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Switch Decals: So You’ll Know What You’re Turning On When You Flip That Switch

Switch Decals


Every time you switch something on and then switch it back off, you waste time and electricity. Of course, you’ve probably already memorized most of the switches in your home, but you’re bound to make a few mistakes once in a while. It’s usually guests who turn switches on and off to find the one that they’re looking for via trial and error.

You could label the switches, but then they might look unsightly. Or you could just stick these Switch Decals on to let people know which is which.

Each pack of 55 Switch Decals is priced at $18.

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Walhub: Functional Switch Plates that Turn Your Wall Into a Hub


Light switch plates take a decent amount of space on your wall, but they don’t really serve any other purpose except to encase your light switches. On the other hand, there seems to be an eternal shortage of hooks and shelves for all your stuff like keys, umbrellas, and even your phone. Taking both into consideration and finding an appropriate solution to address it is the Walhub.

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