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Celebrity Religious Candles Are A Must Have


You can take a joke, right? None of you are going to get your panties in a roll over this item, we hope. We certainly got a kick from these celebrity religious candles. There’s nothing like seeing Nicolas Cage’s happy mug gracing the outside of the type of candle you’d normally find… well, we don’t know where you’d usually find these types of candles. Church souvenir shops? Yeah, no clue. We skipped out on Sunday school and our knowledge is rudimentary. We can tell you that they’re 8 inches tall, cost about $12 and there are tons of celebrities depicted: Dave Grohl, Tom Hanks, Ron Swanson…

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So This Exists: Spaghetti Flavored Popsicles


It’s no news that people around the world eat all manner of strange foods; at least they’re strange to our Western sensibilities. But Japan often seems to take the cake with their creations. Case in point, the above Gari-Gari Kun which popsicle comes in Spaghetti flavour. We’re not sure if the actual taste is that of tomatoes and pasta, or if spaghetti is a euphemism for “a chunky looking mixture of red blobs and off-white… stuff”. We’re kind of hoping it’s the real deal, because frankly why not? The company also makes other offbeat flavours, like Corn Pottage and Rice Cakes with Bean Paste.

Anyone in Japan ever tried one of these?

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Magic Restroom Cafe Offers Up a Poop-Themed Menu

Grody Toilet Restaurant

The Magic Restroom Cafe is open for business, but the food and theme is anything but magical–unless, of course, you’re enchanted with visions of toilets, bathroom tiles, and poop-themed food and drinks. We’ve seen our fair share of strange eateries (remember the Hospitalis Restaurant in Latvia?), but I still find myself at a loss as to why people come up with such bizarre decors and concoctions.

The cafe is inspired by the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei, which, as you can probably already guess from its name, features a toilet-centric theme as well. Diners are seated on toilets (in case you’re wondering, no, they aren’t functioning), where the toilet cover functions as the backrest.

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Facebook Bouncer? This Pub Won’t Let You In If You’re Not a Facebook Friend

Finnegan Pub Facebook

Talk about bring picky with potential customers. In most cases, it sounds pretty silly, but Tony Mannor, the owner of Finnegan’s Irish Pub, has a pretty good reason for being more selective with his clientele. He was apparently tired of having to deal with unwanted customers who messed up the mood in his bar and his interior decor. Instead of hiring more bouncers, he decided to add another requirement before patrons could enter his pub after 9PM: they have to be a friend of the bar’s Facebook account in order to gain admission.

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Yes, This Dude’s Driving an Upside-Down Camaro

Upside Down Camaro

No, there’s nothing wrong with your computer screen and your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. This guy here is really driving an upside-down Camaro during a tongue-in-cheek racing event called 24 Hours of LeMONS. It’s essentially an endurance race for $500 cars.

The car pictured above combines elements of a bunch of two well-known vehicles: Chevy’s Camaro and Ford’s Festiva. It looks like the former on the outside, while running on the four cylinder, 1.3-liter engine of the latter on the inside.

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Special 3D Printers Use Living Tissue to Print Human Ears

3D Printed Ears

No, those aren’t cooked pasta, although they definitely look like it. They’re actually human ears, albeit a whole lot smaller than the average. These ears were 3D printed with living tissue as the “ink” using a special printer developed by the Hangzhou Dianzi University in China.Continue Reading

Gluten-Free Singles Lets You Find Your Gluten-Intolerant Mate

Gluten Free Dating

It’s hard for gluten intolerant people to find their perfect match on regular online dating sites. Not that they’re especially picky or anything, but their diet makes maintaining relationships complicated if their partner isn’t open to making changes to ensure everything is gluten-free. The solution? Just date other gluten intolerant people instead. A dating site that’s aiming to make the process easier and less of a hassle is called Gluten-Free Singles.

I kid you not–the site actually exists. They describe themselves as a dating and networking site “where you never have to feel alone because you are gluten-free.”

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Sound Collar Turns People Into Voice Puppets


Nic Wallenberg has created something called The Human Speaker. It’s a special collar attached to two wires at the front that makes your throat produce a sound without you doing anything more than opening your mouth. The collar transmits vibrations directly to the upper throat (bypassing the vocal cords altogether) and generates a surreal note that can be modulated by the wearer into different sounds, much as one would do when talking or singing. The system is only able to generate two notes at a time, so several people have to wear a different collar in order to produce a more complex arrangement. Or they can be composited together as they have in the video below.

It’s a strange effect, and The Human Speaker doesn’t seem to have any commercial applications or ambitions at the moment. It’s still worth taking a look, if only for the novelty of it.

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[ Enjoy a faster way to dial on your phone using a voice dial enabled phone. ]

CowWow: For That “Bottom Of The Cereal Bowl” Taste Baked Right Into The Milk


Milk is nutritous, only when it isn’t. After it’s had some sugary, artificially flavoured cereal soaking in it for a few minutes, it’s probably closer to candy than it is to anything you’d want to recommend as part of a healthy lifestyle. But, anything worth doing is probably worth overdoing, so screw that. CowWow is a flavored milk that tries to recreate that “bottom of the cereal bowl” taste, all the while skipping the eating of the cereal altogether; yes, skipping the part that might have had even a tiny bit of nutrition. There are currently two flavours, “Chocolate Chip Cathy and Fruity Trudy, with two more, Cinny Minny and Marsha Mallow, set for release later this year.”

Surprisingly, the nutritional sticker on this milk product isn’t as shocking as you’d expect, with a one-cup serving clocking in at 170 calories and 22g of carbs. Expect to see it in stores this summer.

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