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Cube Timer Is Simple, Too Simple

By Evan Ackerman

This cube timer is a really simple, straightforward little device: just rotate the cube so that the time you want is facing up, set it down, and an alarm will go off after that amount of time has passed. To shut it off, flip it back over to zero. There are no dials, no buttons, and no blinky LEDs… It’s a cinch to use.

The unfortunate thing about keeping track of time, though, is that you’re often having to deal with inconvenient numbers that aren’t 5, 15, 30, or 60 (and for the record, I’m pretty sure that’s leaving the sixth side undefined). What if I want 10 minutes? Or 45 minutes? It would be utterly impossible to measure those increments of time with this gadget. The obvious solution, of course, is to just use a hexecontahedron, which would include faces for all of the numbers from 1-60. Ah, but what about the zero face to stop the timer, you ask? Well, just take out the number 18 and put the zero in there. I mean, come on, 18? Nobody uses it for anything.

It’s $18 from

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Turn Yourself Into A Precision Human Clock

By Jonathan Kimak

So the average person doesn’t really need a watch anymore and the increase in watch related gadgets that don’t tell time is at an all time high. But are you really good at telling the time without looking at your computer or cell phone? Try guessing what time it is right now and then check to see how far off you were.

WikiHow has a section devoted to turning yourself into a human clock that always knows what time it is, much like the character Lt. Colonel Sarah MacKenzie(played by Catherine Bell) from the military drama JAG.

Tips include guessing the time(like you did above) and correcting yourself if you were wrong and calculating how far off you were. Other tips include synchronizing all your clocks to the correct time(having an atomic clock makes this easier) and keeping a time sensing journal to mark your progress.

Soon you’ll have a better sense of time and will have a conversation starter if you ever get to meet Catherine Bell.

[ wikiHow ] VIA [ Lifehacker ]