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The Double Mates An iPad With A Segway

Telepresence. That’s what this is about. The Double takes an iPad, puts it on a long stick, attaches it all to a set of self-balacing wheels and creates a telepresence robot that lets you “be there” without being there. You control it from a distance with yet another iPad, and your face (or whatever) is broadcast to the screen on the Double so that people can see you. The height is adjustable, and there are kickstands when it isn’t being used so that energy is conserved. Driving the bot around is a simple matter of pressing on some D-pad like controls. The battery should last about 8 hours on a 2 hour charge.

The Double is useful for a bunch of things, like bossing your employees around the office, creeping kids in the neighbourhood (good way of getting your iPad stolen though), and going on dates. It’s $2,000, but the first batch sold out, so now you have to wait until 2013.

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Webcam Pr0n… With Kittens!

By David Ponce

So this product is called the iPet Companion and what it does is let you play with your kittens or other domestic animals from the comfort of any Internet-connected computer. Once setup, a web-based control panel will let you watch a live stream through a panning and zooming webcam (which you control) and a few buttons which activate the toys the pets are supposed to play with. Now I’ll be honest, these toys are pretty terrible. You’re really looking at a small electric actuator that swivels back and forth. Attached at the end of it can be any furry, colorful darn thing you please. You press and hold the button on the control panel, and the thing swings back and forth. That’s it. If your cat doesn’t get bored of this within a minute, you’ve got one special kitty.

The best part is the price: $850. Although it’s mercifully on sale now for $350. Still a good chunk of change. But if you absolutely must indulge your obsession, why don’t you try it out with some iPet Companion systems currently setup at several animal shelters? You can access these at the company’s website which we’ve linked to below.

[ iPet Companion ] VIA [ Technabob ]

Pixavi Xcaster ST5000

Pixavi Xcaster ST5000 (Image courtesy Pixavi)
By Andrew Liszewski

You can think of the new Xcaster ST5000 from Pixavi as a really rugged webcam that’s not tethered to a laptop, allowing it to be used in a variety of in-the-field locations. It’s able to capture and stream high-def video and CD-quality sound over a number of different networking options including WiFi, WIMAX or even a satellite hook-up, and it will automatically encode the live feeds to a number of different codecs like H.264 and AAC.

It’s also built to survive a bit of abuse, with an aluminum body making it impact-proof and drop-proof even up to heights of 2 meters onto a concrete floor. And if that’s not enough, the company will be soon introducing a military-friendly version that’s also explosion proof. But at the moment you’ll have to settle with the ST5000 model which is expected to be available in May of this year for a reasonable $7,950. Oh did I say reasonable? I meant ludicrous.

[ PRWeb – Pixavi Releases Recession Proof Technology ] VIA [ Gizmo Watch ]

[CES 2009] Anybot’s QA Telepresence Robot – This Is What The Beggining Of The End Looks Like


By David Ponce

Traveling can suck. It’s much more gratifying to sit in your leather throne in your corporate office and order your minions from a distance. Enter QA, from AnyBots, a $30,000 telepresence self-balancing robot that can take you (virtually) to your Singapore child labor camp precocious workforce facility and see how things are going without ever having to leave the comfort of wherever you call home. Once powered up, you log into QA and move it around at will. You face shows up in its chest, your voice is heard through its speakers and more importantly the look of abject subordination is seen (and transmitted back to you, live) on the face of your cowering middle-managers through its soulless camera-eyes. You can make it bend and look around, and even has a laser that you can use to point to things that need to be done.

QA has a battery life of 4 to 6 hours, depending on usage and can move around at speeds of up to 6mph. Currently the company is small and is looking for investors, or any sort of financial help that would allow it to streamline their manufacturing process and drop that kick-in-the-gut $30k price tag.

[ AnyBots ]