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Light It Up, Anytime, Anywhere With This Lighter Watch

Lighter Watch


Sometimes, you need a light. Most of the times, you need the time. So you’ll definitely have a need for the Lighter Watch anytime in between, because it gives you the best of both worlds anytime, anywhere. Aside from being a watch, it’s also a lighter. Just flick it whenever you need a light, and know that you’ll always have the time at your fingertips. Of course, you’ve got your phone for that, but nothing beats having a watch to complete your outfit.

The watch will also come in handy during times of emergency. It’s available online for $10.99.

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When Pixels Meet Analog: Icon Watch by IDEA

Icon Watch


Be an icon with the Icon watch by IDEA on your wrist. It’s simple and functional, and it will give your outfit that edge that you’re looking for. So you won’t see such an icon on computers or mobile devices anymore since we’re well past the 8-bit age, but it’s novel and reminiscent of the pixels of computers past.

The Icon Watch is available from the Fancy for $70.

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You’ve Got Time On Your Hands: Ritot Projection Watch

Ritot Projection Watch

Why sport a plain, old, boring analog watch when you get can something like the Ritot? Instead of reading the time on its face or having it displayed on a digital display, the Ritot projects the current time on the back of your hand. It’s kind of like what those people from that movie called In Time had, only it displayed the amount of time they had left to live rather than the current time of day.

With the Ritot, you also don’t have to worry about people getting into your personal space anymore when they’re asking you for the time. Simply stretch your hand out and let them check it for itself. Aside from the time, Ritot also gives you access to your text messages, called ID, Facebook feed, Twitter updates, and many others.

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Hotblack Watch is the Ultimate Timepiece for FIFA World Cup Fans


Soccer fever has gripped the entire world. If you’re one of the millions of folks with their eyes glued on the television every time there’s a match on, then you will be lemming for the Hotblack watch. It’s an analog watch with smart features built into its design that are geared towards the ultimate soccer fan.

Aside from displaying the current time, the Hotblack has three smaller faces within its main face. The top two dials provide you with the live score of the current match (the top one being that of the team you’re rooting for, and the second one being their opponent), while the bottom dial shows the time remaining before the match ends.

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Modillian is a Smart Strap For Your Non-Smart Watch

Modillian smart strap

Smart watches are all the rage these days. Despite the added functionality, some people are iffy because they’re not to keen on the design and prefer the look of their existing analog watches. Well, for those people, there’s always the Modillian Smart Strap. It works with most traditional mechanical watches but adds smart functionality since the features are built right into the strap.

The Modillian connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth and vibrates whenever you have an incoming call or receive a message. It’s pretty basic, but if basic is all you need, then this might be worth looking into.

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Tell The Time In Words: Till Watch

Till Watch


The Till watch tells time rather unconventionally, and that’s what makes it so cool, aside from its minimalist yet noticeable design. Instead of a face with numbers, an hour hand, and a minute hand, Till has a rotating black disc instead which provides a peek at a line of text, which will tell you what time it is in words. Rather, you can think of it as the watch “speaking” to you because it tells you what someone else would say if you had asked them for the time.

In these fast-paced times and digital world, using language in the watch is a fresh approach. With its original design the Till Watch captures the relationship between now and then. Instead of looking at time in a cyclical way, you are able to view it in a linear fashion.

The Till watch is available online for $125.

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Carbon Solar Watch Can Charge Your Battery On the Go

Energy Bionics Watch

Power banks come in handy when you need to recharge your device and are nowhere near a power outlet. Phone cases with built-in battery packs are another option, but they’re limited in availability to certain models only. An alternative to these is the Carbon solar watch by Energy Bionics.

Aside from being a classic-looking timepiece, it also functions as a backup power source for your smartphone or mobile devices that charge via a microUSB port.Continue Reading

Mr. Jones ‘Average Days’ Watch Displays What Average Joes Do Every Day

Mr Jones Average Days Watch

Sometimes, some people need a bit more motivation before they get moving. I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying about how the early bird always gets the worm. Similarly, people who are up and about early and those who use their time wisely are the ones who are moving up the ladders. Giving you some perspective on this is Mr. Jones’ newest timepiece called “Average Days.”

The watch features a 24-hour face that gives you a peek into what most people in the world are doing at that given time. These aren’t just random actions thrown together, as they were actually based on the data collected from the Centre For Time Use Research.

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‘Loading…’ Watch Concept Makes You Infinitely Wait For Time

The ‘Loading…’ watch concept is definitely one of the most interesting ones that I’ve seen lately. It pays homage to the screen that gamers often find themselves faced with when loading up their video game of choice. It also looks like the progress bar of computers back when screens only came in black and white and it took close to a few minutes to get the system all booted up.

And now, thanks to Max, this load screen could be featured on your next watch. That is, if Tokyo Flash ever decides to go with the design and turn the concept into a reality.

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