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The Suvet, 50% Suit, 50% Duvet, 100% Awesome


As far as we’re concerned nap time is pretty much all the time. It looks like we’re not alone thinking that way. British hotel chain Jurys Inn Hotel Group conducted research that showed 56% of Brits struggle to get out of bed in the morning. “Lack of sleep (42%), temperature outside the duvet (40%) and fear of the working day ahead (31%), topped the list of reasons to stay in bed.” So what better solution than to simply bring the duvet with you? The chain then teamed up with famed designer Wendy Benstead to create the Suvet, a duvet/suit hybrid. It looks amazing, will make you the envy of everyone around you on your morning commute, but sadly can’t be bought. If you want it to become a product you can buy, you’re free to Tweet @JurysInnshotels with #JurysInnSuvet. Yes, they’re getting free promotion, but who knows, maybe public pressure will yield results.


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This Pillow Nudges Your Snoring Spouse, So You Don’t Have To


Ever spent hours wide awake staring at the ceiling, at 3 in the morning, wondering how you could have married this earthquake-inducing snore machine? Only to finally nudge them in the hopes that a change in position will calm the noise? Yeah, well with this Snore Activated Nudging Pillow, you don’t have to do a thing. A microphone will pick up the snoring and the internal mechanism will slowly inflate an air bladder, with the hopes that the changing shape will prompt the sleeper to move a bit. The microphone’s sensitivity can be adjusted, as well as how much the bladder inflates.

It’s said to be comfortable, although even if it isn’t the Pillow From Heaven™, your ability to sleep is worth even a little bit of discomfort on the part of your spouse, isn’t it? Right. It’s $150.

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The Hibermate Tells People You Want To Be Left Alone


Sleeping can sometimes be a task, especially in crowded environments. The Hibermate wants to help you, both by covering your eyes and ears and enveloping you in a quiet cocoon, and by looking so conspicuous that anyone around you will get the hint that you’d like to be left alone to sleep. The inside of the sleep mask has recessed areas for the eyes so that you can still open them, and also so that it doesn’t exert any pressure while you sleep. The silky outer satin covers make the Hibermate slip against the pillow sheets, so that the entire mask doesn’t move. The high quality, jersey-cotton inner is comfortable against the skin, warm & cozy in winter, cool and breathable in summer. So while it looks like a regular sleeping mask, the Hibermate is anything but. A $40 pledge will get you your own, with an October delivery target.

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GoSleep Pods Let You Get Some Shut-Eye at the Airport


I get incredibly sleepy in between flights and often find myself wishing that I could just curl up in a ball and go to sleep. Experienced this yourself? Then the GoSleep sleeping pods will probably be right up your alley then.

The GoSleep is a cushy flat bed that folds out to provide you with a comfortable mattress to rest your weary bones on. Being gawked at by passing travelers clearly won’t help you drift off to a peaceful sleep, so to address that, the GoSleep comes with a roll-over cover that you can pull down to get some privacy.

Each GoSleep pod can be rented for $13 an hour at the Abu Dhabi Airport. Here’s to hoping that they roll out more of these pods in airports all over the world.

VIA [ Dvice ]

Strap Your Head To A Seat And Finally Sleep On That Plane

We’ve all been there, nodding off on a plane only to wake up fifteen minutes later with a neck ache, and drool on our chins. It’s not pretty, put we still put up with these indignities in the name of efficient global transportation. Or something. The Relax ALLY Travel Restband tries to offer a simple solution: just strap your head to the seat! It’s a simple strap that can be configured to attach to pretty much any sized seat, and which will hold your head upright as you go to sleep. And it’s not like you have to worry about being restrained in case you need to urgently set yourself free: the thing fastens with a snap button.

It’s $39 and comes in its own carrying case. It’s the early hours of the IndieGogo campaign, but should this be funded, you should get yours next month.

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Spacepod-like Capsules Are Just For Naps

It’s no secret that taking a nap can increase productivity. And although a nice 2 hour nap is often best (seeing as you can go through all stages of sleep), taking two hours off work to nap isn’t usually encouraged. But power naps are different, and even at 20 or 30 minutes, you can still feel refreshed. So a company decided to create a special pod made specifically to facilitate nap taking. Called CalmSpace and designed by one Marie-Virginie Berbet as a prototype for France Telecom, it is now a real product that forward thinking companies worldwide are free to purchase. It contains a bed and a set of orange lights that dim as you enter, and blue ones that slowly wake you up after a specified period of 10, 15 or 20 minutes. There are speakers to provide soothing sounds as well, which we assume coordinate with the lighting sequence.

No word on price.

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Multi-Zippered Sleeping Bag Lets You Regulate Your Temperature Just Right

By David Ponce

I have a strange internal thermostat. It’s picky to no end. Most of the time, I’m sweating, no matter how cool the place is. So what I end up doing is making my apartment glacial and hiding under the covers. Then as I start to get too hot, I poke certain body parts out until the perfect balance is achieved. It’s a tedious process but it’s the only way I can sleep. So they might have had me in mind when they came up with this sleeping bag. It features four horizontal zippers which can be used as vents. They are placed near the ankles, knees, waist, and chest and allow the camper to open them in various combinations for the optimal temperature adjustment. Which is great because hey, you don’t have any sort of control over the outside temperature, so something like this is essential. Comfort of course comes at a price, which in this case is $120. Mind you, that’s almost on par with a regular sleeping bag anyway, so you’re not paint much of a premium.

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