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Getting Work Done While Laying On Your Back Has Never Been Easier


Laptops, as great as they are, tend to promote uncomfortable sitting positions; if you try to sit any which way you want the darn thing will fall off your lap. But leave it to Thanko to come up with a solution. The Super Gorone Desk is an articulated laptop stand that securely ties your computing device down so that you can enjoy using it in any angle you want. Laying in bed on your back? No problem. On your sofa in front of the TV? Sure! You don’t even have to worry about it falling off when you reach over for the remote that you thoughtlessly threw on the other side of the couch.

Convenience, as always, has a price. The Super Gorone Desk will set you back a cool $128, plus an even cooler $62 for shipping. At that price we’re likely to be ok with a few cramps, and stretching now and then. But then again, maybe you have more disposable income than us.


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Uniti Stand Tidies Up Your Desk, Ups Its Functionality


Between your keyboard, your iMac, your iPhone and your tablet, you’re likely to end up with a desk cluttered with electronic devices. The Uniti Stand hopes to bring them all together in one elegant all-in-one stand with integrated dock and charging system for your mobile and tablet devices. It looks just right, and provides you with “dual front-facing USB 3.0 ports and a 3.5 mm audio jack extender to integrate your multi-media accessories.” There’s space underneath to tuck your keyboard away when you’re done, and the charging docks work with mobile devices of all sorts, not just iDevices. The stand can be sold alone, or paired with one or two cradles for your devices. As a pre-order on Kickstarter at the moment, it’s $199 for the whole set.

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VGA Connector Stand: So That’s Where It Went!

VGA Connector Phone Stand


What’s hot one moment can quickly go obsolete in the next. The VGA connector has been a staple in terms of connectors, but someone could come up with an alternative any moment now to replace it. Before it completely disappears (and goes out of style?), the enterprising folks at Meninos decided to hollow it out and transform it into a stand for your smartphone.

A suction cup is attached on one end to hold your phone in place, while the rubber stand is shaped with a flat bottom so that it can rest steadily on any flat surface. The VGA Phone Stand is available for $8.90.

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Keyprop Fits On Your Keychain, Could Actually Be Useful


Props that help you keep your phone at an angle for optimal hands-free viewing are rarely successful because really, who wants to carry an extra item in their pockets? But the KeyProp could change all that. It’s a small plastic key-shaped accessory that fits on a standard keychain and attaches itself to a smartphone to, well, prop it up for convenient hands-free viewing. However, it does make use of your phone’s audio jack so you won’t be able to watch with your earbuds. If that doesn’t bother you, head on over to Kicksarter to pledge $15 for yours.

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GoGoStand Fits In Wallet, Is An iPhone Stand


By David Ponce

This doesn’t get much simpler. The GoGoStand is a plastic card with folds and cutouts. It’s the size of a credit card and fits in your wallet. Whenever you feel the need to watch something on your iPhone, you take it out, fold it and it turns into a stand. It can also be adjusted into three different viewing angles.

It’s all of $5, and we’ve included a video after the jump. It’s also currently sold-out until next week.

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