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Opposuits Releases Star Wars Suits


A little over a year ago we wrote about Opposuits’ PacMac Suits. We thought back then that these were the bee’s knees, but now that we’ve seen the company’s Star Wars suits, we have to reconsider. They come in two flavours called “Strong Force” and “Stormtrooper” and will definitely make… some kind of statement wherever you wear them. What’s even better is you’ll be able to own either one without breaking the bank, since they asking price is $110, with up to a 10% discount if you buy 10 of them at once.


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Fancy An $825,000 High-Tech Diving Suit?


Sometimes the stuff you find on the ole Hammacher Schlemmer website kind of leaves you scratching you head. I mean, is there really a market for the $825,000 Exosuit, or as the company refers to it, the “Self Propelled Aquanaut’s Suit”? And if you’re going to be spending the better part of a million dollars on a diving suit, are you really going to buy it on a whim off a website?

What it does sounds pretty neat, though.

This is the self-propelled diving suit that maintains sea level air pressure while enabling descents to 1,000′ below the water’s surface. Only available from Hammacher Schlemmer, the suit provides access to coral reefs, shipwrecks, and the sea floor via 24 sealed and integrated A536 aluminium alloy rotary joints that impart mobility to the wearer’s arms and legs. Four 1.6-horsepower thrusters integrated into the suit provide vertical, horizontal, and rotational movement, two 150-watt LED lights combine to illuminate underwater subjects with 19,200 lumens, and an integrated Imagenex sonar maintains situational awareness. An intercom system provides surface communication on hard wire with a wireless through-water backup, while its 50-hour life support systems (2x oxygen and 1x carbon dioxide scrubber) ensure safety. A 1,250′ umbilical connects the suit with one’s preferred topside support crew and power source, enabling remote control of thrusters, lights, and real-time monitoring of cabin pressure and oxygen, freeing a diver to observe underwater features and aquatic life using the built-in, shoulder-mounted high-definition video camera. Comprehensive training available

We suppose this is for the bored multi-millionaire looking for adventure, but to be honest, we don’t know how many of these read OhGizmo!, other than Jeff Bezos back in 2008!


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A1 Interview Material Right Here: The PacMan Suit


Nothing says you’re a serious professional who knows how to kick it in the weekends than showing up for your interview in an officially licensed PacMan suit, from OppoSuits!. Some might find it tacky and tasteless, we say it’s all in how you wear it. Just maybe don’t go around the office saying Waka Waka. It’s $110, and completely out of stock at the moment.

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Ugly is In: Ugly Suits Inspired by Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Ugly Christmas Sweater Suits

Ugly Christmas sweaters are a thing now. If you want to set yourself apart, then go overboard by donning one of these ugly suits with designs inspired by none other than– you guessed it– ugly Christmas sweaters! From the jacket and pants to the tie, the suit is ugly from top to bottom. It’s so ugly, it’s almost stylish. Almost.

These Christmas suits are available from Shinesty, and they make suits in lots of other designs if you’re not feeling the Christmas spirit.

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Bulletproof Suit Looks Just Like Normal Suit


It’s hard to imagine the kinds of scenarios where a bulletproof suit would be needed, aside from James Bond-esque assignments, but we’re not foolish enough to believe they don’t exist. If you’re one of those people, you’ll probably know that such suits usually look somewhat conspicuous, giving up some comfort in exchange for protection. But the suits from Garrison Bespoke are different. They use a special carbon nanotube fabric that’s soft and supple under normal circumstances, but instantly hardens on impact from an exterior projectile. Last year, the company worked with the US 19th Special Forces in developing it, and the material is 50% lighter than the Kevlar normally used in similar applications. It reportedly stopped .22 and .40 caliber bullets in field tests.

Of course such protection won’t come cheap, with the individually tailored suits starting at $20,000. Given that the target market is oil executives and high finance bigwigs, we suspect they’ll be more than able to settle this particular bill.

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This “Suit” Grows Algae From The Breath You Exhale


Well you’re unlikely to see anyone out on the street wearing this, but creators Michael Burton and Michiko Nitta hope that just seeing it will get you thinking about food production in the future. See, the Algaculture Symbiosis Suit is seeded with algae which is then fed the CO2 and water vapour that you exhale throughout the day through that freaky looking mouthpiece. Walk around in the sun a bit, and you’ve created the conditions for the growth of food which you could theoretically eat later. The end game here, at least for Burton and Nitta, is a future where we seem to gain some “super-powers”:

It proposes a future where humans will be enhanced with algae living inside new bodily organs, allowing us to be semi-photosynthetic. Almost enabling us to become plant-like by gaining food from light. As such, we will be symbionts (meaning that both entities entirely depend on each other for survival), entering into a mutually beneficial relationship with the algae.

So… that’s what’s in store for the human race? We’re going to be… “plantimals”? That, by the way, is a word coined by scientists Debora MacKenzie and Michael Le Page who wrote about photosynthetic creatures, or what they call “plantimals” in the New Scientist (2010.) Granted, it’s not an exciting superpower, but it certainly is a practical one. Suck it, Bane!

Algae Opera

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