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Trunk Dividers Stop Stuff From Sloshing Around In Your Trunk


Some of us drive around with trunks that aren’t full to the brim with useless crap, so when we go to the store to buy a gallon of milk (because someone forgot to mention we were out before the groceries were done) and put it in there, it tends to roll around for the entire drive home. It’s a first world problem, clearly, but for $13 you can fix it if it bothers you that much. The Stayhold dividers stick to the carpet that lines most car trunks, and can be placed any way you like. Create compartments where you can put only a few items, or remove them altogether when it’s time to fit the large suitcase and mozy on over to the airport for that vacation you’ve been dreaming of all year.

trunk dividers

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Eastpak Backpack Sofa Has Pockets to Stash All Your Extra Stuff

Backpack Couch

In this day and age, there’s really no such thing as having too much space. You’ve probably accumulated a whole lot of crap stuff over the years and renting storage spaces nowadays isn’t really as cheap as it used to be. So why not pack on more of your baggage into your furniture? It’s normally impossible to do so but not if you’ve got the Eastpak Sofa.

It’s covered in the same material that your backpack is made from and then some. That’s because the sofa looks like it’s got a couple of backpags and pouches sewn onto it to make space for all the little things that you haven’t found an alternative space for. Magazines? Pens? Remote controls? Headphones? Even random foodstuffs like candy and gum? There’s room for all that and more on the Eastpak. Your chair, your rules.

Hit the break for a couple more images of the sofa followed by links on where to get it!

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Is This The World’s Smallest USB Stick?

By David Ponce

Companies keep making claims of smallest this and biggest that, so we’re never really sure of anything. But as far as small USB sticks are concerned, this one from company Deonet seems like it might take the cake. Measuring 19.5 x 14.5 x 2.9 millimeters, it’s hardly bigger than a fingertip and comes in 4GB , 8GB and 16GB capacities. It accomplishes the small size through the use of a “Micro UDP chip (where UDP stands for the USB Disk In Package assembly process, which sees the controller, flash IC, substrate and passive components molded into a very small, single package), which is less than half the physical size of other USB memory solutions.”

There’s no word on price just yet, but the flash drive should be available this January.

[ Press Release ] VIA [ Geekosystem ]

iHDD 2 External Drive Enclosure Complements Your MacBook & iPhone

iHDD 2 External Drive Enclosure (Images courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Cheap, external hard drive enclosures are almost as plentiful as cheap iPhone cases. And while most PC users probably couldn’t care less how one looks, I suspect that a good number of Mac users are a little more discerning. So while at $26 this enclosure certainly delivers on the cheap, it also manages to deliver on the looks. The glowing Apple logo is what will probably catch most Mac user’s eyes, even if it’s completely unsanctioned by Apple. While the metal trim should appeal to anyone using an iPhone 4.

As for tech specs, for the price it’s obviously limited to USB 2.0, and will accept a 2.5-inch SATA/2 hard drive up to 500GB in capacity. And since it snaps together, you don’t even need to dig out your mini screwdriver kit to assemble it. $25.95 from Amazon.

[ iHDD 2 External Drive Enclosure ] VIA [ Fancy ]

Zip Zip Introduces A Building Block Friendly External Hard Drive

Zip Zip Hard Drive Brick (Images courtesy Chip Chick)
By Andrew Liszewski

We first wrote about the Zip Zip building block USB flash drives way back in 2007, and surprisingly the company has yet to come under legal fire from LEGO since then. So, perhaps with a false sense of legal security, they’ve finally decided to expand their offerings with a new line of external hard drives that look like large LEGO blocks. Except they’re not. Got it?

Available in 500GB to 1TB capacities and sporting USB 3.0, the drives can be stacked together forming one uber-brick storage unit. Or adorned with your favorite, though in no way officially associated, LEGO building blocks. They’ll probably also serve as a handy home base for the Zip Zip USB flash drives. They haven’t popped up on Zip Zip’s website just yet, but it’s safe to assume they’ll be available sometime between now and the start of the Christmas shopping season.

