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Salomon’s Running Gloves Make The Act Of Holding Water In Your Hands Obsolete

We’re not runners here at OhGizmo HQ, so we can’t begin relate to the things that are a big deal to those who are. We suppose that holding a water bottle in your hands for a few hours, or having it on a belt of some kind, bumping against you, can get pretty annoying. So Salomon has gone ahead and created the Sense Hydro S-Lab Set, which is a special wrist strap designed to hold a 250ml soft-sided folding bottle without requiring you to actually close your fingers around it. Yeah, maybe that could give you an edge, what do we know? The folding design of the bottle means no sloshing of liquid as you deplete it, and the $40 Solomon is asking for will get you two of these, so you can have one on each hand.

They should be available in the next few months.

[ Manufacturer Website ] VIA [ Gizmag ]

Flying Down A Hill On A Bicycle With No Saddle, No Pedals

Locomoting about on wheels isn’t always about finding the most efficient method to do so. There’s nothing wrong with having a bit of fun in the process, and the Fliz contraption you see above seems to fit the bill. In one way it’s like a bicycle, only there’s no pedals and no saddle, only a harness and a large u-shape frame from which you suspend. You propel yourself forward by running, and then tuck your feet in for a few seconds, giving the rider a sort of floating, flying sensation. In that sense the Fliz is also like a skateboard. But there is a handlebar and brakes, so at least flying down a hill headfirst doesn’t have to result in immediate death.

It looks like fun, and we want one! But we don’t think there’s any way to buy it. There’s only a prototype, and it’s apparently been submitted as an entry in the James Dyson Award competition. Maybe if it wins and there’s enough interest, it could turn into a real product. In the meantime, you can hit the jump for a couple more pictures and a video of it in action.

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Personal Energy Orb Makes You Cycle Before You Can Use Your PC

Spending ungodly amounts of time in sitting in front of a PC is bad for you. Mkay? But yeah, you’re lazy, we get it, so as always technology comes to the rescue. Developed by two students at the University of Munich for a physical computing course, the Personal Energy Orb is an Arduino-based device that keeps track of how much you’ve cycled, and rewards your efforts by letting you use your computer properly. An LED-filled orb is attached to your handlebars, while a revolution counter keeps track of distance traveled. The more you pedal, the more the orb shifts to green. Come back home with a fully green orb and you can use your PC normally. A red orb on the other hand means that Windows will set the mouse sensitivity to its lowest setting, annoying the heck out of you until you decide to either throw the whole thing in the garbage, or actually go outside for some activity.

Considering it’s a school project, the two students were happy to see that it did in fact work, though it wasn’t without its occasional hiccups, mostly battery related. As for commercialization, there doesn’t seem to be any clears plans for that.

PEO – Personal Energy Orb from Janko Hofmann on Vimeo.

[ Project Page ] VIA [ Engadget ]

Nemo 33 Is The World’s Deepest Swimming Pool

The world’s deepest swimming pool has been around for quite a few years, since 2004. But we shouldn’t call it just a “swimming” pool: it’s a proper diving pool. We’re posting about it now because we just saw the pictures, and heck, that’s a lot of water!

The pool is located in Brussels, Belgium. Its maximum depth is 34.5 metres (113 ft). It contains 2.5 million liters of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water maintained at 30 °C (86 °F) and holds several simulated underwater caves at the 10 metres (33 ft) depth level. There are numerous underwater windows that allow outside visitors to look into the pools at various depths.

While we’re on the topic of simulated environments, do you guys know about Excalibur, the world’s tallest climbing wall? That one’s in the Netherlands, and while the Nemo 33 is in Belgium, it was created by one John Beernaerts, a Dutchman. There’s some kind of link there, we’re just not sure what it is. Whatever the case, a dive at Nemo 33 starts at 22€.

But of course, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll go in person. So hit the jump to look at a bunch more pictures from the comfort of your own home.

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Golf Sensor Lets You Perfect That Swing

By David Ponce

Golfing, it turns out, is hard. We thought it’d be fun to go to a driving range with buckets of balls; we came back with blister covered hands and our dignity in tatters. We, uh, won’t be quitting our day jobs for this. But those looking to actually get better at the game might want to look into the GolfSense. It’s a featherweight sensor (it weighs 0.6 oz (17 grams)) fitted with 4 highly accurate MEMS sensors. Stick it to the back of your glove and the sensors will accurately calculate club speed, club position, swing tempo, and swing path. This data is then relayed to your iDevice for analysis. And because there’s more to a golf swing than club data, you can also put your iPhone in your pocket to add in hip movement analysis.

