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Check Out this Artist’s Tattoo That’s Only Visible Every Other Time

The thing about tattoos is that they’re permanent. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what some relationships, obsessions, and couplings are not. How many times have you read (and laughed) at stories of people who went and got tattoos of their significant others’ names or faces, only to cover these up or remove them when the relationship has come to an end? There are many other reasons why some people would opt to have their ink removed. However, this isn’t an issue at all for artist Anthony Antonellis and his digital tattoo.

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Biosensor Tattoo Lets Athletes Know When They’ve Reached Their Limits

Biosensor tattoo

Some athletes push themselves so hard that they end up hitting “the wall”, which is when their energy level suddenly dips and they just collapse, exhausted and completely spent. So why does this happen? Well, when a person performs vigorous activity for extended periods, lactate builds up and causes fatigue.

If you’re the type who’s keen on pushing yourself physically, then you might find a lot of use with this lactate-monitoring biosensor tattoo.

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Ever Wonder What A Laser Tattoo Removal Procedure Looks Like?

By David Ponce

Half sleeve tattoo going away. 5 to 15 treatments and it’s a goner, they say. But looking at the above video, we’re left amazed at the technology’s abilities. It’s like removing stuff from a dry-erase board. We knew this existed, but seeing it being done for the first time it pretty impressive. And yeah, old video but we’re betting a lot of you have never seen anything quite like this.

Also, we hear it’s very, very painful.

VIA [ Reddit ]