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Sploofy Can Help You Smoke Indoors More Discreetly


Ok, you want to quit, but… not just yet. Right? Like, it’s on your to-do list, but you’re just too stressed with other stuff now to add the stress of giving up cigarettes. We understand. Until you get there though, you might want to do something about the freaking smell cigarettes leave behind when smoked in an enclosed space. Sploofy, goofy name and all, claims to make it possible to smoke indoors without leaving any smells behind.

Enjoy smokeless and odorless sessions every time by simply exhaling your smoke into the Sploofy- no batteries needed! Its two-stage HEPA air filter captures over 99% of smoke particles, while activated carbon traps unwanted odors. Watch your smoke convert into clean air in the palm of your hands! It’s light, compact, and even looks discreet

Of course, the proof is in the pudding, but despite the reasonable $20 price tag we’re unwilling to try it because, well, we don’t smoke. Reviews on Amazon seem to praise it though, so there’s that.

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This Watch Will Light Your Cigarette


This is a bit of a novelty item, but for anyone who smokes, it’s also pretty cool. You’re looking at the Findtime Men Digital USB Lighter Watch. It’s a watch, and it’s also a lighter. Press a button and a coil heats up for long enough to light your cigarette. The rest of the time, well, it just does what a wristwatch does. Charging is done through USB. To further reflect the novelty status of this watch, it’s only $15.


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VaprWear Hoodies Let You Smoke On The Down Low


You’re looking at the VaprWear, a line of hoodies with a vaporizer as the drawstrings. That’s right, the hood drawstring features a dlo3 e-cig vapesystem on one end, and a mouthpiece on the other. So, you can be walking down the street and when you feel like a little toke, just stick the mouthpiece end in your mouth and pull. It accommodates e-juice, oil, or wax, and they’ll have a dry herb model out soon. It’s designed by “Elvis “Papi” Edwards, a Caribbean native, former athlete, socialite, model, actor, and entrepreneur.” And it came to fruition after Colorado changed its laws to allow for the use of recreational marijuana, so you can understand the kinds of e-juices, waxes or oils you’re meant to be using with it. It’s $99 for the hoodie, in either male or female versions, and it does include the dlo3 system.

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Coffee Mug With Integrated Pipe


If the first thing you want to do when you get up in the morning is smoke up, we might want to suggest you could have a problem. Then again, we don’t judge and if that’s how you chose to live your life, then all the power to ya! So wouldn’t it be great if you were able to take a sip of your morning Joe and have a little toke at the same time, from the same vessel? That’s exactly what the Pipemug lets you do. They’re intended for tobacco use only (wink wink), and feature a fully functional pipe, with the mouthpiece on the handle and the chamber sticking out like a mushroom on the side. Prices start at $49 and don’t seem to go much higher than $60.

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The Bud Bug Will Grind Your Botanicals, Put A Smile On Your Face

bud bug

There are times when you need to grind some herbs, and there are plenty of devices for that. Most of them however are of the “badass” variety, with some kind of metal, laser etching, super blades, anodized this. The Bud Bug is the first automatic grinder we’ve come across that would also put a huge smile on your face while using it. Don’t believe us? Watch the video below until the end, it’s only 30 seconds long.

Simply insert whatever needs grinding, close it up and watch as the Bud Bug’s stupid face as it does its job, making a line of finely ground botanicals that comes out its behind. It’s a novelty item, sure, but for $35 you and your buds can have a good chuckle as you refill your vaporizers.

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Smokio Is A Smart eCigarette, Oxymoron Nothwithstanding


Not since the 1950’s has anyone put the concept of smart and smoking together, but with the advent of electronic cigarettes it was only a matter of time until it happened. Smokio may look like just another one of the current crop of vapour-producing cessation aids/alternative smokes, but it happens to be able to pair with your smartphone. In doing so, you gain access to the ability to track how much you’ve smoked, where you’ve smoked, and even find out how many equivalent analog cigarettes you would have inhaled had you not made the switch. Other features include being able to check the battery and regulate how much smoke you get with each puff.

While some of the jury is still out regarding the long-term safety of electronic cigs, everything points to them being much much safer than their tobacco based dopplegangers. If the Smokio’s features have made of you a potential buyer, know that there’s no price or availability information yet. We will know more once they launch their Kickstarter, which should happen “soon”.

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24K Gold Rolling Paper? Why Not


If you’re the kind of person who rolls up his own smokables, you’ll surely know that rolling papers come in an almost endless array of colors, flavors and patterns. But we must admit this is the first time we come across 24K gold paper. Called Shine Papers, they are just like regular rolling papers, only with 100% more gold on them. Considering we’ve seen gold flakes in Goldschlagger liquor, edible gold flakes on cakes and pastries, we shouldn’t be too surprised to see the same treatment applied to this product. As to who exactly might be attracted by this, we can venture a couple of guesses. Snoop Dog Lion is definitely not one of those guesses. Nope.

It’s $55 for a pack of 12. What… did you think it would be cheap?


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This e-Cig Is A Little Different Than Regular e-Cigs

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 6.57.24 PM

Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming a popular alternative to smoking, as well as being a quitting aid for many. They work by vaporizing a mixture of propylene glycol, flavor and nicotine, which is supposed to be less lethal than their analogue counterparts. But anyone who’s ever tried one knows that they’re quite far from the real thing, both in taste and “feel”. It’s a small price to pay for a “healthier vice”, however the ModelTwo from Ploom might represent a decent compromise for those that just can’t get used to it. Instead of flavoured propyene glycol, the ModelTwo uses actual tobacco pods, which it vaporizes, but doesn’t combust. You’re meant to smoke these over a period of 5 to 10 minutes, like a normal cigarette, instead of puffing on them non-stop like most people end up doing with traditional e-cigs. And the smoke that is produced is allegedly much closer to the real thing, while still not carrying the carcinogenic combustion by-products.

Fully charged, the ModelTwo can go through around 5 pods, and the unit charges upright on a USB-connected dock. The pods come in several flavors, ranging from honey cognac, to mint, to straight up tobacco. $6 will get you 12 pods, so this isn’t necessarily cheaper than cigarettes, but it is arguably healthier. It’s $40 for the device itself, though a starter kit with 4 pod packs and a carrying case will set you back $66. Finally, shipping starts in August. If you’re exploring on what other vaping devices or handheld vaporizers are out there, check this blog post about whether you should get a tabletop vaping device or a portable one.


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OhGizmo! Lightning Review: The Puffit Vaporizer


No matter how free and open minded the society you live in is, there are times when lighting up can be frowned upon. Not to mention the byproducts of combustion are carcinogenic, and often painful in the lungs. So, more and more people are turning towards vaporizers, since they get the job done without actually burning anything; there’s less smell and no traditional “smoke” to speak of. The Puffit vaporizer from the company DiscreetVape is designed to look inconspicuous, allowing you to consume your herb of choice in settings you normally would not. The following is a quick run down of my impressions with the device.

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