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If Speed Is Your Thing, South Korea’s Got You Covered


South Korea’s science ministry has been discussing their next generation of mobile service, and the numbers are dizzying. While the current 4G service there already trumps that of pretty much anywhere with their 300 Mbps “3band-LTE-A” connections available by the end of the year, that still pales in comparison to what they have planned for 5G. See, by 2020, there are plans for speeds 1,000 times greater! This means you could download a full 800MB movie in one second. What? One second? That’s right, in the time it took you to read these last few words, you could have downloaded a full movie. If HD is your thing, you would only have to spend 5.12 seconds to grab 4.6GB.

What’s more, the service will be available even on bullet trains that travel 310 miles per hour. What? They have trains that ravel that fast? We sort of knew this, but it’s only when you start looking at the whole picture that you realize just how far behind our infrastructure is, right here in North America. 310 miles per hour bullet trains, 5G cellular service that downloads an HD movie in 5 seconds? Come on… they’re past making us look bad, now they’re just gloating.

VIA [ DVice ]

Awesome Cheetah-bot Now Runs Faster than the World’s Fastest Human

Cheetah Bot

Remember the Cheetah-bot that was featured here a couple of months ago? It looked pretty scary as it galloped on the treadmill with its spindly legs moving at an astounding 18 miles per hour. It might have looked as scary as heck then (it still does now), but you can’t deny it was an impressive feat that Boston Dynamics achieved with the support of DARPA.

When the Cheetah reached 18 mph during its run last March, it broke the land speed record for legged robotic machines. The Boston Dynamics team decided that that wasn’t enough, so they tweaked a couple of things and now the Cheetah is faster (and scarier) than ever. Breaking the record that it had previously set, the leggy robot can achieve a peak speed of 28 mph. Yes, that’s right folks, it’s now even faster than the fastest man in the world, Olympian Usain Bolt, who reached 27.78 mph during a 20-meter sprint.

Check out a video of the Cheetah doing its thing after the jump. It’s both scary and impressive at the same time.

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