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Roadie Tuner Gets That Guitar Tuned In An Instant


There are those who can quickly tune a guitar by ear, and then there are those who can’t. Fortunately for the latter group, there’s a product like the Roadie Tuner to help. It’s a small handheld device that pairs with your smartphone and automatically tunes your strings. Just place it on each peg, pluck the string in front of your phone, and it’ll do the required adjustments. You can even choose from alternate tunings, or even create your own. Also, it’ll analyze the tonal quality of your strings and alert you when it detects it might be time to change them. As a matter of fact, Roadie Tuner isn’t limited to traditional guitars; it’ll tune any stringed instrument, with any number of strings. Currently on Kickstarter, a $79 pledge will get you yours, with a delivery date of June 2014.

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Tired Of Passwords? Knock App Unlocks Your Mac With Knock On Your iPhone


We live in an age where the seemingly mundane task of entering a password can become cumbersome enough for some to compel them to develop an app that helps you bypass that altogether. Knock, for instance, is software that lets you unlock your Mac just by tapping on your iPhone twice. The app doesn’t even need to be running. Think of this scenario: you’re at a cafe, you leave to go to the restroom and lock your Mac, while keeping your phone in your pocket. As soon as you’re coming back to your laptop just tap twice on your pocket and it’ll be ready for you to use before you’ve even sat down, no need to enter any password. It works brilliantly; I just downloaded and tested. The app uses low-power Bluetooth 4.0, so it won’t drain your battery. It will, however, cost you $4 to own. The Mac application is free, it’s the related one on the iPhone that costs.

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Top Alternatives to the New iPhone

This article was written by , who is Marketing Executive at E2Save -Ed.

htc-one-silver.productpage_api.left The new iPhone models 5c and 5s caused a big storm when they were released earlier this autumn, but despite Apple being one of the world’s best-loved brands there are still millions of people who do not get on with their products. If you are one of those who simply cannot understand the hype surrounding the latest Apple gadgets then read on for some of the best alternatives to the iPhone 5c and 5s.

The HTC One makes an immediate impact – it looks great and the full metal unibody has been well received. It was released back in spring but is still one of the best smartphones of the year thanks to its capabilities and features. However, the camera is far from the best on the market.

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iKettle Works With Your Phone, Lets You Stay In Bed A Little Longer


Everyone knows there are few feelings as great as being able to sleep just a couple more minutes in the morning. With the WiFi connected iKettle, you can press a button on your smartphone and fire up a pot of boiling water across the house without setting one foot on the ground. Setup is simple, and there’s an auto-shutoff protection in case you end up sleeping too long. There are also four temperature settings because apparently, boiling isn’t the ideal temperature for every single hot drink. Huh, you learn something new every day.

It’s $160.

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New App Gives You Access To Cash At ATM Without Your Card


Taking money out of the ATM doesn’t take a whole lot of time, but it’s once you start adding up all those seconds that you realize a little improvement can go a long way. Three banks in the US are testing a new application called Cardless Cash Access (CCS) that would grant you your paper bills with a simple swipe of your phone. The way it works is that you launch the app up to 24 hours in advance and specify how much cash you want. It’ll generate a QR code which you then just need to present at the machine to unlock the goods, without having to go through the usual steps of getting cash. A transaction with CCS takes about 9 seconds, compared to 30 to 40 for a card withdrawal. And it’s presumably reasonably safe, even if someone steals your phone, because the thief would have to go through several security layers before being able to generate a one time use QR code (such as your phone’s lock code, the application’s password and PIN number). It even eliminates the danger from card skimmers. The three banks in question are Wintrust (IL), BMO (Chicago), and City National (Los Angeles). If this catches on, maybe it’ll spread from there.

[ CNN ] VIA [ DVice ]

BluFit Connected Water Bottle: A Solution For A Problem That Doesn’t Exist?


