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Bosch IXO Vino Cordless Screwdriver Doubles As A Wine Opener

By Chris Scott Barr

As a guy, you can never have too many power tools. Unfortunately explaining that to your significant other isn’t always the easiest of tasks. (If it is an easy task, remember that you’re a very lucky guy.) This means that sometimes you have to get creative with your purchases. If you’re in need of a small cordless screwdriver, this might be a good way to sneak one in under the radar.

The Bosch IXO Vino is a cordless screwdriver with a very special attachment. Specifically, a corkscrew that allows you to open wine bottles. That’s right, you can pass this puppy off as a fancy wine opener. Otherwise, it’s a pretty nice little screwdriver with a lithium-ion battery for cordless operation. Unfortunately the $63 price tag seems a bit salty for what it does.

[ Amazon ] VIA [ The Awesomer ]

Sonic Screwdriver Is An Actual Screwdriver As Well

By Chris Scott Barr

With eleven different Doctors, Doctor Who fans have a lot to choose from, and a lot of different Sonic Screwdrivers as well. Most of them are simply replicas that do nothing but look fancy. Others come in the form of a pen, stylus or some other semi-useful device. My question is why not make one that’s a screwdriver?

They do indeed make one that drives screws, as they say. It has three interchangeable (and reversible) tips, for a total of six different heads. The tips store neatly away inside the screwdriver when not actually in use. It also lights up and has sound effects. Really, what more could you ask from a Sonic Screwdriver?

[ NeatoShop ] VIA [ ChipChick ]

Portable Support Tool Balancer Takes The Strain Off Your Arms And Shoulders

Portable Support Tool (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

Designed by a Canadian landscaper who suffered long-term injuries after having to heft a 22-pound trimmer for years, the Portable Support Tool Balancer might look a little unorthodox, but the harness will apparently reduce 95% of the weight of a heavy tool by transferring the load to the entire body. The swiveling spring loaded reel that hovers above the user’s head provides the lift for probably any kind of tool you can attach to it, and besides providing relief for arms and shoulders it also facilitates a bit more finesse since the operator can more easily move the tool about. Not particularly important for an activity like shoveling, but definitely appreciated when it comes to something like hedge trimming.

At the moment the Portable Support Tool Balancer is only available in a limited production run, but it recently appeared on the Canadian version of Dragon’s Den so hopefully it will soon be more readily available for purchase.

[ Portable Support Tool Balancer ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

BottleBob Bottle Cap Punch Puts A Straw Hole Anywhere

BottleBob Bottle Cap Punch (Images courtesy Epaulet)
By Andrew Liszewski

Besides blowing your friends’ minds with your ability to jam a straw through a metal or plastic bottle cap, this BottleBob punch should also stop that nasty habit straws have of floating up and out of a bottle filled with a carbonated beverage. Using it is as easy as placing the punch on top of any bottle and jamming down the plunger to pierce a perfect straw-sized hole in the cap, but I have to wonder where that small disc of metal or plastic ends up afterwards? $21 available from Epaulet, and I assume it’s also good for emergency tracheotomies.

[ BottleBob Bottle Cap Punch ] VIA [ bad banana blog ]

Wise Hammer Has A Built-in Stud Sensor

Wise Hammer (Image courtesy Axis Sourcing)
By Andrew Liszewski

As if a claw hammer wasn’t already enough of a multi-tasker with its ability to drive in and rip out nails, the Wise Hammer takes things one step further with a stud sensor built into the base of the handle. A simple green LED lets you know when a stud is detected, and a small marking nub allows you to mark its location on the wall so you know exactly where to drive your nail. $29.99 available on the Wise Hammer website.

[ Wise Hammer ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]

C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level Takes Its Cues From Aviation Instrumentation

C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level (Images courtesy C.H. Hanson & Uncrate)
By Andrew Liszewski

This is one of those times when you never thought a product needed an update, until you see a better version. I mean I never had much difficulty using a level before, but from this day on I’ll feel the need to whine and complain whenever I’m forced to look at a bubble, instead of the cool floating two-tone ball used in this Precision Ball Level from C.H. Hanson. Not only is it easier to ‘read’ but the ball, which was inspired by avionics, also allows you to measure the angle of a non-level surface at a glance. It can even be used to level 2 different directions at the same time thanks to a red dot on the top of the ball and a cross-hair marking on its housing. Get it from Lowes (that’s where the C.H. Hanson site links to) for just $19.98.

[ C.H. Hanson Precision Ball Level ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

What?! – USB Flash Drive Designed To Look Like A Pipe Cutter

USB Coupe Tube Flash Drive (Image courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

These days it’s hard to be taken aback by a weird USB flash drive design, but I’m left utterly confused by this pipe cutter, or ‘coupe tube’ that Brando’s selling in 2, 4 or 8GB capacities for $16, $19 and $31 respectively. I mean maybe if it was an actual functioning pipe cutter it could appeal to plumbers as a sort of industry-spanning multi-tool, but it isn’t! It’s made from rubber and probably couldn’t even successfully cut through a single piece of al dente cooked spaghetti. So, um, yeah, unless you’re a corporate spy who’s gone deep under cover as a plumber at a rival company, I can’t really see this drive appealing to anyone.

[ USB Coupe Tube Flash Drive ]

Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw Is Your Secret Weapon To Getting To The Front Of That iPhone 4 Line

Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw (Image courtesy Husqvarna)
By Andrew Liszewski

Here’s a quick tip if you were hoping to pick up a new iPhone 4 on launch day. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn, or even lining up the night before, just add this Husqvarna 355FX forestry saw to your repertoire and in just a few minutes you’ll have easily thinned even the biggest crowds. (Just remember that before you go through the front door your local Apple Store may have a ‘no pets/no industrial forest clearing saws’ policy.) Instead of a plastic cord or even a chain like your standard backyard weedwackers use, the 355FX has a 22-tooth wood saw blade powered by a 3.8HP, 53cc gas engine. It weighs in around 20lbs so the included back, shoulder and hip harness is probably a must-have accessory, and you can have one hanging in your toolshed for just $1,179.95.

[ Husqvarna 355FX Forestry Saw ] VIA [ Uncrate ]

Line Handy Paper Cutter Turns Your Simple X-ACTO Knife Into A $40 Power Tool

Line Handy Paper Cutter (Images courtesy the Japan Trend Shop)
By Andrew Liszewski

If something’s worth doing, it’s worth going out and buying an expensive new tool to do it with. So if your weekend to-do list includes ‘cutting paper’ in addition to other tool-friendly tasks like mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, or trimming the hedges, you’ll appreciate the Line Handy Paper Cutter currently available from the Japan Trend Shop.

It replaces your trusty, always ready-to-use, X-ACTO or hobby knife with a mouse-sized device that features a spinning cutting blade that can be raised or lowered at the touch of a button. I suppose it would make cutting curved lines a bit easier for those with poor knife skills (I understand not everyone grew up with the ‘shiv or be shivved’ mantra of suburbia like I did) but the fact that it requires batteries that will inevitably need to be replaced, and a $40 price tag means it will probably only appeal to the most hardcore of scrapbookers.

[ Line Handy Paper Cutter ]