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Obake is an Elastic Touchscreen That You Can Manipulate in 3D

Elastic Touchscreen

Everything’s going 3D these days, even touchscreens. Most existing touchscreens only offer a 2D experience, but MIT Media Lab’s Dhairya Dand and Rob Hemsley have set out to create a touchscreen that offers another dimension. It’s called the Obake and it has been dubbed as the touchscreen that will ‘revolutionize all other touchscreens.’

Obake is an elastic, stretchable touchscreen. The display itself will remain two-dimensional, although you will be able to manipulated whatever is on your screen in three dimensions.

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AnyGlove Makes Any of Your Gloves Touchscreen-Friendly


It’s starting to get too chilly to use smartphones comfortably when you’re out and about. There are a number of solutions that are available for this problem, like the Hi-Fun gloves that function as Bluetooth handsets and tiny sheets of stickers you’re supposed to stick on existing gloves so your screen can detect your taps and swipes.

And then there’s the AnyGlove. This is basically a liquid alternative for the stickers I mentioned earlier. Just put a couple of drops of AnyGlove onto any finger on your glove, let it dry, and you’re all set.

Hit the break for a video of the official AnyGlove girl (yes, she exists) demonstrating how the product works.

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The Touch Time Is A Smart-ish Watch With A Battery That Finally Lasts

The Touch Time is not exactly a smart watch: it doesn’t connect to the Internet or sync with a phone so it’s kind of missing that. But it doesn’t prevent it from being smarter than most similar offerings. It’s got a capacitive touchscreen which lets you control it intuitively, rather than through the obtuse pressing of menu buttons. And better yet, its always on display draws so little power that it never needs recharging: the battery should run out in about one year! After that, you just replace the coin cell battery and you’re good for another year. It has all the features (or “apps”) you see in the image above, including a calculator, a lunar phase calendar, and a stopwatch. You can also swipe to select up to 7 different watch dials, customizing the look of the display in seconds.

Pricing starts at $99 with more customization options as price goes up. It’s on Kickstarter and fully funded, so you should get yours around November if you end up placing an order.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ The Verge ]

Hey, Lets Put A Touchscreen On Our Locks, Because Touchscreen

By David Ponce

Master Lock’s dialSpeed electronic combination padlock looks pretty darn futuristic. It’s got a touch sensitive screen, few cryin’ out loud! Is there something wrong with current combination padlocks? No of course not, but hey, we’re living in 2012 and flying cars are on the way. The way you unlock the dialSpeed is by entering a series of center-up/down, center-left/right swipes. But it’s pretty hard to remember something like “up, up, down, up, left, right, up” so each arrow is matched with a set of letters. You’re then free to create your own mnemonic acronym. Other features include the ability to set up to 3 guest combinations, and to retrieve your lost key from some website. It runs off a CR 2032 battery which should keep it ticking for about 5 years. When it runs low, an indicator tells you its time to change it, though the presence of electronics does mean the dialSpeed is an indoors-only device. Rounding out the specs is a boron-carbide shackle, which we’re told is pretty tough to cut.

It’s $25. Not bad for a padlock from the future.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Almond Router Features LCD Screen

By David Ponce

Routers are an indispensable piece of equipment in the home, but they’re often one of the most feared. Think about it. When was the las time you changed your WiFi password? Or changed any of the settings? When did you last type or something like that in your browser bar? “Never” is the answer many of you will give, and that’s just because routers aren’t that easy to use. The Almond router from Securifi hopes to change all that with the inclusion of an LCD touchscreen on its body. Hardware wise, we’re looking at a typical router: 802.11b/g/n, 300Mbps MIMO, 100m range, etc. But it’s the touchscreen UI that makes the Almond stand out; it’ll allow you to configure everything right on your device with a few simple finger presses.

The Almond should hit the market in the spring of this year for under $70.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gadget Review ]

I’m Touchscreen Watch Is Awkwardly Named

By David Ponce

So that’s its name: “I’m.” We know, weird. Nevertheless, it’s a watch with a curved 1.5-inch, 240 x 240 TFT screen with capacitive touch capabilities. The device links up to your phone via Bluetooth for caller ID information as well as data tethering. You can also use it to do the kinds of things that fishing around in your pocket for your phone might be inconvenient. Like getting quick stock quotes, getting a preview of an email, viewing an image gallery, etc. It’s alleged to be running a modified version of Android 1.6 and has 64MB RAM and 4GB storage. It’s a bit like those watches made up of an iPod nano, only with phone features.

The watches start at €249 ($342USD) and go up from there, as there appear to be versions blinged out with some gold and jewels, although these are on pre-order at the moment. However, very little is known about this company so we’re not going to give you any go-aheads until actual products are in customers’ hands. We won’t lie though: we’d be very disappointed if any of our readers has €10,000 to spend on a fancy watch. And yes, some models cost that much. Link to website full of self-aggrandizing and barely informative videos below.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Wired’s Gadget Lab ]