You’re thirsty, you drink. It’s simple, right? Well, that’s how we see it anyway. But it turns out that staying properly hydrated can be a little more complex. For one, once you’re thirsty, it’s a sign you’ve probably already waited a bit too long and your body has fallen to suboptimal hydration levels. The BluFit bottle aims to help you stay full of water at all times, even if you’re too distracted to notice you’ve turned into human jerky. A sensor in the cap keeps track of how much water is dispensed, and an app informs you of your drinking habits. If the time comes for you to have a swig (based on your previously entered age, gender and other details), lights on the outside of the bottle will go off, as well as send notifications to your phone.

There are lots of other things the bottle does, like provide you with metrics of your drinking habits. We’re not entirely convinced this is a necessary product, but we suppose that some people could be a little lackadaisical in their hydration routines. If you want your own BluFit, you’re going to have to pledge $49 towards its Indiegogo campaign.

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You Gonna Eat That Stapler?…. You… Wanna Share It?


Don’t feel bad if you don’t get the Family Guy reference (from its long gone golden years…). But reading about the LeftoverSwap application above made us think about it. See, some fine folk seem to think it a good idea to spend resources creating a smartphone application that allows you to share your leftovers. Yes, really. Ordered too much food? Take a picture of what’s left and upload it. You’re hungry and don’t mind eating someone else’s half eaten burritos? Fire up the application and browse nearby selections. Press a few buttons to arrange pickup or delivery, and you’re done. Yes, this is serious, and no it’s not a joke.

There’s some relatively sound reasoning behind it. The application developers assert that 40% of the food we produce goes to waste, 25% of us don’t know our neighbors’ names, 70% of us are overweight, 16% of Americans lack enough food for a healthy lifestyle and 99% of us don’t need a second helping of beef lo main. LeftoverSwap solves all these problems at once, encouraging you to eat free, save potentially wasted food, meet your neighbours, and prevent them from getting too fat. It’s not a bad idea, if only people manage to get over the idea of eating someone else’s cold, potentially unsanitary food. But hey, thumbs up for making at effort at tackling some problems.

Still under development, you can visit the website and leave your email to be notified when it’s finished.

[ Product Page ] VIA [ Geekologie ]

You Know What Your Android Device Needs? More Physical Buttons


Meet Pressy. Pressy is an extra physical button that inserts into the audio jack of your Android device and magically adds a bunch of extra functionality. While touchscreens have revolutionized cellphones over the last 5 to 6 years, there’s no denying that real, hard buttons still have their place. Just think of the volume rockers, or mute toggles on your current devices. Why should your expensive device be limited by the visions of designers guided mostly by a profit-maximising aesthetic? Pressy is brilliant because it’s customizable. Through its related application you can set it to, say, call your mom on two quick presses, or launch a particular application after a long-short combo, or take a picture after two short ones, or even turn the flashlight on after one really long press. You decide how you use Pressy.

The Pressy app is solid as it is, but with the API being open to developers, the button has the potential to add even more dimension to other programs. Games could use it, for example.

Currently undergoing funding on Kickstarter, the project has already exceeded its goal almost tenfold. $17 will get you your own, with a March 2014 expected deliver date.


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Rumor Mill: Budget-Friendly iPhone 5C Might Have Scratch-Resistant Plastic Backs

Low Cost iPhone

As we inch closer to the purported announcement of the budget-friendly iPhone 5C, more information about the yet-to-be-announced unit has surfaced. Apple is really deviating from their usual style, as the cheaper version of their smartphone will reportedly come in a bevy of bright-colored plastic backs. You might recall that the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS both featured plastic polycarbonate housings, and they were pretty much well-received by users worldwide.

A shift back to plastic definitely sounds possible, given that it’s a lower-budget phone, after all. But Apple won’t be going back to the same plastic. According to Apple Daily, the smartphone maker will be using a tougher kind of plastic that is scratch-resistant. They were reportedly able to get their hands on the rear case for the phone and attempted to scratch it with keys to no avail.

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