With so much data available, we feel that the $129 asking price is fair. Especially when you factor in the price of older systems that used lasers and fancy cameras to accomplish much the same thing.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ CoolMaterial ]

XWave Sport Can Tell You What Your Brain Should Already Know

By David Ponce

What you have here is a sports headband with an integrated brain wave sensor. This feeds into a smartphone for analysis. Why? We’re not sure since, while commercially available, the product is in fairly early development. Our understanding is that your “relaxation, focus and other parameters” can be analyzed while you work out to inform you of your own brain status. Are you pushing yourself to the max, or are you just feeling lazy? Now that you’ve been jogging for 4 hours straight, is it your body that’s about to fail, or is it your brain? Are these the sort of questions it seeks to answer? We don’t really know. The company is touting the availability of SDKs for outside developers to create the kind of software that could give the XWave Sport the sort of functionality we hope it can have. For now it’s a sweat-proof, washable headband that can read some brain activity parameters. It’s $99 and available now for Android devices, and not iOS just yet.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmologia ]

Nike Unveils TurboSpeed Suit, A Golf Ball Inspired Running Outfit

By David Ponce

Golf balls are covered in dimples simply because this gives them an aerodynamic efficiency rivalled by no other surface texture. And now Nike has unveiled a running suit based off the same design: the TurboSpeed, which they claim can shave up to 0.23 seconds off a 100 meter sprint. That is huge. Just think that in the 2008 olympics, Usain Bolt won the race only 0.22 seconds ahead of third place and 0.20 seconds from second. Had either of the two other contestants simply been wearing the TurboSpeed they might have won. Nike’s suit, which is made from 82% recycled polyester fabric, is the result of twelve years (!) and hundreds of hours of testing in wind tunnels.

It doesn’t appear that it’s commercially available, as there’s talk that only the teams sponsored by Nike will have access to the outfit. These are the US, Russia and Germany. Bolt is sponsored by Puma. Walter Dix (third in ’08) on the other hand is a member of the US team and will be wearing it London. Will it be enough for him to overtake the champion?

[ DailyMail ] VIA [ NewLaunches ]

The Powerbreather Is A New Take On The Snorkel

By David Ponce

Whether you’re a competitive swimmer, or just learning, you might be interested in the Powerbreather. It’s a snorkel made from an elastic material, and it fits snugly around the head. Like most snorkels, air is inhaled through the back, although water is prevented from entering through the use of a check valve. Air is then exhaled exclusively through the mouthpiece, which in ensure through the use of another valve. This makes it so that no stale air is ever re-inhaled, eliminating fatigue effects associated with snorkel use. And “because of the two interacting valves no water gets into the snorkel when descending.” So what you have is the ability to just swim without ever needing to tilt your head up for air, which would be great for a more effective workout, learning to swim, or just snorkelling in the tropics without swallowing a bunch of saltwater in the process.

There’s no word on price of even availability, but it appears to be a new product out of Germany.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gear Patrol ]

ADAPTRAC System Regulates Bike’s Tire Pressure On The Go

By David Ponce

Whether it’s motor sports or human powered wheeled sports, a lot is riding where the rubber meets the tarmac. Decisions need to be made about tire pressure, with tradeoffs usually unavoidable. Mountain bikes face many different types of surfaces, so are very sensitive to this. Soft tires are great for rocky stretches of trail, where grip and absorption is better. Hard tires are preferable on flat surfaces, to go fast. Usually, a middle ground is chosen and the rest left up to fate. But the ADAPTRAC system changes all that:

ADAPTRAC is a multi-component system comprised of special patent pending hubs, a dual control valve and a C02 power pack/regulator. Tire pressure can be raised or lowered while riding with a quick press of the finger on the handlebar control toggles. Actual tire pressure is displayed on analog gauges mounted on the handlebars. The system utilizes 12x142mm rear and 15mm front axle standards – wheels can be removed as you would normally. ADAPTRAC uses readily available, rechargeable C02 tanks ranging from 4 to 20 ounces so you can carry only what you need. You can now tune your tire pressure to the trail – in seconds!

There’s no price just yet, as the system is in its final prototype stages. However, a price will be announced shortly after the system is presented this week at the Sea Otter Classic Expo in Monterey, California.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Gizmag ]