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Ditto Is A Simple Button, Adds Lots Of Functionality To Your Phone


If you’ve no intention of buying a smart watch (and really, you shouldn’t), you can still enjoy some of the benefits at a fraction of the price. Ditto is a simple-as-pie button that contains nothing more than a battery, a vibration module and a Bluetooth module. But what it does is allow you to customize which notifications make it through to your attention, and which stay on the phone. With the app, you can customize the vibration pattern to alert you of pretty much anything you like and care about, from getting a new Tinder match to getting a phone call from the wife. Whatever it is, Ditto will alert you if it’s important to you, so that you can put your phone away and stop obsessing. If you’re like pretty much everyone else, this will instantly seem like a great idea, considering the sheer number of notifications we get for just about everything. Additionally, you can use Ditto as a proximity tracker, which will vibrate when your phone gets out of range.

For $29, there are far more expensive ways to get one of the more important functionalities found in a smart watch.


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Deal Of The Day: 40% Off On MetaWatch STRATA Smartwatch


If you’ve been wanting to get yourself a smartwatch, but have been balking at the price tags, today’s deal should help you out. We’re looking at the MetaWatch STRATA Smartwatch, which is able to show any notification you get from any application on either iOS or Android. It also lets you run some dedicated widgets that display any number of metrics you desire, as well as informing you of who’s calling, whether you got texts, emails, etc. It basically does anything you’d expect a smartwatch to do, and it does it pretty cheaply. Normally costing $130, the MetaWatch STRATA is now $77.

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Modillian Strap Turns Any Wristwatch Into A Smartwatch


The problem with wearing smart watches is that you’re wearing a smartwatch. You’re often going to sacrifice a whole bunch of aesthetics in order to gain only a spoonful of features. Modillian, however, wants to give you the best of both worlds by allowing you to wear any watch you want, while still having some smartwatch functionality. It does this by integrating a Bluetooth-enabled module into the strap’s clasp, which will alert you of incoming calls, texts, messages, and reminders by means of vibrating alerts. Sure, it’s not quite as cool as being able to have a mouth-to-wrist, Dick Tracy style conversation, but at least you’ll be able to wear that expensive Hublot watch you paid so much for and still know if you get a text even if your phone is in the glove box.

There’s no word on price, but the company says they’re launching on June 10th.

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The Touch Time Is A Smart-ish Watch With A Battery That Finally Lasts

The Touch Time is not exactly a smart watch: it doesn’t connect to the Internet or sync with a phone so it’s kind of missing that. But it doesn’t prevent it from being smarter than most similar offerings. It’s got a capacitive touchscreen which lets you control it intuitively, rather than through the obtuse pressing of menu buttons. And better yet, its always on display draws so little power that it never needs recharging: the battery should run out in about one year! After that, you just replace the coin cell battery and you’re good for another year. It has all the features (or “apps”) you see in the image above, including a calculator, a lunar phase calendar, and a stopwatch. You can also swipe to select up to 7 different watch dials, customizing the look of the display in seconds.

Pricing starts at $99 with more customization options as price goes up. It’s on Kickstarter and fully funded, so you should get yours around November if you end up placing an order.

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