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WatchAir Antenna Sends OTA Signals To Your Mobile Devices


A few years ago it became necessary to purchase converter boxes to still be able to receive Over The Air TV signals, since they went all digital. But these converter boxes just plug into your TV, and let you watch programs on a larger screen; if you want to see stuff on your tablet? You’re out of luck. If you get the WatchAir, a smart antenna, you can do just that. It sends the OTA HDTV signals to any connected smart device, by using your home router and WiFi. You can record shows, access the TV guide, and do anything you’d normally do on your living room TV, but on your cellphone, your tablet, or your laptop. It’s currently going through a Kickstarter, and a $189 pledge will get you yours.

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Smart Toothbrush Promises To Speed Brushing Up Significantly


No one genuinely enjoys brushing their teeth, it’s just something you do because you have to. At least that’s how we feel about it. But if the tedium of having to move a plastic stick up and down your teeth is just too much work for you, the folks behind the GlareSmile brush have something for you. Featuring three rotating and pulsating brushes, you simply have to glide the head over your teeth and the brushes take care of the rest automatically, cleaning three surfaces at once and speeding the process up significantly. A touchscreen on the handle lets you switch between the different brushing modes, which include ‘sensitive teeth’ and ‘gum cleaning’, among others. Interchangeable heads mean several people in your household can use it, and a clever charging dock means you can keep the entire kit nice and tidy. Smartphone connectivity brings data tracking and analysis, letting you see info like brushing time, pressure applied, and a bunch of other variables for the data geek among you. It’s a reasonable €99 pledge (around $112USD) to get your own, with shipping expected around December of this year.

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 7.24.12 AM

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Too Much Information: Toothbrush Live-streams The Inside Of Your Mouth


Because apparently we lack the ability to keep track of where exactly our toothbrush is doing its job, a company called Onvi has created the Prophix, a ‘smart toothbrush’ that packs a 1080p camera (and a small light) with the ability to send its footage in real-time to your smartphone. In this way you’ll apparently be able to get a definitely non-disturbing view of the inside of your mouth, with all the specks of food and tartar you may have missed while performing a regular, non-techy brushing. If you’re able to stomach the sight of such an activity, perhaps you’ll choke on the asking price instead: $400. That’s right, for the price of two perfectly capable Oral-B brushes, you’ll get one that does pretty much the exact same thing, with the addition of a dubious-use camera and a few attachments. It ships in Q1 2017 and if you pre-order now, you’ll save $100 on retail.


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Is There A Market For A Smart Mattress That Rats On Your Partner’s Infidelity?


The Durmet Smarttress is a mattress embedded with 24 ultrasonic movement sensors, and a WiFi chip that then relays information gathered from these sensors. They’re called “Lover Detection System” and their purpose is to alert you when your bed is being used “in a questionable way”. In other words, if your spouse is cheating on you, you’ll get a dandy little notification on your smartphone. Worse yet, launching the app will also inform you of certain metrics involved during said incident, sharing metrics like “Speedometer” and “Intensity and impact per minute”. So not only will you be able to know your partner cheated, you’ll know just how much fun they had while doing so. It’s… beyond creepy, to be honest. And we’re wondering if anyone in their right mind would ever drop $1,750 on a mattress that essentially symbolizes and embodies the mistrust and dysfunction that must be present in a relationship for its purchase to be justified. We’d like to suggest that the money would most certainly be better spent on couples counselling, or even a hefty amount of alcohol… just to forget the fact that you’re suspecting your loved one of infidelity.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 6.55.19 AM

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In Your Face: That’s Where This Jump Rope Displays Its Skip Count


Working out pretty much always involves counting something, whether it’s the number of reps you’re doing, or how long it takes you to do something else. When you’re lifting weights, keeping track of your count is pretty easy, but when skipping rope…

Eh, who cares about all this intro? Look, the Smart Rope uses sensors and 23 LEDs to display your count in mid-air, right in front of you, as you skip. Ok? That’s the gimmick here. It uses a process called Persistence of Vision, and in addition of displaying your skip count, it can show you other data like calories burned or time elapsed. It’s a “smart” rope because it connects to your smartphone to give you additional options, like sharing and storing the data you generate while you bounce around. It’s $89.

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The June Oven Is A Smart Oven


We live in an age of intelligent appliances. The latest to receive the smart treatment is the countertop oven. The June Oven is a connected appliance that helps you cook a meal with sensors, thermometers, HD cameras, and a companion application. Not only does June features six Carbon Fiber Heating Elements that heat up faster and more efficiently than similar machines, two fans for circulating the hot air and keeping an even temperature throughout, an integrated Core Temperature Probe, an HD camera that recognizes popular foods, and a built-in digital scale, it also has an NVIDIA Tegra K1 Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A15 2.3 GHz processor to do all the calculations needed to offer the best possible cooking advice and temperature control. Its WiFi module connects to your network, and allows you to control the device from anywhere. This means better, tastier food, prepared more easily. And for such a high-tech package, you will of course have to spend a pretty penny: $1,495, with a $60 deposit now and shipping in Spring 2016.

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NEEO Smart Remote Controls All Your Devices


It’s possible to control many devices in your home through your smartphone. But if you’ve ever tried you’ll know it’s somewhat of a fragmented and annoying experience. You have to open one app for your lights. Another for your TV. Yet another for your alarm system. Well, the NEEO Smart Home Automation System hopes to take all those frustrations away by offering you a system that interfaces with everything, and includes a high-density touchscreen remote to navigate the OS. The system consists of two parts, the brain and the remote. The brain is a hockey puck-shaped device with more sensors and emitters than you can throw a stick at: 4 antennas for Bluetooth 4.0, Bluetooth BLE (low energy), Wi-Fi, 6LowPAN, ZigBee, Thread and Z-Wave protocols, as well as 360° infrared coverage. It stores information on about 30,000 devices, even older televisions, and knows automatically how to interact with them. The Remote features a 291ppi touchscreen (higher density that a Retina iPad), with which you control all your devices without having to switch apps or configure much of anything. “The NEEO remote comes with a unique patent-pending technology which recognizes your hand when you pick it up: sensors in the remote detect your palm to match you with your profile and display your playlists, films, and favorites, instantly.”

Think of NEEO as a universal remote on crack. It sounds pretty awesome, especially if your home is filled with AV equipment that you’re constantly struggling to control. It’ll set you back a $219 pledge on the Kickstarter campaign which is 1,000% funded at the moment. No joking, people are excited about this.

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Bistro Smart Feeder Uses ‘Cat Facial Recognition Technology’

Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 3.29.14 PM

Being a busy professional sometimes makes it hard to keep pets, since you’re not often at home monitoring their eating habits and making sure they’re getting enough of what they need. But with the freedom now afforded from crowdfunding campaigns, products like the Bistro Smart Feeder are popping up, which could drastically change the way you take care of your cats. The automatic feeder features so much tech, it’s hard to know where to start. First off, a camera will analyze your cat’s face as he approaches the machine, so that it knows which one is feeding at any given time (assuming you have more than one). This allows the device to track specific metrics for each animal: its weight (through an integrated scale on the front), how often it eats, and how much. If the device notices any significant deviation from normal, you’ll be immediately notified.

Aside from tracking metrics, the Bistro Feeder can attempt to perform some smart portion control, in the case that one cat has a tendency to steal food from the other. It does this by limiting the amount of food left in the tray after a feeding, based on what its learned from each cat’s habits.

Given the campaign’s popularity, most early-bird slots have been sold out. But you can still get one for $219, and it’ll come with a “cozy Bistro cat tent”.

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