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CupClip Takes The Old And Makes It New Again


The CupClip is an ingenious redesign of an old classic. You’ve seen large paperclips that are able to hold a pile of papers together, but the CupClip simply reshaped one of the ears to be able to accept a cup. So now you can simply clip it to the side of a table and place your coffee in it. Granted you could place your cup on the table, but sometimes you need the whole space, you know? And if it’s not coffee, you can stick pens, pencils or other accessories in that cup so it has the potential to be very useful. Considering it’s only $12, we think it’s a worthwhile purchase.

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See-Through Highlighters Are A Brilliant Idea


With midterms in full swing across many a university, we wish we’d heard about these see-through highlighters last year, when word first came out. Better late than never, we’d like you guys to take a look at the Uni Promark View Highlighters. They do what any suck instrument normally does, only better. The tip is made from clear acrylic, which means you can actually see the text you’re about to highlight, allowing you to stop just at the right spot.

Sure, it’s not a problem that any student ever complained about, but considering these don’t cost much more than regular highlighters, you can think of it as a convenience you never knew you’d like having. They’re made by Mitsubishi Pencil Corp. (who knew?) and it’s $15 for a pack of 5.

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Pens That Camouflage As Grass Brighten Up Your Office


This is going to make some cubicle dwellers smile a bit. It’s a set of pens called Pooleaf, and they’re shaped like giant blades of grass. When packed together into a jar, it looks like a tiny bit of greenery. It’s not going to make up for being cooped up in an office while others frolic outside in the sun, but we suppose it’s better than nothing.

The thing is… it’s not exactly cheap. At $5 per pen, it’s going to set you back a bunch to create the effect pictured. Either that, or we just made a mistake and you get more than one per $5; it’s a bit of a confusing product site.

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