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Check Out The New Yankee Stadium’s Giant Screen – There’s No Such Thing As Too Big

New Yankee Stadium Screen (Image courtesy CBS)
By Andrew Liszewski

Given the Yankee’s new stadium has a price tag of $1.3 billion, it’s not surprising that some of that money has been spent on what has to be one of the largest ‘TVs’ in the world. The image you see here was taken by a New York CBS affiliate and shows an early test of the stadium’s 103 by 58 foot (that’s almost 6,000 square feet) Mitsubishi Diamond Vision LED display. It’s composed of 8,601,600 LEDs and besides being HD it can also display up to 4 video feeds at one time, and do picture-in-picture.

Unfortunately some fans are worried that the new screen might actually be too big, and that it could become a distraction or overshadow what’s happening on the field, but apparently they’ve never sat through an entire baseball game before. As far as I’m concerned, the more distractions, the better.

[ Wired Gadget Lab – Monster Screen in New Yankee Stadium Looks Great, But Won’t Show Crucial Replays ]

DTV Converter Box Battery Hack Means My Sony Watchman Is No Longer Obsolete

Digital TV Converter Hack (Image courtesy Kipkay via Instructables)
By Andrew Liszewski

Like any technophile, I was quite excited for the DTV transition to finally hit the U.S. I mean free digital and HD signals over the air? What downside could there possibly be? I was on cloud nine, until I realized that my beloved Sony Watchman, the first gadget I ever skimped and saved for, would become useless once the analog broadcasts stopped transmitting.

Sony Watchman (Image property of OhGizmo!)

And unfortunately, all of the DTV converter boxes currently on the market are AC powered, which totally negates the ‘portable’ aspect of a portable TV. But over on Instructables, Kipkay has posted a tutorial on how to hack one of those converter boxes to run on battery power. Besides making your portable TV portable again, the hack is also useful for camping or in the event of emergencies when there’s no power and you have to rely on a portable set. Now if I could just find a way to splice the signal from a DTV converter box into my Watchman, I’d be all set.

And if you’re curious, after the jump I’ve included a few more glamor shots of my Watchman that I had sitting on my drive.

[ Instructables – Digital TV Converter Hack ] VIA [ TechEBlog ]

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Intel Develops The World’s First Embedded Balanced Antenna For Digital TV On Your Laptop

World's First Embedded Balanced Antenna for Digital TV on Your Laptop (Image courtesy Intel)
By Andrew Liszewski

This seems like an obvious upgrade now that the U.S. and eventually Canada are converting to DTV broadcasts, but Intel is apparently the first company to develop a balanced antenna for digital TV that can be embedded inside a laptop. So down the line if you find yourself stuck in an airport or anywhere without a wireless internet connection, you’ll at least be able to enjoy the boob tube (can we still call it that with tube-less flat screen displays?) without the need for an annoying external TV antenna.

[ [email protected] – World’s First Embedded Balanced Antenna for Digital TV on Your Laptop ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

Screen Time Manager Will Force Your Family To Kill You In Your Sleep

600346_p-custom By Evan Ackerman

Here’s a quick and easy way to get everyone in your household to hate you… The Screen Time Manager allows you to ration the amount of time that people are allowed to use display devices, including televisions and computer monitors. Each person gets their own pin, which they have to input into the device whenever they want to watch something. The Screen Time Manager then allows the TV or whatever to be turned on for the amount of time that you’ve specified, whether it’s hours per day or hours per week. If you really want to be a jerk, you can designate blocks of time where nobody can use the TV at all. Nobody but you, that is. Like, you know, when new episodes of Good Eats are on or something.

Although there are no details, it looks like the Screen Time Manager works by simply holding the wall end of the power cord of the display device hostage. This, of course, can be circumvented by unplugging the cord at the other end if possible, or (and this seems much more likely) through violent physical destruction of the Screen Time Manager itself. It’s $90 from Brookstone.

[ Screen Time Manager ] VIA [ RFJ ]

Senate Passes Bill To Delay DTV Transition (Again)

By Luke Anderson

When you were a kid, did you ever ask your parents for something, only to be turned down? Sure, it happened plenty. I learned quickly that simply asking again was not a course of action that I wanted to take, as it only served to frustrate my parents (and usually meant trouble for me). It’s amazing how much I can relate simple lessons from my childhood to our government. In case you haven’t caught on by now, I’m once again talking about the Digital TV Transition.

