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‘Madeleine’ is a Smell ‘Camera’ That Captures Scents Instead of Images

Smell Camera

The Madeleine is a camera that’s as unusual as cameras get. Because instead of immortalizing memories by capturing images of it, it captures smells instead. The odor-capturing ‘camera’ of sorts was developed by designer Amy Radcliffe using technology that’s used in the perfume industry.

Amy explains: “The Madeleine works in much the same way as a 35mm camera. Just as the camera records the light information of a visual in order to create a replica The Madeleine records the molecular information of a smell.”

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Smell-O-Vision’s Coming Back. Maybe. We Hope. Not.

By David Ponce

It’s not really smell-o-vision as much as it’s smell-o-gaming. Seems there’s a French company called Olf-Action that already makes a smelly device for cinemas. That one is called “Odoravision” and movies are currently being retro-fitted to include a smell track. This is an idea that’s been tested and failed plenty of times through the years, but here’s a thumbs up for trying again. And now this company is talking about releasing a similar device for gaming (and home cinema too, it seems) and calling it SMELLIT. You can see it in the picture. God… that name is awful!

There’s very little information about this at the moment. The only reason it’s even being talked about is because the renderings look interesting and the company behind it already has a smell related product on the market. The device will be on display at the Lisbon Design Show, from 11 to 16 October 2011. Maybe then we’ll know more.

In the meantime, hit the jump for pictures, including one with all the scents they currently manufacture. Highlights? “Scent of good mood.” And “Smell of Calabria.”

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