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DIY: R2-D2 Heels


These pretty awesome, and pretty geeky heels are more likely to remain the kind of thing you just look at. Because to actually own them, you have to make them. The good news is that the Instructables link at the bottom gives you a pretty detailed set of instructions on how to accomplish this. The bad news is that the first tool needed is a MIG welder, and that right there might be the kind of stumbling block where most casual DIYers will throw in the towel. Other tools, to give you an even better idea, include a blowtorch, a rotary tool and an electric drill. This project is business. But hey, if you got it in you, don’t hesitate to hit that link and get started. Us? We’re just gonna look at the pretty pictures and wonder how great it would be to have any hand-eye coordination.


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Crocheted X-Wing Pilot Helmet Hat

Last time we wrote about something that was made crocheting, we were looking at the Panzer tank slippers, and you guys loved them. And that’s even taking into account that all that was actually available was a PDF of the pattern, so you could make some for yourself. This particular hat however come fully made, to order, and looks sort of like the helmets the X-Wing fighter pilots were wearing in Star Wars.

You too can be outside braving the cold, all the while sporting a Luke Skywalker-about-to-blow-that-Death-Star-up look. It’ll just cost you a pretty hefty $60.

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My Little Storm Trooper Ponies

Perhaps one of the cool things about living in a planet populated with 7 billion individuals is that if you wait long enough, even the most far fetched things will likely come to be, sooner or later, in one form or another. Take for instance the above figurine, created by one Sheena Henderson (Roogna), on Etsy. It’s the body of a Little Pony with the head of a Storm Trooper, is made out of Apoxie Sculpt (a kind of synthetic sculpting compound), “and is entirely hand painted and sealed. He is named, signed, and dated on the bottom of his feet.” You can play around with it, and his head turns a bit, but it’s not meant to take much abuse.

We… kind of dig it, but we’re not sure why. That’s the thing about art, we suppose. You can buy this for $150, though visiting Roogna’s Etsy shop will reveal a few other models, like a Chewbacca My Little Pony.

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Nestle To Release Limited Edition Star Wars Branded Coffee Machines

With the recent purchase of Lucasfilm (and the rights to Star Wars) by Disney, the franchise got an infusion of life and energy. Not that it needed it of course, since Star Wars stuff has sold pretty well over the years. But it’s no surprise to be hearing about Nestle’s announcement, especially in the wake of this news. They’re planning on making available a special limited edition of their Gold Blend coffee machine, with two themes: the “Dark Set” and Darth Vader or the “Light Set” with threepio. Each comes with a matching mug, and there will be 5,000 units made in all. Priced at 9800 Yen ($120), the machines are available starting this week, but only in Japan.

Hit the jump for a couple more pics and links.

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This R2-D2 Vespa Is Unfortunately Not For Sale

We wish we were clever enough to make all kinds of funny Star Wars references while writing about the above scooter, but sadly we were born creatively challenged. So instead of entertaining you while writing, we’re just going to flat out tell you… what you’re clearly able to see anyway. You’re looking at a Vespa that was lovingly modified to look a lot like R2-D2. Using “some meticulous cutting of adhesive vinyl”, the Vespa went from classic scooter to most awesome scooter this side of the galaxy (there… that’s a start…) We particularly like the suitcase on the back with stickers from other galaxies, far far away.

Want more pics? Hit the jump.

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Well… That Was Fast


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R2-D2 Hoodie Can Turn From Awesome To Creepo At The Pull Of A Zipper

We’re happy to see the above R2-D2 hoodie for men, especially given last week’s artoo dress. It looks pretty good, is made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester and comes in sizes Small to XXL (although Medium and XXL are currently sold out). Where things start to go wrong however is in its ability to be zipped up past your mouth, and past your eyes, engulfing your entire head. Sure, there are mesh panels so you can see and breathe, but we recon all you’ll see is people crossing the street to walk on the opposite side of it if you choose to wear it that way. But hey, it’s eccentric people like that that make the world more entertaining to live in, so who are we to judge? If you want one, it’s $70.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]

R2-D2 Dress from Black Milk Clothing Will Make You Look Va-Va-Voom!

R2-D2 Dress from Black Milk Clothing

Some people express their love for their favorite movie or comic book franchise by dressing up as their favorite characters. (In short, by doing cosplays.) Those who feel like they can’t pull that off turn to themed clothing instead, like this ultra-sexy R2-D2 dress from Black Milk that’s officially licensed by Lucasfilm.

Male fans will have to wait for another clothing company to churn out Star Wars-related stuff, but I have a feeling they’ll be able to appreciate this hot number just as much as the female ones. For obvious reasons.

Hit the break for a video teasing the rest of Black Milk’s range of Star Wars clothing.

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Angry Birds: Star Wars. Let’s Keep Milking While The Milking Is Good

Angry Birds has made Rovio a lot of money. Now, Rovio wants to make even more with this franchise by releasing a Star Wars edition. Yeah… Listen, we sort of understand why Rovio would want to get while the getting is good. Wouldn’t you? And while Bad Piggies, the company’s first game after Angry Birds, seems to be doing well in the App Store, we… really hate it. We’re not sure how enduring its success will be, but we suspect that the current sales pace is partly due to people’s high expectations. Then again, it’s not that the game itself is bad, we just don’t really like that gameplay style. It’s a personal preference, but we feel it lacks the simplicity that made Angry Birds so addictive.

In any case, opinions aside, Angry Birds: Star Wars will be available for download November 8th. The game features brand new gameplay, and there is talk of a massive retail launch set to coincide with it.

VIA [ GeeksAreSexy ]