K TVs (or Ultra High Definition televisions) are the way of the future, but it’s a future that up until now still would cost a pretty penny or ten. If you’re an early adopter who agreed to pay a princely sum for a 4K set, we’re sorry to inform you that you might’ve overpaid by quite a bit. See, Vizio’s P-Class televisions are giving its major competitors a serious run for their money. A 50 inch set is $999, while a mammoth 70 inch model sells for $2,599. That’s less than some people recently paid for a Sony 55 inch 4K TV. And the p-series are crammed with features, like “Full-Array LED backlighting and advanced local dimming technology with 64 Active LED Zones, Advanced Color Management and Active Pixel Tuning [that] provide viewers with precise color operation for richer, more accurate colors and micro-brightness controls at the pixel level for luminance adjustments, further increasing contrast and picture detail accuracy.”

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