[ Zip Zip ] VIA [ Chip Chick ]

Pinetti Quattrogiga Leather Journal Has A Flash Drive Built Into Its Strap

Pinetti Quattrogiga Leather Journal (Images courtesy Jenni Bick)
By Andrew Liszewski

It’s hard to entice notebook enthusiasts away from their classic Moleskines, but Pinetti’s giving it their best shot with their Quattrogiga leather journal that features a 4GB USB flash drive built into its strap. Made of silicone the strap is actually held in place on the journal with snaps, meaning it’s completely removable as needed. The journal is also refillable, which basically means it’s just a leather cover designed to wrap around a basic paper notebook, which makes its $85 price tag, $105 for the larger model, a little difficult to swallow.

[ Pinetti Quattrogiga Leather Journal ] VIA [ Apartment Therapy Unplggd ]

Eye-Fi Launches Their New Mobile X2 Card, Direct Mode And Mobile Apps Soon To Follow

Eye-Fi Mobile X2 Card (Image courtesy Eye-Fi)
By Andrew Liszewski

The world’s most feature-packed SD memory card just got a bit more capable today as Eye-Fi has officially launched their Mobile X2 version featuring their new ‘Direct Mode’. The new mode, which was first shown off at CES earlier this year, lets the Eye-Fi card connect directly to an Android or iOS mobile device by creating its own wi-fi network, so the card and your smartphone/tablet can communicate even if you’re out in the middle of nowhere.

Direct Mode will also be available for the company’s existing Eye-Fi X2 cards via a firmware update available sometime next week, though users excited to try it out will still have to wait for the accompanying iOS and Android apps to hit their respective app stores. The new mode is pretty exciting though, as it lets users almost instantly see their shots on a larger display if they’re using it tethered to a tablet, and if the device happens to be equipped with 3G mobile data, the shots can then be automatically sent to an online gallery.

The new Eye-Fi Mobile X2 card which features 8GB of storage and the Direct Mode functionality already built-in will be available starting April 17 for $79.99.

[ Eye-Fi Mobile X2 ]

Lexar Introduces A 128GB SDXC Card, You May Never Have To Delete Another Photo Again

Lexar Pro 133x SDXC Cards (Image courtesy SlashGear)
By Andrew Liszewski

If you spend your days shooting RAW images on a large sensor DSLR then 128GB of storage on a single SDXC card will certainly be handy, but not life changing. However, if you prefer to go all Ansel Adams with just a compact P&S capturing JPGs, then 128GB of storage is going to go a long way. In fact depending on how prolific you are, you may end up replacing the camera well before you need to delete a single shot.

The Class 10 rated card boasts a minimum read speed of 20MB/s (though write speeds are a bit slower) and come with Lexar’s Image Rescue software which can recover files off a card even if it’s become corrupted. Not exactly reassuring when a memory card manufacturer includes recovery software by default, but losing 128GB in one fell swoop would definitely suck. Not surprisingly early adopters will be paying a premium for the 128GB card, $329.99 to be exact, though a more affordable 64GB version is also available for ‘just’ $199.99.

[ Lexar Professional 133x SDXC Card ] VIA [ SlashGear ]

ByteSpotter – “The Hard Drive For Connoisseurs” (Or Those Who Like To Spend Almost $500 For 1TB)

ByteSpotter Hard Drives (Image courtesy Convar)
By Andrew Liszewski

Have I ever wondered what it looked like inside a hard drive while it was thrashing about? Yes, of course I have. Am I willing to pay a ~$500 premium for the privilege of seeing some polished discs spinning and a metal arm moving about? Probably not. But I’ve been accused of being a contrarian, so maybe I’m in the minority here. If seeing the inner workings of a hard drive are on your bucket list, then I’m pretty sure these ByteStopper drives are the only way you’re going to be able to cross that one off your list.

In addition to a whopping 1TB of storage, your $484 (€348) investment does afford you several options for how your ByteSpotter drive looks including your choice of top cover, bottom cover, grills and even how the screw threads are finished. What I like best though is the thought that not only does this process probably nullify the drive’s warranty, but I have my doubts the facility where they’re assembled is anything close to the clean rooms used by Hitachi when the drive was originally assembled.

[ ByteSpotter Hard Drives ] VIA [ The Red Ferret Journal ]