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GoSleep Pods Let You Get Some Shut-Eye at the Airport


I get incredibly sleepy in between flights and often find myself wishing that I could just curl up in a ball and go to sleep. Experienced this yourself? Then the GoSleep sleeping pods will probably be right up your alley then.

The GoSleep is a cushy flat bed that folds out to provide you with a comfortable mattress to rest your weary bones on. Being gawked at by passing travelers clearly won’t help you drift off to a peaceful sleep, so to address that, the GoSleep comes with a roll-over cover that you can pull down to get some privacy.

Each GoSleep pod can be rented for $13 an hour at the Abu Dhabi Airport. Here’s to hoping that they roll out more of these pods in airports all over the world.

VIA [ Dvice ]

Attaching A Scooter To A Carry-On Bag? If That’s Not Genius, What Is?


It’s been out for a bit, so bear with us. But having seen the Micro Luggage Scootcase for the first time only recently, we were duly impressed and decided to write about it anyway. It’s a hard-shell, cabin-sized luggage with a built-in kickboard scooter! Running late to catch your next flight? Deploy the scooter, roll past everyone and arrive at your gate on time without even breaking a sweat. It’s genius.

It was developed by Micro, a Dutch scooter company, in conjunction with Samsonite over a period of 3 years (no word on why it would take 3 years to develop something like this), so you know you’re not getting some cheap piece of garbage. The scooter is non-detachable so if some overzealous TSA agent takes a power-trippy objection to it, you may have some problem. But we don’t think there’s any regulation against scooters in airports, is there? Better be sure, because as cool as this is, it’s not cheap: €299, or about $390.

[ Product Page ]

This Is Pizza Hut’s Hot-Dog Crusted, Shrimp Tempura Pizza, With Mayonnaise


You’d think that after a headline like that, we’d be saying “‘Murica, F*&K Yeah!” But we aren’t because the pizza you see there isn’t available in America. Or at least, it’s not being sold in Pizza Huts in the states. It’s in China, and was photographed by John Lehmann, a photojournalist with the Globe and Mail who is travelling through the country and documenting his experiences on Tumblr.

That’s it folks. Just wanted to show you a picture that highlights that, hey, it’s not just in America that you see food creations that should be sold with an accompanying bottle of Pepto Bismol.

[ John Lehmann's Tumblr ] VIA [ BoingBoing ]

GPS Takes Woman 900 Miles In The Wrong Direction

The woman in question

A 67 year old woman from Belgium drove for two days, and over 900 miles in the wrong direction, ending up in Zagreb, Croatia, before she noticed something was wrong. What’s worse is that her intended destination was only about 90 miles away from her home. Faulty GPS directions, along with a lack of attention, were the culprits.
I was distracted, so I kept driving. I saw all kinds of traffic signs, first in French, then German and finally in Croatian, but I kept driving because I was distracted. Suddenly I appeared in Zagreb and I realized I wasn’t in Belgium anymore.

A lack of common sense as well, we think, might have also played a big part in this. It’s a somewhat timely story, especially in the wake of Apple Maps’ now infamous life-threatening erroneous GPS coordinates, a story which once again adds fuel to the conversation over how much reliance we should place on our electronics. We believe in using… your darn head! However that’s such a subjective and variable skill that it’s hard to know where to draw the line. In the Apple Maps case, where a remote town in Autralia was erroneously located in the middle of a potentially dangerous national park, we felt as though Apple was at fault; after all, how was an unfamiliar traveler to know Mildura (the town in question) was not where the map said it was. However in this case, the woman knew she was supposed to stay in Belgium. Surely someone who was more alert would have noticed they were suddenly in Germany… and then in Austria, before being surprised to find themselves in Croatia!

Regardless of where you stand on where the onus of accuracy falls, it’s good to see these stories pop up now and then, since they serve as reminders that if you do something stupid (like over-rely on your GPS), you might end up plastered all over the Internet in shame.

Travelon Toiletry Sheets Give You Some Hygiene In A TSA World: Just Add Water

By David Ponce

The best way to travel is light. No checked baggage means less time to get on your plane and less time leaving the airport at your destination. The only drawback is the TSA’s no fluids regulations that make it impossible to bring things like shampoo or shaving cream with you. You can always hope the hotel you’ll stay at has these, but you usually end up having to visit a convenience store and stock up. It’s stupid. But these travel sheets from Travelon might offer an alternative. They’re dry and packed with different kinds of products that become usable once you add water at your destination. And they’re clearly not subject to 3-1-1.

