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Superhydrophobic Coating Deals With Public Urinators


Blackout drunk and full of pee? Here’s what you shouldn’t do: pee on a wall in some alley. That’s just bad manners, bro; it stinks up the neighbourhood and is just plain rude. Residents of the St. Pauli quarter of Hamburg, Germany had had enough of this, so they decided to coat several walls with a superhydrophobic coating that has the effect of making urine splash right back on the urinators, instead of leaking down the surface. Some of these walls have warning signs, others not; we suppose the logic is that peeing on walls should already be a no-no, so why bother with a sign? In any case, it’s an ingenious solution to what is undoubtedly an annoying problem for residents.

We’ve looked at superhydrophobic coatings before, and it’s pretty trippy stuff. It’s nice to see this material being used in novel settings.

[ LaughingSquid ] VIA [ Geekologie ]