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Goal Zero Torch Uses Sun’s Energy to Charge Your Torch and Smartphones

Goal Zero Torch 250

If there’s one thing you’ll be happy to have during an emergency, it’s the Goal Zero Torch Solar Kit. It’s bigger than your average torch, but that’s because it includes a Nomad 7 Solar Panel that turns sunlight into usable energy. It powers up the torch and also charges up the Goal Zero’s internal lithium battery so you can charge your smartphone and other mobile devices when you’re on the go.

The best part? The Goal Zero Torch Solar Kit is both lightweight and weather-resistant so you can take it with you anywhere. It’s available for $160.

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Solar-Powered Sunglasses That You Can’t Lose or Misplace

Tzukuri Sunglasses

Do you misplace stuff and lose things like there’s no tomorrow? Aside from wasting money, constantly losing stuff means you’re also wasting time, including the hours you spend looking for and buying a replacement for whatever it is that you lost. If you recently lost your sunglasse and are on the (literal) lookout for a new pair, then check out these solar-powered sunglasses by Tzukuri that you won’t be able to lose, even if you tried.

These fashionable lenses hook up to your iPhone via Bluetooth and work in conjunction with an app that’ll alert you if you’ve left it behind. The first alert pops up when you’re 16 feet away from the glasses, while the next ones come when you’re 32 feet and 50 feet away.Continue Reading

SolarCooler Keeps Drinks Cool With Sun Power

Solar Cooler


Can something hot be used to cool other objects down? You don’t have to think too hard before answering “yes.” That’s precisely what the SolarCooler does. It’s a portable cooler of sorts that’s powered by solar energy. It has solar panels covering its surface to harness the power of the sun, which is used to cool down the contents of the cooler.

The applications of the SolarCooler go beyond keeping those six-packs of beer cool for your road trip. It can potentially be used to transport vaccines in areas of the world where they are needed. In fact, the team behind the cooler plan to sponsor a pilot run of Vaccine SolarCoolers in Africa.

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Solar Kettle Boils Water Using Nothing But Solar Energy

Solar Kettle

Can’t live without hot water? It’s unfortunate, but you’ll have to learn to live without it if you’re traveling or spending some time in the great outdoors. That’s only if you don’t have the Solar Kettle, though.

As its name implies, the Solar Kettle is a portable thermos of sorts that uses the sun’s rays to boil the water stored inside it. There’s no need for any other power inputs, which means you can use it to heat water whenever and wherever there’s sunlight.

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[CES 2012] SolarKindle Cover Keeps You Reading Longer, Makes You Go Outside

By David Ponce

Reading is fun and now that you don’t have to carry a bulky dead tree block around, you can do it in more places than ever. If your eReader of choice happens to be a Kindle, then a company called SolarMio has a solar-powered Kindle case with an 800 lux LED light. Pop the light out and it turns on, pop it back in and it’s off. This way you can keep reading in your bed with no nightlight after you’ve spent a day outside, in the park or whatever, reading. It’s a concept similar to the Kapsule light-stand I wrote about a while back, but this particular cover doesn’t use the Kindle’s power source at all…. and there’s no stand. Instead, there’s a 1,250mAh battery that can provide up to 50 hours of illumination when fully charged, and better yet, can also be used as backup power for your Kindle. It’s not clear how long charging takes but the company states that one hour of sunlight can give you three days of reading. You can of course still charge your Kindle the normal way.

It’s made from pleather and costs $80. Shipping will start January 14th.

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mPowerPad Missing Only The Kitchen Sink

By David Ponce

In principle ThirdWavePower’s mPowerPad is a solar charged external battery. It holds 2,500mAh which you can use to power your stuff when you’re off the grid. Several products do this already though, so to stand out a little the company’s gone and thrown in a bunch of other seemingly unrelated features. Get this:

It’s also

    An AM/FM radio
    A reading light
    A flashlight

    An ultrasonic insect repellant!

Of course once you get over the gee-whizness of it, it does make some sense. Like if you go camping. You probably would want to leave it in the sun during the day (6h to a full charge) only to be able to use it once you’re back in the tent at night, charging your phone and giving you some reading light while chasing the mosquitoes away, with maybe some music playing in the background. We like to make fun of tings, but hey, this could be useful!

A few things to note. It’s supposed to be rugged, for outdoors use, so there are no buttons; there is an accelerometer and everything is controlled through tilting the entire device. Watch the below video for more. It’s a reported $80 with shipping starting in January.

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Quirky’s Ray Solar Charger Looks Like Great Idea

By David Ponce

The thing about windows is that they’re meant to let light through. It’s kind of their point. Solar chargers, then, would seem like a natural mate for them and Brandon Craven’s design brings the two together elegantly. Window and charger, living in harmony. Or maybe the window would consider the charger a parasite… who knows? In any case, all he’s done is add a suction cup to a regular solar charger… but sometimes that’s really all you need. A suction cup. Add it to everyday objects and see what happens.

In all fairness, Brandon’s product looks interesting. It charges via USB, has integrated batteries that will store energy even when not actively connected to a device, and a kickstand allows it to point at the sun even when no windows are around. The only issue is that the product is not yet real. It’s in its fundraising phase on social funding site Quirky. It costs $39 and there needs to be 2,000 sold before production kicks in. As of this writing, there are 708 commitments.

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