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The Last Few Days In Laptop Experts Land

By David Ponce

[ The following concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

We’re in the thick of answering questions for the Laptop Experts program. Our very own Luke has been getting to about 10 questions a day, 5 days a week and reports to having fun with it. Here’s a sampling.

It seems Recycle Bins can disappear, so here’s some advice on how to restore it. And if hunting around for that elusive bin has got your eyes burning, maybe you need to tone down the brightness, like this dude wants to do. Then there’s the issues of just which laptop is best suited to run Linux, and just what type of RAM to purchase for a given laptop.

This is just scratching the surface, we Luke alone is getting to more than 50 questions a week, and the other experts are handling more, and then there’s some left over. Lots and lots of problems to be solved, so if you have one, be sure to head there.

[ Laptop Experts ]

Ramping Up Our Laptop Experts Efforts

By David Ponce

We went from tackling 4 questions a week, to 8 questions a week… And then it hit us: why not be really useful, and try to answer 25 questions every week? Brilliant, right? Except we’re not going to give you a rundown of every single one of those. Instead, here’s a little sampling of four.

Last week started off with some broken wireless troubleshooting, a particularly difficult task without access to the ailing laptop. We then looked at the significance of hexadecimal error messages and addressed the ever popular Windows XP downgrading. The fourth question we’ll mention here concerns missing drivers following a reset BIOS.

The site is gaining even more traction, while at the same time adding more experts. Looks like we’re ramping up to full production. If you got a question, chances are we’ll be able to answer it.

[ Toshiba’s Laptop Experts ]

Another Day, Another Week In Laptop Experts Land

By David Ponce

So we’ve started tackling a few more questions. Heck, what’s a paltry 4 questions a week? Who are we helping like that. So this time, we’ve doubled our volume.

We start off by tackling the ever popular “Dude, where’s my drivers?” question. That’s a fairly simple one, but it’s immediately followed by the rather rad stories of a malfunctioning LCD screen and of someone clinging to the hopes of installing XP on their Vista laptop. We finish that batch with graphic card upgrades in a laptop advice.

The other batch starts off with Ubuntu compatibility woes and HDD passwords curiosity. We finish everything off by tackling what looks like a power management issue and a fried motherboard.

The Last Week In Laptop Experts Land

By David Ponce

[ The following concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

Throwing an epic tantrum is one way to try and solve your PC-related problems. “Trying” is the important word here because aside from becoming really popular on video sites (if you happen to film your jolly interlude), you will likely not fix much. Count on people like us and other experts to try and point you in the right direction instead. This week, we continue our weekly recaps of our work in the Laptop Experts campaign.

This week we pondered the wisdom of installing Vista on older laptops. How old, you say? We’re not too sure, but old and Vista shouldn’t share a sentence. We then debated the merits of one processor over another and took a crack at the stuck-in-safe-mode for ever and ever issue. Finally, one poor fella with a cracked LCD screen asked our advice.

Tune in next week for some more of these, and as always, if you’d like to help us give better answers, you’re more than welcome to do so.

[ Laptop Experts ]

These Last Two Weeks In Laptop Experts Land

By David Ponce

A lot of good, temporarily PC-stumped folk have been getting their computer related aches and pains relieved through Toshiba’s Laptop Experts campaign. Here’s a short run-through of what I’ve been dealing with.

I start off by wondering how to hook up your PS3 to your laptop, only to then tackle a seemingly simple webcam inspired mystery. It all seems like fun and games until I’m literally stumped by a third party replacement battery acting up. Always buy from the source, I guess. That’s one I still haven’t answered. But it’s ok, since the last question that week was a simple question of resetting a password. Three out of four, not bad.

This week’s even better. There’s Flash video freezing on fullscreen, wireless printing, wireless mice battery comparisons and the ever popular “Helps, lost me drivers, do I nuke PC?

As usual, you guys are invited to take a look and if any of you feels they can do a better job, please, by all means, jump in.

