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Eye Candy: Nudi Pics


By Evan Ackerman

Kinda like last Friday, there’s no really gadgetry going on here, but these guys are just SO CUTE and alien-y I had to post about them. They’re nudibranchs, a type of sea slug, and they’re some of the most flagrantly colorful animals on the planet. The colors are partially to help them blend in on coral reefs, and partially to communicate that they’re poisonous. National geographic has a mind bending gallery by David Doubilet that you can check out here, and I’ve posted some of my favorite pics after the jump.Continue Reading

Maker Faire 2008 Gallery

By Evan Ackerman

I’ve put together a little gallery of some of the more visually appealing (i.e. LEDs, huge flames, etc.) stuff from Maker Faire last weekend… It’s in no particular order, and most of it exists just because someone wanted it to, and not because it fulfills any purpose. But it’s unquestionably cool, so have a look at some of the pics, after the jump.

Continue Reading

Video Friday: Killer Bean Forever Is Awesomely, Awesomely Bad

Killer Bean Fever

By Evan Ackerman

A few years back, Jeff Lew was the lead animator on The Matrix Reloaded (he also worked on Kung Pow: Enter the Fist, the best scene of which involves a CGI ninja cow). What’s he been doing since then? His very own, feature length animated film. And when I say “his very own,” I mean that Jeff has done everything from the script to the final renders all by himself. It’s taken him 4 years working 14 hours a day, 7 days a week, and here’s the trailer. It’s called Killer Bean Forever, and it’s about killer beans:

No specific release date yet, but it’s reportedly almost done. I can’t wait.

[ Killer Bean Forever ] VIA [ RFJ ]

Fishtank Friday: FishBird TankCage

Bird Fish Tank

By Evan Ackerman

If we keep fish as pets, why can’t fish keep birds as pets? While you’re pondering that, try and figure out who looks more confused in the picture: the fish, or the birds.

VIA [ Neatorama ]

Video Friday: How To Taunt A Polar Bear

By Evan Ackerman

If you haven’t seen this yet, well… It’s damn funny (for everyone except the poor chick in the seal outfit, anyway). Next time I go to the zoo, I know what I’m wearing.

VIA [ Fark ]

Video Thursday: If Real Life Was Like An Internet Chatroom/Forum

By Evan Ackerman

Thrusday’s not quite Friday. So, wasting time away until five o’clock strikes is harder to justify. Still, we say “To hell with productivity!”, these videos are hot.

If you haven’t run across them yet, these two vids are very well done and show what might happen if people acted in real life as they do on the internet. Just like the internet, both of the videos have some substantially NSFW content.