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Survival Slingshot Isn’t Your Usual Backyard Toy


We don’t really live in an age where a slingshot is considered an appropriate toy, but not 25 years ago it kind of was. We’re a little sad about that, but it’s not like the Survival Slingshot pictured above would have ever really fit the bill anyway. The 25 lbs elastic band can propel those steel balls fast enough to put out a lot more than an eye. As a matter of fact, this slingshot means really serious business:

Handle contains two 2.875 by .875 inch clear tubes with fishing hooks, line, swivels, weights, striker & matches, thread, needles, pin, steel slingshot ammo. Also included is 1.25″ split ring and bands for archery capability. Fully expandable with innovative dual rail system to attach weaver mount bases and accessories. Optional bracket allows attachment of whisker biscuits such as Trophy Ridge, True Glow, Octane or Hijack for even greater accuracy shooting arrows.

As you can see, the idea behind this item is that it’ll let you catch your own food in a survival situation. For $50 a piece, it doesn’t look like a bad investment.

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Nerd Revenge 2000 Fires Pencils At Your Tormentors

By David Ponce

Jörg Sprave is something of a celebrity online due to his slingshot channel on YouTube. Every now and then he comes out with some new creation and his latest doesn’t disappoint. He calls it the Nerd Revenge 2000, and it’s basically a pump action pencil crossbow. The magazine can hold 10 pencils, and shooting is a simple matter of, well, pumping the device. The sharpened pencils are projected with enough force to go right through a cardboard box, though effective range is limited to about 15 feet.

And as much as Jörg’s suggestion that this be a “nerd revenge tool”, we’re pretty sure that pointing this at anyone with a heartbeat will likely land you in serious detention, if not worse. Watch the video above to see it in action. And no, we don’t believe it’s for sale.

VIA [ DVice ]