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So This Exists: Mouse Taxidermy Kit


Things that come in kits are always intriguing; you have all the tools you need to accomplish a specific task all in one place. But it’s a little disconcerting when the task in question is the somewhat disturbing act of performing taxidermy on a mouse. Granted it would be even more disturbing if it was a cat taxidermy kit, for instance; while cute, less people will lose sleep over a stuffed mouse than a stuffed cat, we think. But we’re trying to wrap our heads around this product nonetheless. We suppose we should say “to each their own”, so if you have a beloved mouse on life support and are thinking of pulling the plug, maybe $50 and 4 spare hours (70 easy steps!) will let you keep it around… forever? The kit contains the following:

1 Mouse Taxidermy Workshop Manual, 65 mm of Liquacure Tanning Solution, 200 grams Borax, Surgical gloves, PVA Glue, Cotton wool, Wool String, Galvanised wire, Scalpel, Glass Beads, Linen thread and Needle nose pliers

Yeah, this is a bit of a sad product.

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So… This Happened

Oh, Geekologie, how you amuse us. GW has unearthed the above: a taxidermied squirrel riding cowboy on a taxidermied snake. Cowboys say “Yee haw”, but we say hell yeah!

Oh, it’s in poor taste?

We don’t really care, that thing is awesome.

It was up on eBay for a while, and now it’s gone. We’re sad. At least there’s a few pictures, after the jump.

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