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LED Tetris Tie: Play While You Work

Tetris is an awesome game for stress relief. There’s just something therapeutic about piling various shapes one on top of the other, leaving no empty spaces in between. And now you can play it on your necktie! This fun, interactive tie was thought up by Bill Porter after a long day of teaching at the FSU STEM Camp. Apparently, the kids had been asking him what ‘outrageously cool’ thing he was going to wear for the last day, and, not wanting to disappoint them, he came up with this.

This is the updated tie that runs on an Arduino Pro mini. The batteries and all the electronic stuff are built into the tie, making it neater than its predecessors.

The tie Bill wore and showed off to the kids was made from two pieces of card stock placed in between and taped to a clip-on, but the kids loved it nonetheless. Way to go, Bill!

VIA [ Incredible Things ]

Zip Tie: There’s No Need for Knots–Just Zip It Up!

Zip Tie

Ties. I’ve had the displeasure of having been asked to knot the ties of a few of my guy friends when we attended a wedding last week, and let me just say that it was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. Clearly, I should’ve paid more attention to the girl scouts who went around teaching people how to tie all sorts of knots when I was kid.

If you share the same hate relationship with ties, then zip it. I don’t mean that you should put a lid on your complaints; rather, I’m talking about getting the Zip Tie, which does away with knots since all you have to do is zip the tie into place. Quick, easy, painless–and I daresay, fashionable?

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2 Guys, Some Wood, 1 Tie (It’s Not What You Think!)

Wooden Bow Tie

It comes naturally to some guys while others considerably find it a whole lot harder. I’m talking about tying ties and knotting bows. I’m a girl, so I can’t relate, but I’ve seen friends, cousins, and co-workers struggling with the seemingly simple task of putting on a tie and making sure that it wasn’t on backwards or sideways.

The solution? These wooden bow ties by the Two Guys Bow Tie Company which looks surprisingly, well, normal, despite the fact that they’re made out of wood. This isn’t the first time people have come up with clothing made from wood, but it is the first wooden bow tie that we’ve seen so far on the interwebs.

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FlaskTie: Now You Can Wear Your Tie and Drink From It, Too

Flask Tie

Here’s another way you can stick it to your boss for all the crap that you went through this year: the FlaskTie. It’s a passive-aggressive way of going about it since you won’t be doing or saying anything. What you’ll be doing behind his or her back instead is have an occasional swig or two of some happy juice while you’re at work, thanks to the FlaskTie. It’s the latest unusually innovative tie made by the same group that brought you the Pillow Tie last year.

The FlaskTie has an 8 oz flask concealed inside it, so all you have to do is lift the back slip with the mouthpiece and sip away whenever you get thirsty. Of course, you don’t have to fill it up with booze, because we all know how annoyingly hard it can get to punch in numbers or type up reports when you’re tipsy. That, and the fact that it could get you fired…

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