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‘Stealth Wear’ is a Statement Against Drones and Intrusive Surveillance Systems

Cloaking Clothing

In this day and age, people with the right hardware and technology could probably trace your location at any given moment. They could take images of you covertly, and it won’t matter if you’re out on the streets or in the office or in your private bathroom. Drones are everywhere, cameras line most street corners, and communications are easier to intercept now more than ever.

There’s reason for concern, and designer Adam Harvey isn’t afraid to voice out his with his newest collection called ‘Stealth Wear’, which is more of a statement than anything else.

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CAMERing Takes Stealthy Photography to the Next Level


People have been obsessed with stealthy gadgets even before James Bond came along. So it was to be expected that interest in these gadgets would soar when he finally did hit the big screen with all the ingenious stuff that Q supplied him with. Pens with video recorders, glasses with homing devices, and guns that only fire if the right person is holding it? Yeah, we’ve seen them all.

But another one to add to the list is the CAMERing. I think its name pretty much says it all, really, since it’s basically a ring with a camera cleverly embedded into it.

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