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Brew Tea for One: Ceramic Half Teapot

Tea For One - Ceramic Half Teapot



Stale bread. Cold tea. You can still eat ‘em and drink ‘em, but you’ll do so minus the pleasure you’d normally have if the bread was warm and the tea was hot. There’s not much you can do about the bread, but there is something you can do about the tea: brew a batch that’s meant for one. And the teapot that was made just for this purpose is this Tea for One ceramic teapot by Droog.

Part of a collection, the Dutch teapot echoes classic Chinese design and was made in Shenzhen, China, where many items are copied for the mass market. Highlighting what gets changed in a “copy,” the collection strives to bring attention to the creative decisions that go into making all copycats and to show that unoriginality can be inspiring, too.

It basically looks like a teapot that was cut in half, which is probably something you wanted to do with your regular pot when you wanted to make some tea for your lonesome. The Tea for One teapot retails for $75.

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Tongue in Tea: Tongue-Shaped Silicone Tea Infuser

Tongue Silicone Tea Infuser


You wouldn’t put your tongue in someone else’s cup of tea now, would you? I would. Not my actual tongue (because that would just be gross!) but this tongue-shaped tea infused that helps you prepare a soothing cup of tea.

Looking for a unique way to set your tea party apart? Then you need to look no further. The new Tongue shaped tea infuser gives a fresh new way to envy your friends with a unique design. The tea gently gets infused with warm water through the holes in the shape of the accessory so that you enjoy the fresh taste every time.

Now isn’t that swell? (Not to mention, slightly swollen too…) The infuser is made from food-grade silicone so you don’t have to worry about having it fall apart after several uses. The Tongue tea infuser retails for $9.

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‘Stressed’ Tea Bags Transform and ‘Relax’ in Hot Water

Transforming Tea Bags

Different strokes for different folks. That’s true in so many ways, and especially true in how people deal with stress and cope with stressful life events. Some people go out for a run, others shop, some sleep, while others fix a cup of tea and find themselves relaxing more and more with every sip.

For the latter group, ad agency M&C Saatchi’s campaign for tea maker BOH makes complete sense. They rolled out an array of tea bags in unusual shapes and designs. The coolest part is when the bags are submerged in hot water, as they transform from a symbol that depicts stress to one that exudes calmness and nothing but good vibes.

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I Pity the Tea: Mr. T Just Loves Teabagging Your Tea

Mr. T Tea Bag

The thought of someone tea-bagging the cup of tea you’re about to drink is just plain gross. In fact, it’s downright disgusting. That said, I wouldn’t mind it though if it were Mr. T who did the teabagging. Not because he’s a celebrity of sorts, but because of the fact that he is the actual tea bag itself.

These hilarious Mr. Tea tea bags let you unwind with Mr. T sprawled gregariously in your tea cup. Each set comes with two tea bags and a matching greeting card so you can give the gift of T-bagging to someone who truly deserves it.

It should come as no surprise that Mr. T is extremely popular with the tea-drinking crowd, so it’s currently out of stock, but you can sign up to get notified when it becomes available again.

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SmarTea Teapot For Tea Lovers

We’re not big drinkers of tea; it wouldn’t seem right when we’re already on an IV drip of coffee. But there is a legion out there who is, and feels pretty strongly about it. We’ve featured tea infusers on occasion, but it’s time to talk about a teapot. The SmarTea Set is a pretty average teapot with the exception of the stainless steel base that contains a space to put a little candle, which keeps your tea warm. It’s stylish and functional at the same time, and we suspect the tea crowd will love it. The tea crowd will have to prepare to pay a good chunk of change for the privilege however: the SmarTea Set is $122.

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Robot Tea Infuser

Tea. A good number of geeks are shifting to tea just because their nerves are so frayed from years of caffeine abuse that it’s medically sound to do so. So tea infusers are always popular. Last time we told you about the Mr. Tea Infuser and y’all went all clickety-sharey with it. So how about the Robot Tea Infuser above? He’s got adjustable metal arms so it fits pretty much any size mug and at $12, is cheap enough to stuff into anyone’s stocking this Holiday season.

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Mr. Tea Infuser Is Just Chillin Out In A Cup Of Hot Water

Mr. Tea Infuser shown above reminds us a little bit of Mr. P Tape Dispenser. He’s a relic from 2005! But Mr. Tea is pretty awesome, because he looks like he’s just taking a little dip in a hot tub there, when he’s actually infusing your tea. Cute.

It’s $10.

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Luke, I Am Your… Tea Infuser?

Oh that’s a terrible headline, we know. But the Star Wars Death Star Tea Infuser definitely isn’t terrible. It’s a $20 expense that will make you the coolest dude at your next tea party. Because that’s what all the cool kids are doing these days. Tea parties.

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