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TiVo Unveils Mega, The Largest DVR It’s Ever Sold


Even with today’s cheap hard drives, most DVR boxes end up running out of space rather quickly. There’s just an abundance of (questionably intelligent) programming, and a seemingly very eager public. Deleting shows to make space for new ones is commonplace, but TiVo will have none of that. The company is now offering the TiVo Mega to customers: a giant 24TB box that can fit up to 26,000 hours of content (4,000 hours in HD)! With its 6 built-in tuners, you can record up to 5 shows while watching a sixth, all the while streaming to a host of devices, whether they’re mobiles or standalone TVs. By using a RAID 5 configuration with hot-swappable drives, you can be sure that your shows won’t disappear even if a drive does end up failing.

Owning the biggest, baddest DVR on the market won’t come cheap. The TiVo Mega is expected to be available in Q1 2015 for about $5,000.

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TiVo Premiere Elite Kicks Things Up A Notch

By David Ponce

Even though it’s a dying business, cable TV is still strong enough to support a robust ecosystem of devices like the quintessential PVR: TiVo. And recently the company announced the release of their top of the line machine, the TiVo Premiere Elite. It comes with a hefty 2TB hard drive and 4 (count’em) tuners, which allows you to record 4 shows simultaneously while watching a 5th! The large hard drive will let you store up to 300 hours of HD content, which is twice the amount of the next highest-end machine. What’s more (like other TiVo boxes), the Premiere Elite “offers access to streaming services like Netflix, Pandora, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster On-Demand, and Amazon Instant Video.”

As you may know, the TiVo service isn’t free and is in addition to the cost of the machine itself. So $20/month gets you the service (or a one-time $500 lifetime fee), plus $500 for the Premiere Elite… plus whatever you pay for digital cable.

Remember we said dying model?…

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TiVo Premiere Could Make An Excellent Holiday Gift, Especially From Us To You!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of TiVo. All opinions are 100% mine.

By David Ponce

Without getting into a lengthy diatribe about the tectonic changes the entertainment industry is (and has been for quite some while) going through in order to deliver its product to us, let me just remind you about the impact of just one of these companies: TiVo.  They basically introduced the DVR to market and changed the way we interact with what we watch.  Gotta go pee?  Pause live TV and do it!  Of course, TiVo’s been around some time and the landscape around their pioneering product also changes, so they’ve been hard at work on their latest generation box, the TiVo Premiere.

The TiVo Premiere is a DVR reloaded.  Not only does it connect to your existing cable it also plugs into your Internet, opening the door to a bunch of new possibilities. “[Possibilities] like instant streaming from Netflix, downloads from Amazon Video On Demand, YouTube videos, music from Pandora and much more—all on your HDTV.”  The Premiere is able to record up to 45 hours of (up to) 1080p HD video and is available for $99, when you sign up for a 1-year service plan of $19.99 a month

Except of course if you happen to read OhGizmo!… and have some luck!  See, TiVo is giving a TiVo Premiere box away, with a year’s worth of $20/mo. service.  Below are the essential highlights from the rules, but we’re linking to the full fineprint below.

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