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Video: Dodds Mattress Star Trek Commercial Is Cringe Inducing

By David Ponce

This is a short commercial for this outfit called Dodds Furniture And Mattress in Victoria, BC. The geek angle? It’s got a Star Trek theme. The better geek angle? It’s the most atrocious thing we’ve ever seen.

Here’s to solid production values and to what looks like Starship Serta… (Update: Upon closer inspection, it’s the U.S.S. Dodds)

VIA [ New Launches ]

Star Trek 20 Questions

Mattel Star Trek 20 Questions (Image courtesy Amazon)
By Andrew Liszewski

These electronic versions of 20 questions, which seem to magically guess what you’re thinking by asking a maximum of — wait for it — 20 questions, are nothing new. But one that’s geared towards Star Trek fans and looks like a miniature version of the USS Enterprise? Well that’s something to note in your captain’s log. Fans of the newer series like TNG or DS9 might be disappointed to learn the game only covers characters and facts from the original Star Trek series and movies. But there’s still plenty of storylines to keep this thing interesting for at least the length of a drive to a Trekkie convention. Available from Amazon for just $8.75.

[ Mattel Star Trek 20 Questions ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

Build Your Own R/C Enterprise Zeppelin

By Chris Scott Barr

Do you like Star Trek and have a fascination with do-it-yourself projects? Then I’ve got just the thing for you. It’s an R/C Starship Enterprise Zeppelin. That’s right, this baby actually flies! Granted, it might not be the most perfect replica of the famed ship, but it does bear a striking resemblance to the one seen in the original TV series.

It’s not going to take a rocket scientist to get this project off the ground, but you might not want to tackle this if you’ve not messed around with R/C devices before. Thankfully, there are detailed instructions over at Instructables, so if you’re feeling adventurous, you can craft one for yourself.

[ Instructables ] VIA [ GeekAlerts ]

These Star Trek Wetsuits Aren’t Meant For Space Travel


By Chris Scott Barr

Hailing from the Midwest means that I’ve really never had a reason to own a wetsuit. However, for those of you that happen to spend a lot of time in waters that require such protection, I give you the Star Trek Wetsuit. If you have the need to show your love of the original series even while underwater, then these are for you.

These 7MM suits are tailored specifically to your exact measurements and supplied by JMJ Wetsuits.  At $470 a pop, you’ll be paying around a hundred bucks extra for the Star Trek theme. The traditional yellow, blue and red uniform colors are available, though no sane person would dare jump in the water in a red suit. That’s just asking for trouble.

[ Roddenberry ] VIA [ Dvice ]

Get The New Star Trek Movie On A Limited Edition Flash Drive

Star Trek USB Stick (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

I’ll spare you my thoughts on the new Star Trek film, given this isn’t a movie-review site, and I seem to stand in the minority with my opinions, but if you were a fan of Abrams take on the Trek universe you might be interested in this limited edition version of the film which comes on a 4GB Starfleet insignia flash drive. (Each one is individually numbered.) The digital copy of the film is all DRM’d up so it can only be played on up to 5 registered devices, or burned to a DVD, and it’s about 1GB in size, leaving you 3GB of storage to boldly store what no man has stored before. ~$28 from

[ Star Trek (2009) USB Stick ]

Listen To Those Old Shatner Albums On A USS Enterprise Record Player


By Chris Scott Barr

I’m always on the lookout for cool new Star Wars merch to decorate my place with. It’s what we geeks do. I’m not a big fan of the Trek, but I know that some of you are, so I thought I’d pass along this little gem. It’s a record player that’s shaped very much like the classic USS Enterprise from the original Star Trek TV show.

It really makes perfect sense, as the whole front of the ship is shaped like a giant disc. This is one of those creations that inspires facepalms from people saying “why didn’t I think of that?” For now this would seem to only be a concept, but I’m sure that some enterprising fellow could actually produce a few of these and make a mint.

[ StarTrekMovie ] VIA [ GearFuse ]

Build Your Own Star Trek Phaser

star trek phaser

By Chris Scott Barr

The three posters hanging in my living room are evidence enough that I’m definitely a Star Wars fan. I can appreciate Star Trek, but I’m not exactly a huge fan. Knowing how much I would give for a perfect replica of a lightsaber, I’m sure that fans of the Trek might be interested in this spiffy Type-I Phaser Kit, which lets you build a prop worth of the original show.

It’s a little strange that this is only being offered in kit-form. I guess assembling your own phaser will give you a bit more geek cred at the next con. All you need is $200 and a a free afternoon to be the envy of all your geeky friends.

[ ThinkGeek ] VIA [ Dvice ]

New Standoff Patient Triage Tool Could Be The Great Grandfather Of A Real-Life Tricorder

Star Trek Mark IX Science Tricorder Replica (Image courtesy Entertainment Earth) By Andrew Liszewski

A new medical diagnosis device known as the SPTT, or Standoff Patient Triage Tool, could be our first glimpse at a real-life tricorder, or at the least a primitive ancestor of one. The SPTT uses lasers to measure vibrations of a human head and chest to calculate the vital signs of a patient, like pulse, body temperature and muscle movement from a distance of up to 40 feet away.

Now the device is no replacement for a doctor or a paramedic, but in the event of an accident or emergency where there are multiple victims, it could let first responders determine who needs medical treatment first, a process known as triage. Normally it takes a medic about 3 to 5 minutes per person to determine the severity of their condition or injuries, but using the SPTT it could take as little as 30 seconds, which really could mean the difference between life and death.

The Standoff Patient Triage Tool is expected to start field tests sometime this Fall.

[ Scientific American – Trekkie triage: Could a new device aid medics? ] VIA [ io9 ]

Blockbuster Survey Reveals Most Popular Sci-Fi Stars


By Shane McGlaun

I was hooked on sci-fi the first time I saw Star Wars on video when I was a kid. I missed the first two in the theaters, but I saw Return of the Jedi like 18 times in one weekend. The New Star Trek film starts this week and to celebrate Blockbuster polled sci-fi fans to find the most popular starship captain.

According to the poll, the most popular captain was Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly. Following him were James T. Kirk, Jean-Luc Picard, Han Solo, and William Adama. Seriously, Picard is a better captain than Reynolds and Kirk, and he had all those catchy phrases like “Make it So.”

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