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Han Solo Frozen In Carbonite Light Switch


Star Wars related? Check.

Han Solo related? Check.

A little dirty? Check.

Oh, we’re already tired of this “question, check” way of writing… The point is, you’re looking at a pretty cool light switch that’s also somewhat obscene. Perfect for any geek that doesn’t mind offending a little bit. And it should go without saying that this is in no way endorsed by LucasArt, or Disney, or anyone. It’s handmade by someone on Etsy, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they were to receive a C&D shortly, so get yours quick.

It’s $40.

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Now You Can Own a 3D-Printed Stormtrooper With Your Face On It

3D Printed Stormtroopers

Disney owns the Star Wars franchise now and they can do whatever they want with it, including adding themed attractions to their parks that will let you have a Stormtrooper 3D-printed with your face on it. It’s called the Star Wars D-Tech Me experience and it’ll be available at Disney’s parks starting this summer.

The whole scanning process will take all but ten minutes, but you’ll have to wait around 8 weeks for the delivery of your customized Stormtrooper. The entire thing will set you back $99.95 plus taxes and shipping charges.

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Star Wars Costumes for Your Pooch: You’ll Love ‘Em, He’ll Hate ‘Em!

Star Wars Dog

You can’t ride a dog like you ride a horse, but you can let certain creatures ride it, provided they’re the right shape and size. I’m talking about select characters from the Star Wars franchise that are being featured in this set of doggy costumes by Costume Craze.

The costimes will transform your pooch into a Bantha, Dewback, Tauntaun, or AT-AT. And to make the reference even clearer, each of these costumes feature the appropriate passenger on the species of choice. For example, a stalwart Stormtrooper sits high and mighty on the back of the Dewback costume, ready to attack.

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Would You Suck On This DeathStar?


Because it’s a lollipop. That’s why you’d maybe consider sucking on it. It’s a nice looking lollipop shaped like the DeathStar.

The mold I use is unique and hand crafted, allowing for no seams. Each side is poured independently and is completely smooth all the way around. The front of the lollipop is a proprietary blend of Isomalt, Sugar and Corn Syrup. This blend produces supurb clarity. The backside is poured with a mixture of corn syrup and sugar, color black.
Length including stick is about 5″ and weight is 1.2oz each. Flavor is Marshmallow.

Handcrafted candies don’t come cheap, but we think they novelty alone is worth the $13 for 6 price tag. The artist also has lollies shaped like other things, such as the Eye of Sauron.

[ Product Page ]

May Tot’s Force Be With You: Star Wars Themed Baby Nursery

Star Wars Themed Baby Nursery

Nothing beats having the Force protect your little newborn. Of course, you can’t have Luke and the whole gang come and babysit, but you can bring a little part of their world into your home and into the life of your baby by doing what Ireland-based photographer Carissa XY did: build a Star Wars-themed nursery.

From the framed photo of Harrison Ford on the wall to the Death Star and Starship mobile, I’m sure her kid will thank her one day for letting him grow up with the Force on his side.

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For Geeks Down Under: R2-D2 Bra Was Made to Be Poked

That’s probably not the most spot-on usage of ‘down under’, but we couldn’t resist. Obviously this R2-D2 bra isn’t just for geeks hailing from Australia, since I’m sure Star Wars aficionados will jump at the chance to own one. Unfortunately, this interactive piece of underwear isn’t for sale–but you can make one, if you want one.

It’s not just awesome for its design. Like I said earlier, it’s ‘interactive’. All you have to do is poke the nips to see magic happen (in more ways than one, if you’re lucky.)

Full instructions on how to make your own are up on Instructables.

VIA [ Obvious Winner ]

Mystery AT-AT Bunkbed


The interconnected series of tubes otherwise known as the Internet is a strange place, sometimes. Pictures can pop up that make us drool of envy, even as their origins remains shrouded in mystery. Case in point: the above AT-AT bunk bed. All we have is that picture. A reverse image search reveals an Imgur link with a headline that reads “My uncle built an AT-AT bunk bed for his son. So jealous!” So there you have it. Some uncles are better than others. But knowing the image popped online through an Imgur link doesn’t help. What uncle? Where? How do we contact him so he’ll make us one? Why won’t anyone answer these important questions? That’s what we mean by shrouded in mystery; there’s an uncle somewhere, that somehow built something awesome. We don’t know who or how. But we hate him because he’s not our uncle.

VIA [ LikeCool ]

It’s Never Too Early To Start Your Progeny On Star Wars Indoctrination


Every geek worth his salt has a healthy dose of appreciation for the Star Wars franchise. Maybe not for all the movies (Phantom Menace? Really?), but rare is the geek over a certain age who hasn’t wanted to pilot an X-Wing Starfighter or wondered what it would be like to cut someone’s arm off with a lightsaber. But notice how we said “over a certain age”? Like it or not, there’s an increasing chance that a child born in the last 10 years or so will be more into finding out what Justin Bieber is up to than wondering if he would make a good Jedi. Don’t let that happen! The above baby mobile is hand made by Etsy artist Sheep Creek Needlecraft and features a “Naboo Starfighter, Tie Fighter, X-Wing, Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyer, Republic Attack Gunship, 8 orange and white planets and 1 Death Star.” If you want more/less of anything, specify it in the order and prepare to wait 4 to 6 weeks to receive it. But that’s fine, because you’re going to order this just as soon as you find out the missus is prego, and then eagerly wait for it to arrive. That’s of course if you can stomach the $380 price tag…


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The Story Of The Stormtropper Carbon Fiber Helmet

Screen Shot 2013-02-18 at 11.42.24 PM

Back in 2011, Leonard Carson, an engineering technician for San Diego Composites, decided he wanted to make a Stormtrooper outfit out of carbon fiber. Seeing as his company had the materials needed, he convinced three of his co-workers to embark on the project with him. With the blessings of the company’s president, they finally created some decidedly eye-catching outfits which went viral when initially revealed online. Fast forward a year. A company called CarbonFiberGear managed to acquire a helmet from one of the four engineers, and they went on Pawn Stars to see if they could sell it. Pawn Stars being what it is, they walked away from the offer. They didn’t want to hold on to it though, so up on their website it went, and they did finally manage to sell it, for $3,500.

So that means that you can’t buy it. The three other helmets still belong to the guys who made them, and are not for sale. Maybe the person who bought it will put it back on the market, maybe not. Meanwhile, you can look at pretty pictures. A bunch more after the jump.

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