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This Beauty Product Costs More Than A Decent Second-Hand Car


We like to make fun of audiophile products because that’s where we most often find ridiculously overpriced items, like these $26,000 speakers. But snake-oil products exist everywhere, and today we’re looking at the Luna GOLD, a motorized brush with which to clean your face. It looks like total BS, and costs between $6,500 and 8,800. Why?

Twin motors each generate up to 8,000 transdermal sonic pulsations per minute in a shifting wave pattern that bestows the complexion with pure luminance, while cleansing pores of dirt, oil and makeup residue. Lower-frequency pulsations channeled through the reverse side meanwhile diminish the appearance of aging, while a 4-zone brush surface gives the LUNA™ GOLD the versatility to match all skin types.

Pure luminance, eh? Sure. The Luna GOLD comes with a Platinum base in the men’s model at $8,800 and in plain 18-karat gold for women at the aforementioned $6,500.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ ChipChick ]

Super Safe-Looking Human Powered Ferris Wheel

Let us (the Internet sometimes being a random rather than efficient engine of discovery), bring you a video from almost 4 years ago, but only now discovered by your faithful editors. It’s a mind-bending clip of a human-powered Ferris wheel in a place that looks like maybe India, although we’re just guessing. We’re particularly fond of the apparent lack of any instinct of self-preservation displayed by some of the fools who hurl themselves into the air in a bid to both propel the wheel and give themselves a bit of an adrenaline rush in the process (we’re looking at you, guy in a white shirt…). Just watch and think about all the lawsuits if this was in the US of A, then giggle a bit. We did.

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GPS Takes Woman 900 Miles In The Wrong Direction

The woman in question

A 67 year old woman from Belgium drove for two days, and over 900 miles in the wrong direction, ending up in Zagreb, Croatia, before she noticed something was wrong. What’s worse is that her intended destination was only about 90 miles away from her home. Faulty GPS directions, along with a lack of attention, were the culprits.

I was distracted, so I kept driving. I saw all kinds of traffic signs, first in French, then German and finally in Croatian, but I kept driving because I was distracted. Suddenly I appeared in Zagreb and I realized I wasn’t in Belgium anymore.

A lack of common sense as well, we think, might have also played a big part in this. It’s a somewhat timely story, especially in the wake of Apple Maps’ now infamous life-threatening erroneous GPS coordinates, a story which once again adds fuel to the conversation over how much reliance we should place on our electronics. We believe in using… your darn head! However that’s such a subjective and variable skill that it’s hard to know where to draw the line. In the Apple Maps case, where a remote town in Autralia was erroneously located in the middle of a potentially dangerous national park, we felt as though Apple was at fault; after all, how was an unfamiliar traveler to know Mildura (the town in question) was not where the map said it was. However in this case, the woman knew she was supposed to stay in Belgium. Surely someone who was more alert would have noticed they were suddenly in Germany… and then in Austria, before being surprised to find themselves in Croatia!

Regardless of where you stand on where the onus of accuracy falls, it’s good to see these stories pop up now and then, since they serve as reminders that if you do something stupid (like over-rely on your GPS), you might end up plastered all over the Internet in shame.

The Hiccup Stick By Hicural

So uh… That looks like a pretty stupid product, and it probably is. It’s a plastic stick that you bite while swallowing some water, and it will somehow magically stop your hiccups. Something about throat muscles tensing, and somehow this connecting to the diaphragm and making the spasms go away. We… we’re not buying it. Not to mention that we’re not sure what’s so special about this particular stick over another plastic stick to justify its $20 price tag.

Any hiccup experts in the crowd able to tell us if it’s just as much malarkey as we think it is?

[ Product Page ] VIA [ RedFerret ]

Stupid Apple Ad: Why Should Headphones Be Round?

Why indeed? Why, dear Apple, were yours painfully round for, what, 13 years?

If you’re going to make an ad, please make sure it’s not made by folks whose memory spans less than one month.

VIA [Reddit ]

Stupid Product Of The Day: Text Bands

By David Ponce

We’re torn between thinking there’s some kind of genius, kid’s-mind-controlling magic going on here, and thinking the Hallmark Text Bands are just one of the worst products we’ve seen in the last little while. To be honest, we’re really leaning on the stupid side. They’re these wristbands that kids are supposed to wear and use to exchange texts from a distance. But here’s where the fun starts. The texts are limited to 10 characters. And you only have 3 buttons to type them out! So the kid is expected to scroll left and right, select a letter and press enter, then move on to the next. No wonder it’s only 10 characters! But even if we assume that a kid will be happy to painstakingly enter and send messages like seeyoul8tr, the range at which these things communicate is… 10 feet! Well, for crying out loud, at that range why not just say what you want to say? It… boggles the mind.

And yet, children have been known to make mind boggling decisions, so should they somehow fall in love with this product, know that it’ll only cost you $15.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ DVice ]