The bill was passed by the Senate earlier in the week, only to be shot down at the House. Well it seems that despite being told “No”, the Senate has once again passed a bill delaying the transition. In all fairness, they made a minor tweak or two, which was apparently just enough to justify a competently new bill. The fundamentals are still the same, with the transition being delayed until June 12. The House is out until Monday, so we’ll see how round 2 turns out.

VIA [ Gearlog ]

Digital Transition Back On Track For February 17

By Luke Anderson

The other day I was pretty harsh on the Senate’s decision to delay the transition from analog to digital TV. I still stand firmly by my opinion, and am happy to report that the United States House of Representatives shares my stance. The bill failed to gain the two-thirds majority of votes that it needed to pass.

This isn’t the final nail in the coffin, as it is still possible for the bill to be brought back to the floor under the rules of a simple majority vote. What I find interesting is that the other day we were talking about 20 million people being unprepared, and now we’re hearing a 6.5 million figure. Honestly, if that’s all we’re talking, I don’t think it will take long for the 6.5 million people to get things sorted out once their TV stops working.


US Senate Delays Digital TV Transition By Four Months


By Luke Anderson

I’m not yet a parent, but there are a few things that I’ve learned about human behavior that makes me thing that I’ll do alright. One major thing that I’ve observed is that if you tell a child that a specific action will result in a punishment, you’d better keep your word. Otherwise they will eventually learn that you are simply making empty threats, and that they can go on doing whatever they please without consequence. Believe it or not, the same thing applies with adults. If you tell them that their TV will stop working after February 17th unless they get a new TV or a converter, don’t go extending that deadline.

It appears that my words are too late, as those who have either been living under a rock, or just didn’t bother to get with the program are getting a four month reprieve. The senate has decided to postpone the digital TV transition until June 12th. They’ve been talking about this switch for years now, and I’ve been hearing about the coupon program on the very stations that will be lost for months. If you decided to wait until January to pick up a coupon (or let the one you received expire as many people have), then I have little sympathy for you. Sure, if you’ve genuinely been trying to get one for months but have run into issues, then I understand. The word is that there are currently 20 million Americans who are unprepared for the switch. If the number were down to 15 million by June I’d be shocked.

VIA [ Reuters ]

[CES 2009] LG Booth Highlights


By Evan Ackerman



LG Objet 15″ AMOLED TV, 720p resolution, 0.85 millimeter thick (!) and super bright. It’ll be showing up in the US, but there’s no price or timeframe yet.


LG Prada cellphone controlled by matching watch via Bluetooth. 600 Euros for the phone, another 300 for the watch.


LG digital TV chip, watch DTV on your phone in realtime. Works in mobile devices without a significant cost increase, 4+ hour battery life in cellphones. Will be available in LG phones in September, after the US transitions to digital TV from analog.

Softbank Releases Their 1-Seg TV Tuner & Battery For The iPhone

Softbank iPhone 1-Seg TV Tuner (Image courtesy DVICE)
By Andrew Liszewski

Softbank has finally released their 1-Seg TV Tuner accessory for the iPhone 3G, and DVICE has posted a first look at what they feel is now one of the best accessories for Apple’s phone. Unlike most add-ons, the Softbank tuner doesn’t attach to the iPhone like a sleeve, but is a separate device that’s styled to look like the phone itself. And while it connects to the iPhone via a sync cable, it actually transmits the 1-Seg TV signals it pulls in via wifi. So in order to actually watch TV with the iPhone, you need to be in range and connected to a wifi network.

Overall, DVICE was definitely impressed with the $108 (9,850 yen) accessory, though locating the accompanying software in the iPhone App Store was a chore unto itself, and they found that the tuner tended to drain the iPhone’s battery after just an hour of watching TV. So you better make sure there’s a power outlet nearby if you’re hoping to watch a movie with it. Oh, and you better hope you live in Japan as well.

[ DVICE – Softbank iPhone TV Tuner & Battery unboxing and hands-on ] & [ Softbank iPhone TV Tuner ]