They’re not a new product, but it’s the first time I see them and will likely be placing an order. At $5 for 50 sheets of either body wash, conditioner, shampoo and a few others, it’s a steal.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Digital Trends ]

Roll Up Travel Charger

By David Ponce

This roll-up travel charger comes with one wall plug and four different charging tips: iPhone®, Mini USB, Micro USB, Samsung. Samsung?… Anyway, yes you can recharge up to four gadgets at once and although it looks like brown leather, it’s actually pleather. This does take away a little from its rugged Indiana Jones-y vibe but we don’t care because we won’t be buying this. We’ve been trying to determine the odds of ever being in a situation where four different devices with four different connector types need to be recharged simultaneously and the numbers don’t look good. Then again, we failed math so don’t take our word for it.

It’s $50.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Wired's Gadget Lab ]

Mobile Printing Kiosks Remind Us That The Paperless Office Is Still No Where In Sight

Mobile Printing Kiosks (Image courtesy St. Joseph Communications)
By Andrew Liszewski

The promise of a paperless office where computers, phones and electronic devices completely replace our need for printed documents is certainly tantalizing. But it’s still no where in sight. I might have minimal need for a printer at home, but visit any busy office and you’ll still find copiers and laser printers running around the clock. So instead of trying to sell us on some paperless dream, a PR company called St. Joseph Communications, working with HP and PrinterOn, have developed a public pay kiosk allowing users to print off documents for a small fee.

Printing reports, presentations, maps or travel plans are all handled by a “best-in-class” HP color laser printer. While photos instead come from a Citizen dye-sublimation printer, which probably costs a little more. Documents can be wirelessly sent from a smartphone or tablet using HP’s ePrint app, securely emailed directly to the kiosk from your laptop, or even accessed from a flash drive or memory card. There’s no word on what the service costs, but since most users will probably be using them in a pseudo-emergency type situation, you can bet it’s probably not going to be dirt cheap. But you can find out for yourself if you happen to be passing through Toronto’s Pearson International Airport where the first eight kiosks have already been installed.

[ PR - Mobile Print is Taking Off! St. Joseph Communications debuts its patent-pending mobile print kiosks at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport ] VIA [ The Moodie Report ]

Skipark360 Resort Will Be Large Enough To Hold World Cup Events

Skipark 360 Indoor Resort (Images courtesy Gizmag)
By Andrew Liszewski

There’s something about gigantic indoor ski resorts that bring out the best in architects. Then again, a structure large enough to house a mountain steep enough for skiing is never going to be inconspicuous. So I guess you need to make them presentable. Or at the least, striking. Which Denmark-based firm C. F. Møller Architects has certainly done with Sweden’s new Skipark 360. When completed in a few years (construction starts in late 2013) the $220+ million structure will be the largest indoor ski resort on the planet. And with an almost 2,300 foot run that drops over 500 feet, it will actually be large enough to stage World Cup caliber ski events.

But you don’t build a structure this massive for just one purpose. In addition to the downhill course, the SkiPark 360 will also feature 2.2 miles of cross-country skiing tunnels, dedicated slopes for those no-goodnik snowboarders, ice rinks, spas, and conference facilities. And because it’s being built in Bålsta, a small town located about 40 minutes outside of Stockholm, it’s also got a few hotel rooms because I’m suspecting most of the clientele won’t be local.

Besides tourism, the Skipark 360 is being built as a response to climate change which has been detrimental to the area’s ski industry. So not only will it provide the perfect ski conditions to visitors and professional athletes all year round, but it will do so in a manner that’s environmentally friendly. Ideally the resort will be completely self sufficient using renewable energy sources like solar, wind & hydro power, as well as geothermal for heating.

[ Skipark 360 ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Rufus Roo ‘Big Pocket’ Travel Jacket Lets You Fight Back Against Airline Luggage Fees

Rufus Roo BIG POCKET Travel Jacket (Image courtesy Rufus Roo)
By Andrew Liszewski

You might be able to find a sweet deal for a flight online, but once you get to the airport and realize how much extra you’re going to have to pay to check just a single bag, it stops being so sweet. The only solution is to pack as light as possible, hopefully squeezing all your clothes into a carry-on, or suck-it-up and wear something like the Rufus Roo.

In short, it’s a light travel jacket with a collection of regular and super-sized pockets that lets you carry up to 22 lbs. worth of crap, including shoes, shirts, pants, books, and even laptops and wine bottles. You’re going to look like a complete tool while making your way through an airport with it on, and it can’t be the most comfortable thing to wear during your flight, but at least you’re saving a few bucks right? Available now for ~$47 (£29.95) for large and medium adult sizes and ~$39 (£24.95) if you want to turn your kids into vacation pack mules too.

Rufus Roo BIG POCKET Travel Jacket (Image courtesy Rufus Roo)

[ Rufus Roo 'Big Pocket' Travel Jacket ]