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These Tables Look Like Animals Peeking Out From Underwater


Once you free your mind from the notion that a table needs to be a flat surface held up on four legs, a world of opportunities opens us. No one seems to understand this better than artist Derek Pearce, who makes a series of coffee tables called “Water Tables”. They depict various animals partially submerged in water, where the glass surface represents the water surface. From hippos to seals, and frogs to dolphins, Derek’s tables have become collector’s items. Like any good collector’s item, the tables are expensive, ranging in price from $4,800 to $5,500. But hey, if you’ve got that kind of cash burning a hole in your wallet, we’re pretty sure that’s as good of a conversation piece as anything.


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Wave City Coffee Table, Like From Inception


Look, there’s really not much to say about this product. It’s just a coffee table. But damn if it ain’t one of the nicest coffee tables we’ve come across lately. It’s called Wave City Coffee Table, is designed and made by Stelios Mousarris and is a mixture of wood, steel, and 3D printed stuff. It doesn’t look cheap, and it isn’t: €6500, or about $7,400. He also makes a full dining table with the same concept, but that one’s a cool €18000 or about $20,500.


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Napkin Table Is The Best Idea For A First Date Yet


Created by industrial design students in Tunghai University of Taiwan, the Napkin Table lets two hungry people get their grub on even when they don’t have an actual table around. It wraps around each of their necks, tying them together and forcing them to balance their food between each other. It’s a bit weird, a bit awkward, and 100% the best way to make an awesome impression on a first date. It’ll force you to have a conversation, and you’re sure to have a couple of laughs… if neither of you is too stuck up, that is. After you’re done eating, you can just fold it up and take it with you. Or at least, you could if this was an actual product you can buy. Sadly, it’s just a student project with no real plans at commercialization. That said, once the idea is out in the wild, who knows when an enterprising Kickstarter will pop up?

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Jag Grill BBQ Table Is Awesome


If you don’t think that owning this table will crown you king of the neighbourhood, you better think again. The Jag Grill is an octagonal table with an integrated firepit and dome, and grilling stations at every seat. Throw the heavy meats in the center, while each one of your guests is free to work on his sides to his heart’s content. Adequate airflow means your coals burn hot, while a modular design makes for easier cleaning. Just make sure to strengthen the locks on the door leading to your backyard, as yu may end up with a few more guests than anticipated.

It’s $2,500, although the website seems to be having some troubles at the moment.


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Thermochromic Table Leaves Print Of Your Large Behind, If Only Temporarily

Proving that designers with a sense of humor still exist, the ‘Linger A Little Longer’ table by Jay Watson, from the UK, is likely to stir up a fair bit of conversation if purchased in the typically heavier-set US of A. It features a thermochromic finish that goes clear when heated, and exposes the wood underneath. As it cools back down, it becomes opaque once more. This means that whatever warm object you place on it will leave a temporary mark, whether that’s plates, your arms, hands or of course, butt. It’s intended as a conversation piece, and we think in that respect, it hits the mark. It’s also kind of expensive, clocking in at a hefty £1 541 (or roughly $2,500) excluding VAT. We don’t know if the VAT applies if you buy from outside the EU, but you’ll have to throw in an extra $500 or so if you have to end up paying that tax. That’s a lot of money for a table that’s likely to give you self-esteem issues. Still, if you want to look at more pictures of that table, or find out where to buy it, hit the jump.

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