[ Laptop Experts ]

Be The Expert, Win $50… Again

[ This article concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

By David Ponce

Well, you guys actually participated last week and we picked “marmota” as the $50 winner! He was chosen randomly from the entries that actually helped us draft coherent answers. You can find those here, here and here.

For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, we’re giving $50 away each week, drawn from the pool of readers who help us answer some user-submitted, PC-related questions as part of the Laptop Experts campaign currently running on the site. We’re doing it again this week. $50, paid through Paypal.

So yeah, some PC users are frustrated (surprised?). This is your chance to help and maybe make a buck. The first question is below, the rest after the jump.

    Trying to reload a M45-S169 laptop hard drive. Bios sees hard drive but windows/restore cd doesn’t using the original restore disk. I put harddrive in another computer and I can see it format it, delete partitions, pretty much any thing, but the original restore cd doesn’t see it. Any suggestions?

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Help Me Out With Some “Laptop Experts” Questions, Win $50

[ This post concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

By David Ponce

Hey guys, so last week we invited you guys to participate in the Toshiba Laptop Experts campaign. We even offered some giveaways. Well, let’s just say we weren’t overwhelmed by the response, but hey, at least one guy got himself $50’s worth of stuff. So I’m doing it again this week, and I’m offering $50 again to the person that helps most, this time cash (by “cash” I mean Paypal, so you better have an account).

The difference is the questions that follow have not yet been answered. Matter of fact, they’re giving me a bit of a headache. So aside from getting the cash, you can get the warm fuzzies at knowing you helped me (and a poor stranded PC user) out.

First of three questions below, the rest after the jump.

    TOSHIBA M205 SHUTS OFF SUDDENLY THEN REBOOTS. Super quick blue screen of death, can’t even read it as it shuts off too quickly. Driving me nuts. I have 2 M205, I don’t use too much, now it’s doing it!!! Power brick maybe? Trouble is they do it on both power cords. What in the world’s going on?

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Help Us Be Better Experts, Win Some Swag

By David Ponce

[ The following concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

Regular readers will be familiar with our involvement with Toshiba’s Laptop Experts program. I’ve personally been tackling some questions over the last few months, and as much as I’d like to think I’m doing a flawless job getting readers their perfect answers, the truth is there are probably quicker, easier ways to accomplish the same things. And I’m convinced you guys can help. To make it more interesting, I’m throwing in some prizes. It’s not Powerball lottery material but I’ve got about $50’s worth of stuff to give away: iTunes gift cards, thumb drives, etc. I’ll paste three questions below (along with a link to my own answer), and you guys can take a crack at them. Answer either in the comments to this article, or better yet, on the Laptop Experts site itself.

I’ll be dictatorial and pick what I consider the “best” effort at a better answer and you guys can then feel free to call me names and such.

    I have a toshiba satellite l355-s7812, and I want to recoard live TV. What cables or programs do I need? Thanks [ My answer here. ]
    I bought a sony vaio laptop. it works fine, but the dvd does not work. Someone took a look at it, and the bios is password locked. I bought it off someone second hand. Can anyone help? [ My answer here. ]
    My HP Pavillion tx1127cl’s screen remains blank after it comes out of standby, and have to force shutdown and restart. [ My answer here ]

If you guys are curious about other questions being asked, follow the link below.

[ Laptop Experts ]

Become An Expert, Help Us Help You Help Others… Or Something Like That

By David Ponce

[ Disclosure: This post concerns a paid campaign currently running on the site. ]

Toshiba’s been running a campaign called Laptop Experts (which we’ve talked before), that’s been gaining some decent traction. It’s not a simple “Look at my banner; come buy my product” deal. Instead, they’ve built a site where users can ask questions about their computer problems (any computers, not just Toshiba’s) and a small team of experts has been given the task of answering them. While anyone can answer questions, those tackled by the experts get labeled as such. And believe me, there’s no lack of questions.

Now you too can become an expert… if you’ve got what it takes. Visit this page and submit your application. If accepted, you will be granted expert status and will be able to contribute to the growing community.

[ Become An Expert ]