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Deal Of The Day: Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle At 97% Off

You might be reading this website while taking a break from studying. Or you might be thinking about how you should get your life together and learn some skill instead of wasting your life reading sites like this. Either way, with the Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle, you’d be able to acquire some marketable skills at a fraction of the cost of a traditional school.

Linux and UNIX operating systems have become increasingly popular in commercial computing environments. Due to their rapid growth in today’s businesses, Linux/UNIX administrators have also become very much in-demand. This hands-on duo of courses will help you prepare for the CompTIA Linux+ and the Novell Certified Linux Professional certification exams, thus improving your chances of scoring a big income working with Linux.

– Access 2 full courses 24/7
– Gain the knowledge & skills to install, configure, & support a Linux/UNIX server
– Learn to control & troubleshoot the boot process
– Attach local storage & create file systems
– Use visual demonstrations & multimedia presentations to learn
– Test your progress w/ quizzes & exam simulators
– Interact & collaborate w/ other students & Vision Training Systems employees to form study groups & discussions

One year unlimited access will set you back a very modest $49.

[ Get The Linux/UNIX Certification Training Bundle ]

O2 Trainer Is Resistance Training For Your Lungs

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 5.09.02 PM

If you’re pretty serious about your fitness, you’ll know that resistance based training is essential in getting bigger muscles, which is often synonymous with better performance. But the lungs are almost always overlooked in a resistance training regimen, which is where the Bas Rutten O2 Trainer comes in. It’s a silicon/polymer device that fits in your mouth like a snorkel mouthpiece and features a variable diameter intake, and an exhaust on the side. The intake is covered by interchangeable adaptors of varying sizes, which get progressively smaller as you increase the resistance exerted to take a breath in. Unlike other similar products, only the intake of air is restricted, allowing you to completely empty your lungs with each breath and translating into a fuller range of motion for your diaphragm. The resistance your lungs encounter will make them stronger over time, giving you improved cardiovascular performance to match your increased muscle mass. The kit, which comes with adapters between 14mm and 1mm, and a carrying case, costs $49.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ DudeIWantThat ]

Variable Gravity Soccer Training Apparatus


We’re not going to enter into a commentary on soccer and its viability as a serious sport in the USA. Suffice it to say, a good chunk of the world loves it and that’s enough to make the Zero Gravity Soccer First Touch system you see pictured above relevant. Having fast and agile feet is essential to becoming a good soccer player, and that’s not learnt overnight. The Zero Gravity system grabs the ball on one end, and lets you adjust the counterweights on the other end, slowing the movement of the ball considerably. Less counterwight, faster ball, and vice versa. The device can be placed at different heights, which means you can practice bouncing it not just on your feet, but also on your head, or your knees.

Clearly aimed at young players, we think that even novice adults could benefit from it. But you’ll have to pay $139 for the privilege of owning it.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

Don’t Be Yanking On No Leash, Doggie!

By David Ponce

Famed dog trainer Cesar Milan would probably say: “Keep that dog in check, foo!” Or maybe he wouldn’t. What Cesar says doesn’t matter, really. All I’m getting to is you should train your dog to obey you, be sociable around other pets and not pee in your cereal. And not tug on your leash. I read somewhere that clicker training is a good way to teach Fido who’s who and what’s what. But that looks like it requires effort on your part. Better to purchase this $40 gadget instead. It wedges itself between the leash and the collar and has an ultrasonic whistle and a sensor. If it starts to detect tugging, it whistles unpleasantly in proportion to the tugging effort. The sounds are “aimed” at your dog so no other canine is inconvenienced and the volume level is adjustable. Only your dog will be miserable. And maybe he’ll learn. Or he’ll secretly get back to you in ways you don’t want to imagine…

This product doesn’t sound like a bad idea, to be honest. Anyone want to try it out and report back here?

[ Product Page ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

This Training Bike Will Cost You $30,000 Plus Another $10,000 For Its Custom Software

Factor 001 Bike (Image courtesy BikeRadar)
By Andrew Liszewski

Designed by BERU f1 systems, the Factor 001 training bike is chock full of Formula One racing technology which makes it one of the most advanced bikes ever built. Besides the requisite made-to-measure one piece carbon fiber frame and ceramic brakes, the Factor 001’s real secret weapon is its built-in accelerometers that monitor the bike’s lean and other physical factors like wheel speed, torque levels and crank cadence. It will even have a biometric monitoring system for keeping tabs on the rider’s physical condition like body temp, respiration rate and even ECG data. All that for roughly $30,000, depending on the options you order. (That’s the starting price.)

But all that information the bike is gathering is no good if you can’t study it later on. So for an additional $8-10,000 you’ll be able to buy the Factor 001’s custom software package that allows the data to be uploaded to a PC and analyzed in order to improve your performance. Needless to say you have to really want to wear that yellow jersey to be shelling out this kind of money for a bike.

[ – Formula One experts use car technology to build bike ] VIA [ Wired Gadget Lab ]

Yamaha Teaching Trumpet

By Jonathan Kimak

I used to play the trumpet in high school, at least until I got braces and ended up shredding my lips anytime I tried to play. This would have been a good thing for me to keep the training for the few years before I took my braces off(I instead switched to the saxophone).

The Yamaha EZ-TP Electronic Teaching Trumpet, which is sadly, only available in Japan, is an electronic way to learn the trumpet. Instead of blowing into the trumpet, you just hum into the device while pressing the proper keys on the trumpet. The keys can light up to help you learn the proper fingerings.

The trumpet can play 22 different sounds in case you get bored of hearing the regular trumpet sound. But most importantly(especially for parents) the trumpet comes with a volume control. This means the trumpet has a far lower chance of being thrown into the lake.

The trumpet also comes with MIDI support and some pre-programmed songs to play along with.

[ EZ TP Electronic Trumpet ] VIA [ Slippery Brick ]

Your Goldfish Is Smarter Than You Might Think

By Jonathan Kimak

You may have heard the myth that goldfish have an attention span of 3 seconds. Researchers and even the MythBusters have proved that to be wrong. Golfish have been shown to have a memory that can last at least 3 months.

And now you can use that knowledge to teach your goldfish some tricks. The R2 Fish Training School Kit from ThinkGeek allows you to train your little pet to perform 10 different tricks. Tricks include teaching it to score a goal in soccer, zig zag in between poles(like in dog competitions), shoot a basketball and play fetch.

The kit comes with an instructional DVD. You can buy it for $40.

Video of a trained goldfish in action after the jump.

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