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X-Ray Spray: Makes Envelopes See-Through For 30 Seconds


Snooping on your neighbour’s mail has never been so easy. Just spray some of this “X-Ray Spray” on the side of a sealed envelope and watch in amazement as the paper becomes semi-transparent. It’s completely temporary, as the product will evaporate after about 30 seconds, leaving the piece of mail looking completely un-tampered with.

We can’t think of any situations where the use of this product wouldn’t be either illegal, or at the very least morally reprehensible. But, hey, we don’t judge. We just think it’s pretty cool something like this even exists. It’s $15.


[ Product Page ] VIA [ TheAwesomer ]

Magic Spray Changes Poo Odor To Flowers… Using Magic Or Something

Color us skeptical, but a product coming out of Japan for the price of $20 claiming to turn the smell of feces into the smell of flowers doesn’t seem real. But that’s just what the Magic Spray is supposed to do. Meant to be spritzed over used diapers, it presumably uses some chemical concoction to specifically convert the bad smell to a good/better one, and not to simply try to cover it up like a deodorant.

Yeah, if someone is willing to give it a try and report back to us, we’ll be waiting with bated breath. Also, any Japanese speakers able to look over a non machine-translatable graphic at the product link below can perhaps enlighten us as well.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ DamnGeeky ]