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Because, Bacon: Bacon Scented T-Shirt

Bacon Scented T-Shirt


This is the official shirt from the United Kingdom of Bacon, and the awesome part is that it smells just like the real thing. It’s all thanks to the special scented ink they used when the design was screen-printed, which treats people who are as far as six feet away with the delightful scent of everyone’s favorite breakfast meat.

The scent only lasts for up to 20 washes, but hey, it’s great while it lasts. Plus the design is a classic. The shirt is available online for $28.

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Tetris T-Shirt: From Your Console to Your Bod

Tetris T-shirt

These days, a shirt isn’t just a short anymore. For example, you can have a go at finding Waldo if you’ve got this particular tee or play a round or two of Tetris if you’ve got this one. While you can buy the former in stores, you’ll have to show off some of your DIY skills in the latter because you’ll have to put it together yourself if you want one.

To celebrate 30 years of Tetris, Marc Kerger made the playable Tetris shirt using an Arduino microcontroller and 128 LED lights.To house all the electronic parts, Marc had the housing 3D printed.

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Cringe-Worthy Wearables: Shirts With Quotes That Are Slightly Wrong


Some lines are so epic that you’d think everyone in the world knows them by heart. The vast majority who are constantly exposed to mainstream media probably do. For example, what song do you think of when someone mentions MC Hammer? What line comes to mind when someone mentions the Joker?

It’s one thing to get it wrong, but it’s another thing to get it wrong and be proud of it. The latter is what some people are going for with this cringe-worthy series of humorous shirts that proudly display the slightly erroneous quotes. Instead of “Can’t Touch This,” we’ve got “Can’t Touch Him.” Instead of “Why so serious?,” we’ve got “I am so serious.”

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Plexus is a Shirt For All Occasions


The Plexus is the T-shirt of the future. This futuristic concept design was created by Vernon Chen and Joanne Lim Jin Xuan, who both imagined that the shirts of the future will be “held together by pixelated nano-particles.” These shirts will be highly interactive with the wearer’s surroundings and will morph and change to match the occasion, going from a casual shirt to a formal one within seconds. This feature is attributed to the “opening and closing [of] its louvre-like pixels.”

So a shirt with a coat-and-tie design isn’t exactly formal or proper work attire, but if everyone’s going to be wearing this thing in the future, then that probably won’t be an issue. Of course, such material doesn’t exist yet and the technology to actually come up with this type of shirt is probably still decade away. But it’s still a pretty interesting concept. don’t you think?

You can watch a video highlighting the many features of the Plexus after the break.

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Inink’s Playful Tees: Wear Your iPod on Your Shirt


Some people wear their hearts on their sleeve, but you can wear your iPod instead. It’s more than just a novelty, because this shirt by inink can actually come in handy, especially if you listen to music a lot. If you’ve never sprung for one of those iPod or iPhone armbands that let you run, jog, or do whatever it is you need to do with both hands, then this shirt is a fun alternative.

These shirts are part of inink’s “pocket series.” All of the shirts in this run come with a translucent, sealable pocket that lets you carry small-sized items like your iPod, phone, handkerchief, and even your wallet. Just make sure you’re in a safe neighborhood before parading around with your essentials highly visible on your chest, though.

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This Sweater Instantly Gives You a Chest Full of Hair

Hairy Chest Sweater

Some guys have it in their genes to have a full chest of hair while others don’t. If you’re trying to prove something or just want to wear something ridiculous or funny (or both), then you might want to grab this 70s Hairy Chest Sweater. It’s the only sweater you’ll find that packs on loads of body hair along with some choice bling to give you the hair-rific body that you’ve always dreamed of having (or not having.)

If you happen to be a girl, well, that just makes things even funnier. The sweater is available from Firebox for £39.99 or around $62. Hair does not come cheap–even the instant, printed-on-a-shirt kind.

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For Whovians Only: Awesome 10th Doctor Costume Tee

10th Doctor Costume Tee

Some people say they can’t forget their first time–or their First Doctor. But if you ask me, the Tenth Doctor was the greatest Doctor Who incarnation there ever was (no offense to the Eleventh Doctor.) While they are essentially the same being, we get a ‘new’ Doctor with a new appearance and different quirks every time he has to regenerate.

If you’re like me and agree that David Tennant was the ultimate Doctor Who to ever play the titular role in the series, then you might want to add this 10th Doctor Costume Tee to your Whovianistic collection of Doctor Who paraphernalia and collectibles.

It’s available for $19.99 – $21.99 on ThinkGeek.

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‘Ask Me About My Zombie Shirt’ is Perfect for Halloween

Zombie Shirt

Halloween is just a week and a couple of days away. If you don’t have the time to put a costume together, then go for something simple like this (seemingly) basic black tee. People are always saying how you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Well, this time, you shouldn’t judge a shirt by its exterior because sometimes, they might just surprise you.

There’s something special about this ‘Ask Me About My Zombie Shirt’ T-shirt, and that much we’ve made clear in the image above. When everyone starts saying what a killjoy your are by showing up to the party, just point to the text in front and challenge them to ask you about your shirt. When they do, lift your shirt up. Some guys might think that they’re getting lucky since someone’s about to flash them (not!) but by doing so, you’ll instantly turn yourself into a zombie with a bloody mouth.

Pretty awesome right? The shirt retails for $14.99.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ 7Gadgets ]

This Augmented Reality Shirt Will Have Chestbursters Bursting Out of Your Chest

Chestburster Augmented Reality T-Shirt

I screamed so loud the first time I saw an alien explode from a human being’s chest that my sisters banned me from watching another Alien movie until they both got married and moved out of the house. That said, it would probably be best if I stayed away from people who have these augmented reality shirts on, given the fact that chestbursters have been programmed to burst out of their chests at any given moment.

Of course, I’d need a compatible app running on my phone and I’d have to be pointing my device towards their chests to actually see the actual bursting action, but I’ve got a pretty wild imagination that makes up for apps my phone doesn’t have.

If you’re a fan of the Alien franchise, then you might actually want to get one of these shirts. Or you can save yourself thirty bucks and just get the tracking image from their site and silkscreen it onto your own shirt. The guys behind the shirt, Fingerfunk, put together a video showing the app (and chestbursters) in action. Hit the jump to check out the clip and links to more info about where you can get the shirt.

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