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NanoBlimp Is Allegedly World’s Smallest RC Blimp


This looks like a fun toy. The Nanoblimp is a remote controlled blimp that uses regular party balloons filled with Helium, and to which you attach a set of propellers. There’s three of these, which used in combination allow for upwards/downwards, forwards/backwards and rotation movements. That should be enough to get you anywhere, even if you can’t move sideways. What blimp moves sideways anyway? There’s a set of ballasts that you also attach to the balloon to achieve neutral buoyancy and the remote control frequencies allow for up to 4 such airships in one room. That means battles and mayhem, which is the best way to spend a Friday afternoon in the office.

It’s $50 for one, which includes ten balloons, the propellers, ballast and remote control. The Helium, you have to find yourself.

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There’s A Chewbacca Angry Bird Plushie? Of Course There Is


One of the more successful editions of Angry Birds is the Star Wars flavour. Not only is the artwork tastefully rendered, the gameplay features novel physics which makes for a cool improvement over its Earth-based variants. So it should come as no surprise that there’s a healthy amount of Star Wars Angry Birds-themed merchandise. Our favorite? The above Chewbacca Bird.

It’s 4.8 x 4.8 x 4.5 inche and weighs 4.8 ounces. It costs all of $10, and would make a cool present for a Star Wars or an Angry Birds fan. Not an awesome present, mind you, because hey, it’s still just a plushie. But if it’s a kid? What do kids know? Kids will love it.

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This SuperSoaker Packs Some Ice


Very few things scream “summertime” louder than running around the yard with a SuperSoaker in hand, shooting at anything that moves. It’s all fun and games… and it remains so even if you equip yourself with the Arctic Shock Super Soaker pictured above. Instead of just water, this particular gun also stores ice, which chills down the water it shoots. That’s sure to be really popular in the sweltering heat. And as the ice it stores melts, that too become additional ammo. It has a range of about 30 feet but is unfortunately not battery powered. The storage compartment fits 25 ounces of water, or water/ice mix and when it hits the shelves this spring, it’ll set you back $20.

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Add An Electric Propeller To Any Home Made Paper Airplane, And Control It With Your iPhone


TailorToys have been making the PowerUp systems for quite some time now, but their new 3.0 version has iPhone control. That’s awesome, but let’s start at the beginning, because we’d never even heard of the 1.0 or 2.0. The PowerUp devices are little electric propellers that clip onto the tip of your paper airplane, and give it some thrust. This way, gravity, aerodynamics and paper airplane engineering aren’t the limiting factors; battery life is. And yes, this works with just about any paper airplane, from the shitty to the elegant. The 3.0 version seems to have added iPhone control, though we don’t have any details on just how well the plane is controlled with this scheme. It would appear that the new device doesn’t just give the plane forward thrust, but would allow you to steer as well. Considering the toy just won Popular Science’s Best of Toyfair award, we’re going to go ahead and assume it’s pretty well done.

They should be available later this year for an unspecified price. Considering previous generation models are going for around $17, we can’t imagine it’ll be that expensive.


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UndeadTed Zombified Teddy Bears are Every Kid’s Nightmare

Zombie Ted

Shows and movies like The Walking Dead and Zombieland have pushed the zombie trend into a more prominent position in pop culture. As a result, we’ve got more people dressing up as zombies during Halloween and we’re all seeing a lot more things that are getting the undead treatment–the most recent one being a bunch of what used to be cuddly and adorable teddy bears.

These bears, aptly called UndeadTeds, are the handiwork of UK artist Phillip Blackman. He created a whole line of these zombified teddy bears which are now, unsurprisingly, all sold out. He’s hard at work on a new set of gory bears, so it shouldn’t be long before he has new ones up for sale on his Etsy shop.

You can hit the break to see what you missed–but if you grew up loving teddy bears and cuddling them when you were little, I suggest you look elsewhere, because undead teddies are not a pretty sight.

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Is This The Best Sex Toy Ever?

I think we can be mature enough to talk about sex toys without offending anyone, right? So let’s get to it. The Hello Touch is a pair of tiny but powerful vibrators that are meant to be attached to your fingertips. Unlike regular, crap-o finger vibrators, these are allegedly as powerful as regular vibrators. And the way you use them is, well , pretty straightforward. We’re not going to start giving you a primer on the birds and the bees, but suffice it to say that they’ve been designed to go on (or in) just about every pleasure zone. And yes, they can be easily washed afterwards.

It’s $65 and available now. Hit the jump for a bunch of SFW pictures, plus links.

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Is A Ball-Dropping Ability Enough To Make This RC Heli-Drone Stand Out?

It looks like over the last couple of years the technology for self-stabilizing RC helicopters has reached a point of maturity. Or at the very least, a cost that makes it so that it starts appearing everywhere. The latest entrant in this field is hoping to stand out from the others by including the ability to drop a payload on your enemies. The iOS-controlled coaxial-rotor helicopter iStrike Shuttle features a compartment in its base that is able to lift a ping-pong ball and drop it at the touch of a button. Included gyro stabilizers mean that you should be able to bring it over a co-worker’s head fairly easily and “attack” them when the most suspect it (they’d have to be deaf not to hear the thing coming, after all…). Flight time is around 8 minutes on one charge and a little bit more if you remove the landing stabilizer and ping pong ball. Of course if you do that, you’re left with yet another RC heli drone.

At $85, is it worth it? We’re not sure, though it could make an interesting Holiday present. It’s on Kickstarter now, so it’s not even sure to take off, but if it does, delivery would be in December of this year.

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It’s Come To This: Baby Doll Is Pregnant

So you’re looking at the above doll and hopefully have some kind of frown on. What on earth is this? Well, it’s a doll alright, but fortunately it’s not going to be in any store. It’s the art of one Darren Cullen, and will be on display at the Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art in Sunderland, UK, from the 26 October – 12 January 2013 as part of a group show called “Moral Holiday.” So the next question is “WHY??!” Well, some media have speculated that the doll represents a comment Darren is making on TV shows exploiting teen pregnancies, or even about those shows glamorizing infant sexuality, like Toddlers & Tiaras. And to be honest, it very well could symbolize any of those things. However Darren himself has gone on record with his own explanation: “It’s about the way these toys intrinsically train girls to have and care for children while they are still only children themselves.” Oh, ok, Darren is making a comment on gender characterization and heteronormative socialization. Or, in other words, that dolls are BS in the first place. We get it. It’s just that, well, it’s still pretty creepy. But hey, that’s good art we suppose…

[ "Product" Page ] VIA [ Huffington Post ]

Fancy a Round or Two of Klingon Monopoly? jAH!

Klingon Monopoly

nuqneH pa’! (That’s Klingon for ‘Hello there!’) Monopoly has been around for so long that it’s starting to get monotonous. But it’s so classic that it wouldn’t make sense for the Parker Brothers to discontinue it, either, so what they did was reinvent it to make it cool and current. The latest one of these is Klingon Monopoly.

If you’re familiar with the Star Trek universe, then you’ll know that Klingons are actually a fictional race featured on the series who happen to have their own language. Star Trek has amassed a huge cult following over the last few decades, so it’s not really a huge surprise to see Monopoly finally go Klingon. This collector’s edition combines English and Klingon and features familiar Star Trek elements on the board. Instead of the usual game pieces, you’ll get Combat cards, Honor Cards, Outposts, Capitals, and a pack full of Klingon forces to get your game on.

Hit the jump for a closer look at the game and links on where you can get the game!

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