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Skull Teaspoon For Your Morning Tea


Call it a novelty spoon, but it’s one we’d like to own nonetheless. It’s from SUCK UK, who make tons of cool things, made from stainless steel like pretty much all cutlery these days, and its only claim to fame is the skull shape. Still, it’s the little things that can bring joy on a Monday morning, and at $3.22 for one, it won’t break the bank.


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Sugar Skull Spoon Adds A Macabre Flair To Your Morning Coffee


There’s really not much to say here. It’s a sugar spoon, like the ones you use to scoop sugar into your coffee. Only this one has the shape of a skull stamped out of it. Neat-o. It does this cool sugar skull thing when you scoop some out. We’re not sure what setting or occasion would call for something like this (it’s too late for Halloween this year), but we can imagine there are people who’ll get a kick out of it regardless. It’s £8 ($13) for yours, on the more-than-fully-funded Kickstarter.


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Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set Makes Fine Dining on the Go Possible

Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set

Going on a camping trip? Planning to travel soon? Then you need to get yourself one of these Baladeo Folding Cutlery Sets. It’s like having a complete set of utensils all in one neat, little package.

The Baladeo Set resembles a Swiss Knife when it’s all folded up. But unfold and disassemble the entire thing and you’ll find that you’ve got a spork, a knife, a can opener, and a bottle opener. It’s compact and lightweight, weighing in at only 52 grams, and made from stainless steel. Just because you might be roughing it up outdoors doesn’t mean you have to eat with your bare hands. And it would be pretty useful to have this around especially if you’re going to chowing on a can of pork of beans for dinner, right?

The Baladeo Folding Cutlery Set is available from Moontrail for $49.

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The Smoon Is A Robotic Spoon That Measures Your Food For You

Cooking is a lot like science experiments: you combine ingredients in measured quantities, heat them and hope for the best. And for the very same reason this is likely to be fun for most geeks, it can be daunting to others. While a science experiment gone wrong just means an F on your report card, a dinner gone wrong means an embarrassing dinner party at best and poisoned guests at worst. To make the process a tiny bit easier the Smoon is a robotic spoon that makes measuring the right quantities of ingredients as easy as just scooping them up. It works in tandem with an application that contains several recipes; simply follow the instructions on screen and scoop the right ingredients at the right time. A pivoting flap will adjust each time, changing the volume in the scoop.

Of course after that you’re back on your own. You still have to stir, whip, knead, bake, grill or poach. But hey, one less hurdle is one less hurdle.

The Smoom does appear to be a real device, though not a commercial one. We can’t quite figure it out, but it looks like it might have been presented as part of some show in 2011 and gotten some kind of award. But information is sparse. If anyone knows more, let’s hear it in the comments. Also, hit the jump for two videos and links.

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