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Transformers Art: ‘Saint Optimus Of Prime’ Stained Glass Window

Saint Optimus Of Prime

Optimus Prime isn’t a saint. Then again, who is? Even Autobots aren’t perfect. However, this art piece inspired by the head of the Autobots makes you think twice because it depicts Optimus in a completely different light. Gals and gents, meet Saint Optimus of Prime!

This 122-piece stained glass window was created with love (and lots of time and effort) by software engineer Craig Kovatch. The details are neat, featuring the characteristic color combination that Optimus sports all the time.

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Better Than the Truck? Retro Game Console Transformers

Retro Game Console Transformers

Everyone has seen Optimus Prime transform into a truck and back again, but have you ever seen him transform into a Playstation 1 and vice versa? Thanks to toymaker Takara Tomy, you will. He transformed a Playstation 1 and a Genesis into two of the most recognizable characters in the franchise, Optimus Prime and Megatron, respectively, and it’s amazing how all of the parts just fall into place.

I doubt you’ll be able to play games on the video game consoles like normal, but then again, you’ve got your PS 3 for that. Hit the break to check out more shots of the transforming consoles.Continue Reading

Memorigin Launches Optimus Prime and Bumblebee-themed Transformers Tourbillon Watches


Watches from Swiss makers are extremely exquisite, but then watches coming out of Chinese manufacturers are more-or-less wearable art. Case in point, limited edition Memorigin Transformers Tourbillon watches with Optimus Prime or Bumblebee. Coming from the house of Memorigin – a Hong Kong-based watchmaker, these mechanical watches with Transformer Optimus Prime or Bumblebee designs on their dial feature matching straps.

Memorigin Transformers Tourbillon watches are available in 43mm wide steel dials. The Optimus Prime watch comes in polished dial, while the Bumblebee model is coated in black. If you like your watch façade to look perfect, you’ll be glad to know that dial plate of the watches is laser cut to look like the face of your favorite transformer character. Interestingly, yellow diamonds and blue sapphires have been used in the eyes of the Bumblebee or Optimus Prime respectively. These gems are also placed on a few hour markers on the case.

In the Memorigin Transformers Tourbillon Series, comprising Optimus Prime or Bumblebee themed watches, Memorigin will only produce 50 pieces each at $42,800 HKD, (approximately USD$5,500). Movie characters on your watch dial might seem a little odd, but if you find transformers cool, here’s a souvenir you can’t miss.


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For the Person Who Transformed You: Transformers Bumblebee Ring

Transformers Bumblebee Ring

Bumblebee is one of the most beloved Autobots from the Transformers franchise. He was the one of the first bots that we were introduced to in the first movie. It’s also worth mentioning that he’s been in every one of the movies, and that’s saying something, seeing as how Michael Bay doesn’t think twice about killing off some of the bots to get a point across.

That said, it makes perfect sense to feature Bumblebee on a Transformers-inspired ring–not only for his marketability, but for his bright and aesthetically-pleasing design. That and the fact that he turns into a snazzy Camaro seals the deal for me. The ring features Bumblebee’s playful mug right smack in the middle of an adorable sterling silver and gold-plated band.

It’s available from CustomMade for $299.

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This Pen Transforms Into Optimus Prime and Vice Versa

Transformer Convoy Pen

What’s cooler than robots? Well, robots that can transform into cars and helicopters and other stuff, like pens, for instance. For the first two, you’ve got the Transformers that do exactly just that. For the latter, you’ve got the Transformer Convoy Pen by Sentinel. It’s not exactly the most comfortable or handiest pens to use or hold when it’s in pen form, but the awesomeness of it when it’s in robot toy form more than makes up for it.

And who else should it transform to but Optimus Prime?

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New Zealand Mint’s ‘Doctor Who’ and ‘Transformers’ Coins, Minting Soon!

Doctor Who Coin

It’s true that there are many things that money can’t buy, but one thing that it can buy is money. Not necessarily more money, but it would be currency in a more desirable form. That might sound a little bit confusing, so let me clear it up for you by saying three words: Doctor Who and Transformers.

These highly successful and wildly popular franchises are huge money makers, and now they’re going to be turned into actual money by the New Zealand Mint. You might remember the Star Wars and Hobbit coins they released in previous years, which were all kinds of awesome. Now they’re giving Doctor Who and the old school versions of Optimus Prime and Megatron the same treatment as these three entities are going to be minted into commemorative $2 coins that are going to be sold for way more than the face value of the coin: Doctor Who will be priced at $155, while the 2-coin Transformers set will go for $280.

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Custom Optimus Prime Puts Others To Shame

Optimus Prime

By Chris Scott Barr

It’s hard to find a geek that grew up in the 80’s/early 90’s that doesn’t love the Transformers. Thanks to the fact that the Robots in Disguise are celebrating their 25th anniversary (oh, and those two movies) we’ve seen a huge influx of transforming merchandise. Of course, some of the coolest pieces have come not from Takara/Hasbro, but rather from fans of the series. Back in July we showed you someone’s custom-built Devastator,which unlike the movies, stayed true to the original design. Well here’s another custom work for you to feast your eyes on.

Yes, this Optimus Prime is based off of the second movie, which may turn some of you off to it. However, the sheer level of detail here should be enough to give you pause. Before you ask, yes it transforms. It’s actually based on the TFTM 07 Leader Class Optimus Prime figure, which does take away some of the appeal. However, the crafter replaced a number of pieces and hand-painted it to reach the more realistic level of detail. If you absolutely must have this piece, you can find it on eBay. The bidding is currently at $730, so you’d better have some deep pockets.

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Toshiba Announces Transforming USB Mice And Flash Drives


By Chris Scott Barr

In case you weren’t aware, the Transformers franchise is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. To commemorate the anniversary, Toshiba is releasing a new line of mice and USB flash drives. As you would imagine, there is more than meets the eye with each one. All will be fully transformable, and will set you back $50 each. Kids and huge fans of the series might enjoy them, but $50 is a bit much methinks. They haven’t released a lot of details, such as the capacity of the USB drives, though we do know these will be out before the holiday season.
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Meet Thomas The Transformer


By David Ponce

It’s not new or anything, but while everyone’s still frothing at the mouth over how bad Transformers 2 is but how little we care since Megan Fox is in it, might as well point you to this awesome little toy. It’s Thomas The Tank… as a Transformer. It’s… Thomas The Transformer, I guess. No real clue who makes it, but it IS available for purchase on eBay for all of S$8.50, which is $8.50 in Singapore dollars, which is about $5USD. Of course, that’s the price now so if you geeks go and bid it up, that’s your issue.

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