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Exploring The Underwater World While Sitting Comfortably In A Boat, iPad In Hand, Has Never Been Easier


About 70% of this planet is underwater. As vast as the visible land is, the world that lives hidden from view, under our oceans and lakes, is vastly larger. Exploring it usually requires a pretty substantial amount of effort, but not if you have some money to throw at a remote controlled submersible craft equipped with a quasi-HD camera. The Submarine Camcorder is a 19″ L x 14 1/2″ W x 7″ H submersible craft in a marine-grade, hydrodynamic ABS housing. It has electric thrust and lift propellers, and is capable of forward/backward (5 kts forward; 1 kt reverse), left/right, and up/down movements. It is tethered to a surface boat by a 100ft. cable, though communication with the device is done through WiFi and an app installed on an iPad, or even a laptop. A 1280 x 720 feed is sent directly to the iPad, where you can take stills or record footage.

The virtual dashboard (an iPad’s motion sensors can also steer the sub) includes a joystick, camera controls, and displays depth, heading, battery level, and temperature data received from the sub’s built-in sensors.

The Submarine Camcorder is available from Hammacher Schlemmer, which tends to be more of an upscale/pricey sort of retailer. This time is no exception: the thing costs a whopping $6,300.

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Aquabotix HydroView Takes Your 1080p Video Grabbing Underwater

By David Ponce

Most of the planet is covered with water and unless you’re willing to don a SCUBA suit and take a plunge, most of it is out of sight. There are lots of things happening down there and many of these would be worth capturing if not with your own eyes, at the very least in full 1080p resolution onto a submersible’s memory. The Aquabotix HydroView is a 9 lbs. machine capable of doing just that. Capable of going to depths of up to 150 ft., the HydroView communicates wirelessly from the user’s handheld device to the HydroView’s top-side box, which is in-turn connected to the submersible via a cable tether. By handheld device, they mean the iPad, although it seems to be compatible with PCs and Macs as well. There’s a set of LEDs to light the way and you can poke around at 5 knots going forward and 1 knot in reverse. Initially the HydroView is sold with a 75ft. tether cable though we suspect you’ll eventually be able to purchase longer ones for a fee. And prepare to pay: the machine is a cool $3,995.

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