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Be Tree-Incarnated: Become a Tree In Your Next Life

Ants are extremely hardworking creatures. They’re insects with qualities I really admire, but because they’re often killed by people for wandering around at the dinner table (and too close to the stew), I wouldn’t want to be reincarnated as one in my next life. That is, if I believed in reincarnation, but I’m still iffy about it at this point.

Regardless, I would think that the awesomest way to come back on Earth would be as a tree. Preferably a huge one that people wouldn’t want to cut down ever. If you have the same notion, then you might want to check the Spiritree out.

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Treeasy is a Minimalist Christmas Tree That’s Easy Peasy to Set Up


‘Tis the season to be jolly–and to be lazy! Good food, endless parties, and good friends and family all around? That’s the Holidays in a nutshell (at least, for me.) If you can’t muster up the energy to put up your usual tree and trim it this year, then here’s a bit of advice: go get the Treeasy instead.

As its name suggests, the Treeasy is a minimalist tree that’s easy to put up. It arrives as a flat sheet of aluminum, but pull and fold it up in all the right places and you’ve got yourself a tree.

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LEGO Bonsai Tree: Trimming One Pixelated Leaf at a Time

LEGO Bonsai

The funnest part about people is that they have free well, a wild imagination, and clever ingenuity. At least, some of them anyway. For example, give them two sticks and a stone and eventually, they’ll build a fire. Give them a block of wood and a jagged rock and they’ll eventually come up with a wheel–or maybe even a wheelbarrow.

Give them a whole chest of green, brown, and black LEGO pieces and they’ll build you a LEGO Bonsai Tree. That is, if they happen to have the artistry and skills of botanical artist Makoto Azuma. It’s clear from his work that Makoto knows his bonsai and has honed his LEGO-building skills throughout the years.

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This $4.2 Million Gold Tree is All Blinged Up for Christmas

Christmas Tree Bling

‘Tis the season to be jolly! It’s officially less than a month before Christmas, so hang up the mistletoe and pin your stockings by the fire if you haven’t already.

Now that we’ve gotten the obligatory holiday reminders out of the way, let’s play another round of ‘What Would You Do if You Had $4 Million?’ Would you buy a fancy sports car or move to a bigger apartment? Would you donate a chunk of it to charity or buy a jewel-encrusted watch for yourself? Or would you rather blow all that money on a revolving tree that was molded by ten craftsmen using 40 kilograms of pure gold?

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