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Not Sure That’s Really The Tattoo You Want? Now You Can Test Drive It For A Few Days


Committing to a tattoo is a big decision. How will you feel about that barbwire rose on your bicep in a few years? How will you even like it the day after? Well now a company called Momentary Ink can help you decide. They can take any design you’re considering as a tattoo and make it into a temporary tattoo that you can wear between 3 to 10 days, depending on how much friction the chosen body part gets. The tats are designed to look like the real deal, not shiny or wet like other temporary tats, and their cost ranges depending on size: “Tattoos between 0-3 inches run between $15-$18, and tattoos between 8-10 inches will vary between $25-$30. Prices for using the in-house tattoo artist will vary based on the size of the tattoo and the amount of detail required.”

It’s a cool idea, and we expect Momentary Ink to do brisk business now that the world knows about them. So brisk in fact that it seems their website is offline, probably due to being flooded with too much traffic.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Mashable ]

Sketchbook Made From Synthetic Skin For Tattoo Artists To Practice On


Everyone has to start somewhere, but when it comes to tattoos, you’d hope your artist wouldn’t start on you. Like anyone else developing a craft, they need practice, but low-standards Guinea Pigs are hard to come by. That’s why we’re really digging Tattoo Art Magazine’s initiative to create “The Skin Book”, a sketchbook made entirely of artificial skin, as part of a marketing push made in partnership with Brazilian ad agency Lew’Lara TBWA. Each page is made to feel just like a different part of the body, such as knuckles or a man’s chest. Artists can practice their craft while using real ink and needles, which we imagine behave differently than pencils.

There’s no word on whether The Skin Book will ever see the light of day as a product you can purchase, or if it is to remain a marketing prop. But now knowing it exists highlights the fact that this is very probably a product that would find a market in no time, and should consequently be taken seriously as more than just a conversation piece.

VIA [ Gizmodo ]