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Batman Booster Seat Will Keep The Youngins Happy, At Least For A Little While


The only thing better than a fictional superhero, is a completely real car booster seat for kids fashioned after that hero’s image. The Batman seat you see above will make your child sit just a little higher, see the road better and most importantly, feel super safe in the embrace of Gotham’s savior. He might even smile for a bit and be all excited to be sitting in it, at least until he gets distracted by something else 20 minutes later. But what do we know about kids?

It costs $150, and appears to even have two cupholders, of which, as we know, there can never be too many in a car. So hit the jump for links and a bunch more pictures.

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Easter-riffic Easter Eggs Featuring Superheroes, Angry Birds, Walking Dead, and More

Easter Eggs Walking Dead

What kind of Easter are you going to have this year? Is it going to be one filled with zombies and a cops with a one-eyed kid from The Walking Dead? Or are you skipping the undead this year to go with a livelier but angrier theme like Angry Birds?

Whatever mood you’re in, Rene-L‘s Easter eggs have got you covered. Hit the break to check out the rest of the awesome eggs he made for the awesomest Easter Egg hunt ever!

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In Good We Trust: It’s the Justice League on Your Dollar Bills

Justice League

I believe people should only deface money if they have a perfectly good reason to do so. Then again, even if they didn’t, it’s their money anyway. An example of a ‘good reason’ would be the one Aslan Malik from Berlin, Germany had when he set out to deface a series of US currency by turning the presidents into some of the world’s most renowned superheroes.

Money never looked this cool. Check out the entire series that Aslan did after the break.

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